Top Online Marketing Tools

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  1. Penelope says:

    Thank you for the comprehensive and succinct list of all the many great tools out there for online marketing for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. I haven’t heard of several of the alternative service providers you mentioned, particularly the alternatives to mailchimp. I’ll probably be referencing your list in the future, so thanks again!

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Penelope,

      There are many great tools out there for you to use and i believe this list can help many bloggers and online entrepreneurs. At least it helped me because i discovered a lot of free resources. So, make sure to come back because i will add new tools in my list.

  2. Stisse says:

    Hi Nikos,
    thank you for an awesome list of valuable online marketing tools! You have it all covered here. I like your honesty when telling us that you get commissions from some of the programs. I really appreciate the transparency and I’m trying to do the same on my site.

    Thanks for the tip on Quick Sprout! I didn’t know about this program. Really cool that it’s for free. I hope it can help me get more traffic to my site. That is what we affiliate marketers need.

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 5 months now. I can testify to your readers that it’s the place to be when starting an online business. The training is top notch.

    Keep up the good work sharing all good information.
    Best wishes,

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Stina,

      I am glad i could help and i am sure the tools mentioned here can help you with your business. Quick Sprout is a great tool and can offer you great information.

  3. Kendrick says:

    Every Internet Marketer needs their tools to grow their business online. On your website you need tracking to keep up with your visitors and their likes and many other things. Finding the right keywords is the most important in my opinion. Without the right keywords, how would you even attract visitors to your website? That is why I think it is vital! Everything you listed is correct. Thanks for the post.

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Kendrick,

      I am really glad you found my list of online marketing tools useful.

      Keyword research is vital for the success of any website. Without the right keywords you can’t expect to be in the first page of search results. It’s something every blogger and internet marketer should think about before publishing any conent.

  4. Tomas Bishop says:

    If anyone wants to be a successful internet marketer, they need to take hold of all the tools and resources out there, it will make things so much easier on them! I’m glad you shared this list with me, and everyone else who reads this blog. I just hope people take advantage of what you shared. People tend to look over the most important things when it comes down to them being successful…

  5. RichPersonality says:

    That’s a great article! So many tools that I never even heard of before. Definitely going to add quite a few of them to my arsenal. The main problem with having many tools, it get’s quite expensive for someone who is not earning an income online yet. But it’s cool that many of those tools provide a free trial to test it out!

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