Smart Money Methods Review – Legit Or Not?

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What is Smart Money Methods really about?

Does it work or is it a scam?

Can it help you make money online?

I am guessing you are asking yourself the same questions. Otherwise, you wouldn’t waste your time searching online for reviews about Smart Money Methods. And you want to find out if this is a legitimate product or not. The last thing you would want is to spend your money and time on something that doesn’t work or won’t help you make money.

Don’t worry you came to the right place. In my review, i’ll answer all the above questions and also reveal how Smart Money Methods really works. And if you can really make $7,592.30 per week like they say. I can tell you right from the start that things are not that simple. Smart Money Methods is just another digital info product from Clickbank promising it can help you make thousands of dollars online by following their system.

The truth is there are hundreds of similar products available in Clickbank and they are all pretty much useless. Unfortunately, Smart Money Methods is not the exception. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are legitimate products that can help you make money online. The Internet is full of opportunities and everything can happen as long as you are willing to work hard for your dream.

Let’s take a closer look:

Is Smart Money Methods a scam?

By Smart Money Methods

NameSmart Money Methods


Owner: Mark Forest

Price: $37


Free Trial: No

VerdictNot recommended

What Is Smart Money Methods

Like i said above Smart Money Methods is another useless Clickbank product claiming it can solve all your financial problems and make you rich. Of course, like every other low-quality money making program they too have developed a “unique system” that will make you over $7,000 per week while working 30 minutes a day. 

But they never mention how you are going to do that or what exactly are these smart methods that will make you up to $30,000 per month. I watched their entire sales video and they NEVER mentioned anything about what is this system or training about. Instead, their video is full of hype, misinformation and a personal drama story about a guy (i guess the owner) who got his girlfriend pregnant at college and had to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. Then he discovered (or created) Smart Money Methods solved all his problems and started making hundreds of $ per day. In other words, total BS! 

Smart Money Methods hype

By Smart Money Methods

They purposefully say nothing about their program because they want you to buy into it first. They don’t want you to know what methods are involved, what you’ll be doing or how much it will cost you. That’s a huge red flag and a very good reason why you should stay away from Smart Money Methods. Such programs always claim they have a “secret method” or that their brand new training (call it whatever you want) can show you how to easily make money online with little to no work. But unfortunately most of the times are a complete waste of time and there is nothing new about them either.

 What’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is there is no such thing as easy money online that require little to no work and can earn you hundreds of dollars from the first day or week. Smart Money Methods is nothing you haven’t seen before and there is nothing smart about it. It is just an affiliate marketing training course. A training module full of generic information and outdated techniques.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t work like that. It’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme and you won’t earn thousands of dollars from your first week. It takes time and hard work to make money as an affiliate marketer. And there is definetely a learning curve no matter what programs like Smart Money Methods say. 

How Does Smart Money Methods Really Works?

What you are really buying is a training module about how to make money as an Amazon affiliate. That’s it basically. There is also some training on how to make money promoting CPA offers and using social media like Instagram and Youtube. 

But their training won’t help you make any money online because it is too vague and lacks any actionable content. It doesn’t even cover the basic steps of affiliate marketing. It talks about how to choose a niche, find products on Amazon and use affiliate links but it doesn’t offer any in-depth training on content creation, SEO, keyoword research, etc. It just mentions these things without actually showing you how to do it. 

But these things are the most important parts of affiliate marketing. We all know that making money as an Amazon affiliate is possible. But if the process of creating an authority niche site is not explained to you in detail then i am afraid you are not going to achieve much. To sum up, Smart Money Methods training only covers a few basic topics of affiliate marketing but other than that there is no training on how to implement these things. 

Smart Money Methods misleading information

By Smart Money Methods

It is also obvious they target people with no prior experience and lots of financial problems. They rely on the fact that there are people out there looking to make money online right now and they prey on them. They perpetuate the myth that making money online is easy and that it can be done in a matter of hours. No knowledge or experience is required. 

That is simply not true. But they know most beginners have no idea about how online marketing works or what it takes to make money online. That is why their sales video is full of hype and they don’t reveal any information about their program. They are selling you the dream of making money online fast while trying to lure you into buying their program.

The training is in the form of PDF files and videos. Below are the training modules available to you and their prices:

  • Smart Money 1.0 – ($37)

This module is about how to start an Amazon Affiliate website. It is a PDF file talking about how you can become an Amazon affiliate and make money promoting various products. For example, you will learn things like:

  • How to choose a niche
  • How to set up a website
  • How to use affiliate links
  • How to join Amazon’s affiliate program

Making money with Amazon is definitely no secret and there is no way to start earning hundreds of dollars from your first day. The training never goes into specifics or offering any detail instructions on how to do those things. It just mentions various aspects of affiliate marketing. In others words, you won’t know how to implement these things. 

  • Smart Money 2.0 – First Upsell ($197)

In this module, the training is in form of videos. But again they are very generic and short. There are about 15 videos and all of them together are about an hour long. Each video on average lasts about 4 minutes. Their content is pretty much the same as in the first module and talks about how to make money with Amazon.
There is also training on how to use Instagram and Youtube but again nothing specific. Just a quick overview on how to use social media networks and how Amazon works. Nothing you can’t find online for free. 

  • Smart Money Pro – Second Upsell ($177)

This module is again about social media and how to use them to get traffic. Both videos and PDF are included in this module. The training focuses on why you should use social media to grow your business and how to do that. The training here is better and more detailed compared to the two previous modules but again on its own is not enough. And in my opinion, not something worth spending $177 for.

Why You Should Avoid Smart Money Methods

The biggest reason for doing that is because is not worth the money. Or your time. Their training won’t help you make any money. There are no step-by-step instructions on how to build an affiliate site. The training just tells you how affiliate marketing works but never shows you how to build a WordPress site for example or how to write content that converts. 

For me, Smart Money Methods is a low-quality product that has nothing new to offer. It is similar to other Clickbank products i reviewed before like Fast Earners Club.  And as you can see below the cons vastly outnumber the pros. 


  • 60-day money back guarantee. That’s probably the only positive thing i can think of. Clickbank is a trusted affiliate network and getting a refund is possible. But getting a refund also depends on the vendor’s policy so things might get complicated. 


  • Limited Spots Available. Of course, that’s a lie. This is a very popular tactic scammers like to use. Smart Money Methods tells you that if you exit their site you may never come across their video again and that they can only work with a limited number of people. That’s not true. They do that in an effort to force you to buy as soon as possible before asking yourself what is that you are really buying or doing some research on your own. 
Smart Money Methods fake claims

By Smart Money Methods

  • Upsells. There are hidden costs you were never told about before. For $37 you only get access to their main product (Smart Money Methods 1.0). You have to pay extra for the other two training modules. In total Smart Money Methods is going to cost you $411. That’s a lot of money.
  • No Information About The Product. They say absolutely nothing on their website about how Smart Money Methods works. What you will be doing or how you will make money online. They just want you to buy it without essentially knowing anything about it. There is also no privacy policy or terms & conditions page. 
  • Misleading Information. Nothing but hype and unrealistic claims. On one hand, they say that making up to $30,000 a month is possible with 30 minutes a day of work and on the other hand they tell you nothing about how you will accomplish that. In their sales video, they claim Smart Money Methods is worth thousands of dollars but they sell it for only $37. Everything they claim on their video is either a lie or nonsense. 
  • The Owner. There is no way to know if the owner (Mark Foster) is a real person or not. Maybe he is but there is no information about him. Or at least i couldn’t find any. So, the name could easily be a fake one in a desperate attempt to make Smart Money Methods look like a legitimate product. 
  • Incomplete Training. Not just incomplete but also outdated. Their courses are not going to teach you how to build a niche website. The training you get is just an introduction to affiliate marketing. The truth is you are not going to make any money with this training. Affiliate marketing is a big industry and not a get-rich-quick scheme like Smart Money Methods wants you to believe. In order to succeed you need step by step training and not just a PDF file and a few short videos. 
  • Low-quality. In many ways, this is a typical “work from home” product available on Clickbank. Lacks any real training and is being promoted in a very misleading way. Designed for the owner to make money from its members without offering any valuable information. There is no “secret system” or anything like that. Only some general information about affiliate marketing but nothing you can’t find online for free. 


If Smart Money Methods is a scam or not is something a judge or the FTC will have to decide. But is definitely something i don’t recommend. It’s products like this that make people believe affiliate marketing is a scam. I don’t see anything positive from joining such a program. 

People expect to have success online in a week or a month. But that’s not how business or affiliate marketing works. Smart Money Methods takes advantage of that trying to deceive you into buying their program. Although $37, might sound like a small amount of money you must ask yourself what is that you are really buying. A low-quality training module offering you some general information about affiliate marketing.

If Smart Money Methods price was a $1 or $2 i guess there would be no harm in buying it. But $37 is just too much money for what this product has to offer. 

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and building your own online business you should click the button and read my review about my #1 recommended program. There are no miracles or promises about making thousands of dollars here. But if you really want to learn how to make money online and you are of course willing to work hard you should take a look.

It is also free to join. No credit card is needed. Only an email address and you can access the first 10 lessons for free.

If you find this review helpful feel free to share it with your friends on the social media. You are welcome to leave your comments below. 

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