What is SEO?

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  1. Angela Moore says:

    I like how you broke down SEO, It is very interesting and i learned a few things that I didn’t know. when you say domain age is important, does that mean how long you have it?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Angela and thank you for your comment.As for your question about the domain age the short answer is yes but there is more than that. An important factor Google considers when they determine how to rank search engine results is the age of your domain but they don’t just mean how long you have owned a domain name but how long it has been since it was indexed by Google. Someone can buy a domain name that has been registered for years but if there is not a link to the domain and by that i mean an actual site indexed by Google then it’s the same as a domain you just bought.

  2. Simon says:

    Hi Nikos,
    I wonder if you can help me:
    I understand that providing quality content is priority as far as search engine rankings go and I am putting the work in to write 2 posts per week. I make my posts informative, engaging and helpful.
    What I can’t seem to find the answer to is:
    How many words should we be writing per post. What do the likes of Google class as a well written post. Are we talking 500, 1000, 2000 words?
    I still haven’t found the answer to this.
    Thanks for your time,

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Simon and thank you for your comment. Now when it comes to the amount of words a post must have i don’t believe there is a specific number that guarantees instant success. In my opinion the debate between short post vs long post is like quick sand. The more you get into it the harder is to get out. I believe it depends on your personal writing style, your niche and above all what your audience expects from you. By that i mean if you are writing for example a review about a new laptop and you want to cover all the technical characteristics and your audience expects from you to inform them about all the details then your post could be 2000,3000 words or even more. But usually what people are looking for is useful information that are easy to read and not a massive amount of words. If i could you give you a number from my experience and from what i have seen in other blogs anything between 500 and 2000 words is a good post. Less than 300 words usually doesn’t look that good. Finally you could try to break down your long posts and create a series of posts. Lets say you have a 3000 word post. You could instead create 3 posts of 1000 words each. Plus it will be easier to edit them.

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