The 2 Biggest Problems With Affiliate Marketing

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  1. This is an awesome article, full of useful advice that I will actually use. I think it’s not just for affiliate marketers, either – there are some great nuggets of information for anyone who runs an online business.

    I took the liberty of scheduling a share to on 28th November because this is ‘good content’ 🙂

  2. Venkata Krishna Randa says:

    Nice explained it very well. i found new things in this article..

  3. I agree with everything you said in this post. There is such a learning curve to blogging! It helps if you have a background in media and marketing or journalism, even then you can easily make mistakes. I’m 2-2/2 years into my blogging venture, and I am amazed looking back at all I have learned so far. Keep sharing the useful info, thanks!

  4. Ben Kuriger says:

    Sales funnels have always been my nemesis when it comes to affiliate marketing. I have tried to learn about them before but I can’t seem to grasp the appeal. To redirect the customer to three different landing pages before finally making them an offer sounds tedious to me.

    Alas, it works and has been proven by affiliate marketers anywhere and everywhere. If you have any insight on how to get started building funnels I would love to listen. Thank you so much!

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Ben,

      Building a sales funnel for your website doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a look at the following webinar. It will definitely clear things out for help. You can also take a look at the following training.

      Thank you for your comment. 


  5. Owillz says:

    No. You are definitely not exaggerating y saying lack of traffic kills. It’s the major reason for every website that succeeds or fails and not even conversion. Without traffic there can’t be conversions. I mean it’s the traffic that comes to your website that you push through your sales funnel to produce conversion at the end. Traffic is the key thing and a good quality and well optimized content will pull organic traffic slowly but surely. 

  6. Marios Tofarides says:

    Hey there Niko,

    It’s good to find another fellow greek blogger online 🙂 This is a great post. I create and promote content, but my traffic is really stuck at the same levels for more than a year. I use many ways to promote my content, including social media, Medium posts and other methods, but I really can’t get the traffic to increase. I’m not sure If I picked the wrong niche since Google Trends shows constant demand for the specific niche. What would you suggest for me?



    • Nikos says:

      Hello Marios,

      Attracting quality traffic is what every blogger and affiliate wants. But it does take some time.  There are no magic solutions. What matters is the quality of your content and creating a good and effective strategy to promote your content. 

      Take a look at the following post.  Here you will find a list of the best ways to increase your traffic. 

      Thank you for your comment,


  7. RoDarrick says:

    Thanks so much for this post. Its exactly the problem I have with affiliate marketing. Its confusing honestly when some would tell you to generate traffic from a paid source and others claiming generic traffic on search engines are the best. I don’t even know what to do right now because it all seems overwhelming. Creating quality content is not a problem for me until I create them and do not get recognised for it nor get traffics as claimed by my uplines. I really do learnt a lot from this post

    • Nikos says:

      Hello RoDarrick,

      First of all, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it taking the time to read my post and leave a comment. You have already done the first and most important step. Creating quality content. 

      Attracting quality traffic from the search engines with the help of a good SEO strategy does take some time but it’s worth waiting. For me the best strategy is to use a combination of different traffic methods (like social media, a PPC campaign, SEO, etc). You don’t have to spend any money but you do have to spend some time to get the results you are looking for. 

  8. Agnes says:

    I like your article as you speak about the difficulties of affiliate marketing as they really exist but they must be overcome if one would like to succeed. You are absolutely right mentioning the key reasons of failure like traffic and conversions. At the moment I have real problems with traffic generation to my homepage and it is really frustrating. I’m even thinking of changing my niche or quitting. The worst feeling is having written your ’quality content’ , i.e. several articles and you just realize they are not read. So no readers, no conversions… Do you think changing my niche could be a solution in this case?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Agnes,

      The only reason i would consider changing my niche is if i was not interested in it any more. Not because i am not getting traffic at the moment. There is always something new you could try. If you keep quitting and changing niches you will always be stuck at the beginning. 

      If you are not having fun with your niche anymore then sure go ahead and try something else. But attracting quality traffic from the search engines takes time. Making a few changes in your SEO strategy, doing better keyword research, etc could help. Increasing your traffic is not easy but it is also not impossible. 

  9. Miss Momo says:

    Great mix of truth and encouragement. The part about conversions was very interesting. I have been struggling to understand why some programs and links converts so much better than others. I usually love all things i write about and I haven’t been able to figure out why some aren’t appreciated. But maybe it has something to do with where people are in their process. Some articles may target people who are just searching, not ready to make a purchase. Do you have a post about sales funnels and how to do them?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Miss Momo,

      I currently don’t have a post on my website about how to create sales funnels. But you could take a look at the following training from Wealthy Afffiliate. It explains the process of creating a typical sales funnel in a very easy way. 

  10. Avery Leon says:

    This is a good piece of work. The contents rightly pointed out that lacking in targeted traffic in the specific niche one promotes and convert the visitors into buyers can be a big problem that deter affiliate marketer. There is suggestion in using sales funnel, some readers including myself who have not use sales funnel, may have this question : is it possible to do without a sales funnel to succeed in Affiliate marketing?

    • Nikos says:

      In my opinion yes. But creating a sales funnel doesn’t have to be a compclicated process. For example linking your posts to your main post (like a review) or a page where your visitors can buy the products/services you are promoting can also work.

  11. Aabidah Ahmed says:

    Being a beginner in Affiliate Marketing can be overwhelming to some at first because a lot of work has to be put in in order to be a great Affiliate Marketer. 

    It’s true that its not actual serious problems you’ll be facing, but things that will be easy to overcome once you’re more experienced in this line of business.

    You’ll face problems because you don’t fully understand what you are doing yet, but with training provided by a program you’ll be joining will help big time. So join a good program that has plenty of training to help you.

    Thank you for your review of this and all the best.

  12. Dave Sweney says:

    I appreciate your insight and discussion of the online business model of affiliate marketing. Everyone it seems is saying it is such an easy way to make money and anyone can do it. This is true from what I have experienced, but it is not as easy as people like to make it out to be.

    In my experience, the same problems that you have expanded on were things that I had to deal with when starting out. It took some months before I came around and started following advice from people like you and then I started having some success.

    Over time, that success has grown, but it is not a cakewalk. The time must be put in, some rational thought used, and a willingness to commit to keeping at it on a regular basis are the keys I think. It will not happen overnight, but if you do have a plan (i.e. niche, avatar, approach, and regular work) you will succeed. 

    Traffic and conversions are definitely key factors that you must consider. The content and niche are also important, and perhaps another key is identifying the target audience and knowing what they are looking for. If you have that you can shape the rest of your business around this. 

    Good post and lots of information and advice to digest, Thanks for taking the time to put it together. How long have you been into the affiliate marketing business? It seems like it must be quite a while based on your article! 

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Dave,

      I am glad you liked my post. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for about 3 years now and i’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. From my experience traffic and conversions are the 2 most common reasons people quit affiliate marketing. Which is a shame because both problems can be overcome with patience and the right training.

      Thank you for your comment,


  13. DerrAd says:

    I was so much convinced that affiliate marketing was the right direction to take after listening to several gurus but little did I know the challenges that it comes with. While I don’t regret giving it a try, I must admit that there are times that I felt I should throw in the towel. However, with a little taste of success here and there, I think there’s light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going to forge on. 

    You’ve shared the reality on grounds and think people who want to go down this road should prepare their mind before doing so. Thanks so much for sharing this.  

  14. water life says:


    These are exactly the questions I made myself when I began dealing with the Wealthy Affiliate. I also believe that patience and determination are needed, but you work at home. No one is pushing you and the boss is you. I’m sure that I need to spend several order to have my own income and to have desired results. But the only thing we must do is to wait. 

    Thank you for your advice. They are really important, especially for us, the beginners. Thanks for your helpful article.


  15. Jackson kenny says:

    This is a great post different from everything I have seen other people post. I noticed that people try to sweet talk people into doing affiliate marketing and bombarding sites with links without dealing with the truth which you have treated well in this post. You said Patience and hardwork is key to a successful online business, that’s very true because everyone I know that is successful in affiliate marketing had to come a long way with plenty of time put in. Content have you have said is very key but I didn’t know it didn’t just have to do with text alone… I’m glad I could learn something new from you… Th

  16. Abagatan says:

    You hit the nail’s head. This is the best article I’ve read about affiliate marketing in the sense that it challenged me to move forward because I’ve seen the truth about the two biggest problems with it, traffic and conversions.

    This is where I am on my websites now. I want to quit because I already spent two years in the making but traffic is too slow. AdSense conversions are just cents every day and so I’m wondering how those people make huge money with AdSense. No commissions yet coming from affiliate sales.

    I will try to be more aggressive in building the traffic and probably create sales funnel but I have to discover how to do that. Thank you for this informative post, I know this will help many people in the online world.

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