Why people don’t work at home?

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The Disadvantages of Working from Home

In a previous post, we discussed the advantages of working at home (at least some of them) and why more and more people are trying to escape the office routine and start a home business. Although it sounds pretty awesome and in a matter of fact it is, there is also a “dark side” or at least a few things to consider before you decide to become a “digital nomad”. I don’t believe it’s an exaggeration to say that the whole working from home idea has been romanticized into the perfect solution for any problem from employment troubles to childcare worries. Of course, that’s not the case and like everything else in life working from home is not for everyone and it requires the right person with the right mentality to make things work.

Home Office

 The Cons

1. Distractions

This is probably the biggest problem for people working from home unless they are naturally very self-disciplined individuals. The temptations are constant from surfing the web, checking personal emails, watching TV, or home chores that need to be done. You should also consider interruptions from family members (children, elder members) or even noisy neighbors. Although you avoid the office distractions staying focused requires a lot of self-control, discipline, and dedication. You have to be able to draw the line between home and work and the rest of your family must understand that although you are at home you are not available. Having an office in a separate room in your house instead of your bedroom or your living room could help you a lot and provide you the necessary isolation.

2. Lose track of time

Working from home means that you actually don’t have to prepare to go to work. Although that can be a positive thing since you don’t have to waste your time getting ready for work it can also mean that you actually forgot to work at all. You may suddenly realize that is 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you are still in your pajamas and you wasted half of your day. Also working from home means that the work never ends and instead of having more personal time you actually have none. No matter if it’s 10 o’clock in the morning or 10 o’ clock at night, Tuesday or Saturday, you are still working. Since your workplace is where you leave you might actually forget to stop working or the exact opposite you may never start working. Especially the first couple weeks when you are still adjusting from an office environment you may actually find it very difficult to be productive.

3. Isolation & Loneliness

Some people may actually start missing the physical presence of people around them and crave some real human interaction with their colleagues or their clients. Sending emails and video conferences might not be enough and you might actually start missing the office environment, the support from your colleagues and the small talk. There is always the risk you might get bored and lonely all day by yourself and struggle for motivation and inspiration. You also could end isolating yourself from your friends and your family and that could be an extra source of stress and pressure.

For some people working from home alone is just not for them because they enjoy more being part of a team. The workplace provides the opportunity to meet new people and professionals who share the same interests as you do. People who work from home could struggle staying in touch with their colleagues. You will have to make an extra effort to develop your personal network.

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4. Your Career and your Paycheck are not certain

There is no guarantee that you will earn money in the end of the month and how much money you will make at least in the beginning. There is no steady salary and you can’t be sure when your paycheck will arrive although that depends on what kind of online activities you are in involved in. If you are a freelancer, for example, you can’t really be sure how much money you will earn the next month and also there might not be a clear career path you can follow. Working from home is not a permanent job in the traditional way and you may find yourself left out of promotions or company developments. If you are working from your home for a company as an employee the danger of being overlooked for promotions is very real and it can cost you money. This phenomenon is also called out-of-sight-out-of-mind, so make sure you can maintain an open line of constructive communication with the management.

5. Self-Discipline

As i mentioned above if you work from home you will face many distractions and since there is no boss around telling you what to do you can lose your drive and your momentum. You must make sure you can stay focused, motivated and dedicated throughout the day and being able to complete your daily tasks. If you can’t maintain a high level of self-discipline, your productive can seriously decrease. Without self-discipline you will not accomplish your objectives and you will not follow your own schedule.

6. People don’t take your job seriously

Although many people work from home nowadays and it’s not that uncommon to hear someone say it there are still people who don’t see this as a serious career choice. This doesn’t just apply to outsiders but also for your family members. Simply because you are home doesn’t mean you are available to do the everyday household chores. Some people, even your friends might believe that you are not actually working at all and instead you are facing employment issues or you just lacking the motivation to pursue a career.

In the End

It’s all about a decision like anything else in life. Of course, it’s essential to have the right mindset if you want to start your own home business and that is no other than the mindset of the entrepreneur. Even if you just want to earn a small extra income you must look at it in a professional way. But now you know some of the major difficulties you are going to face and you can prepare yourself accordingly.

My personal belief is that working from home can lead to a happier and healthier life with less anxiety and stress. So if you want to start an online business you can start at Wealthy Affiliate for free and make it happen yourself.

After all is there anyone who can stop you from following your dreams?






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7 Responses

  1. Merry says:

    You hit the mark right on the head here! The Cons could not be more perfect. Especially where people do not take your ‘job’ seriously. If you have the discipline to stay at it, even if the hours are shorter you have a much higher chance of success compared to others going to their ‘job job’ for 8+ hours. Thanks for sharing some awesome information.

    • Nikos says:

      Thank you Merry for your comment. I am really happy you liked my post.You can certainly make it online if you work hard and dedicate enough time.

  2. When it comes to working for yourself their surely are a lot pros and cons. but I believe that working for ones self is still better because of the opportunities that it provides providing that you are successful. It is all a mater of planning and sticking with it, Ones discipline is at the top of your list and you know where you are heading you will make it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Nikos,
    I recognise all of this, I’ve been working from home since resigning from my job in February this year. Although I do my best to get on with it during the day if my daughter is at nursery, she’s only there a few hours a couple of days a week.
    Because I’m at home, I feel that I have to get housework done rather than tuck myself away from distractions and get on with what I really want to be doing, my website and online work. I usually end up working late at night once everyone else has gone to bed, so I’m not constantly asked questions or for food, to play games or have cuddles. I love all these things and they’re not small for long.
    It’s getting easier to carve out time, now I just have to work on getting family and friends to take it seriously. If I can do that I might get a few more people follow me and start building their own dreams.

  4. John says:

    Hi Nikos, your points are very well made, there are benefits to working from home but your point on self discipline is the one that will make it work. Setting a to-do list and keeping to it is vital to making it successful.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi, Nikos. I definitely understand the impact of distractions at home. I have a full time job and work on my online business part-time at home, and I can tell you the distractions are a big problem for me. In fact, I have just started trying my hand at video, and it is literally impossible for me to record a video at home, between dogs barking in the background to interruptions from family members, so I usually do that after hours at my workplace. If I were to work on my online business full-time, I would probably be spending a lot of time at coffee shops and in break-out rooms at the local university library. Great article.

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