5 Best SEO Reporting Tools for Bloggers

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Are you looking for the best SEO reporting tools for your website?

We all know how important SEO is and how it can help your site rise up the rankings and generate more traffic. And more traffic means more sales. So sooner or later, you’ll need an SEO reporting tool to keep track of your SEO campaign. There are countless of SEO tools (both free & paid) out there to choose from so finding the right one for your business can be difficult.

SEO reporting tools for bloggers

That’s why it’s important to pick an SEO tool that best suits your specific needs and not just any SEO tool. Some tools are more suitable for monitoring backlinks and others for rank tracking, competitors analysis, website audit, or keyword research. And there are, of course, tools that can do all of the above plus a lot more. So, it all depends on what you need and how much money you can invest. 

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5 Best SEO Reporting Tools To Use in 2022

Before I reveal to you the Top 5 best SEO reporting tools and how they can help you increase your organic traffic on search engines, I should tell you that both Google Analytics and Google Search Console are not included on my list. Not because they are not good enough but because… well you already know about them. Everybody does.

Every blogger and online marketer has heard about Google Analytics and Search Console before and how important their data are for your SEO campaigns. So there is no need for me to tell you something you already know. Plus they are free, available to everyone, and if for some weird reason you are not yet using them, you should set up your account immediately.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the 5 SEO reporting tools on this list:

1) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is probably the most popular all-in-one SEO reporting platform. It is a powerful tool that contains several advanced SEO features for rank analysis, link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, content analysis and more. It is ideal not only for professional marketers but also for bloggers who want to get good blog topic ideas and increase their traffic. 

Ahrefs is easy-to-use and its data is really good. It’s also great for discovering technical SEO problems on your site, as their Site Audit tool is considered to be one of the best. Ahrefs is a solid tool and it can help you improve your website’s SEO performance.Ahrefs SEO tool
Ahrefs only problem is its price. It’s not cheap. It is actually rather expensive. It starts at $99/month (a 7-day trial for $7). Ahrefs offers 4 pricing plans Lite plan – $99 /month, Standard plan – $179/month, Advanced plan – $399/month and Agency plan – $999/month.

If that is out of your price range you should then take a look at the following post: The 4 Best Ahrefs Alternatives (Free and Paid)

2) SEMrush

Semrush is another popular all-in-one SEO reporting tool that specializes in keyword research, link building, rank tracking, campaign management, and more. It is a comprehensive tool that covers all aspects of SEO and you can easily create your own reports from scratch. You can also add data from external sources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

With Semrush, you can also schedule and post content on social media, optimize your social ads, create and track your PPC campaigns, and plenty more. No matter what you need Semrush has it. It comes with a ton of great features and provides you with all the key data you’ll need to improve your search rankings. SEMrush SEO reporting tool
But Semrush is not cheap. If you are on a tight budget, Semrush might not the right tool for you. Their cheapest plan (Pro) costs $119.95/month. They also offer two more plans – Guru $229.95/month and Business $449.95/month. You can try Semrush for free though. They offer a 7-day free trial of either a Pro or Guru plan. 

3) SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a powerful all-in-one SEO software tool designed for businesses of all sizes. It provides a complete set of SEO tools for keyword research, backlink checking, rank tracking, website audit & analysis, On-Page SEO optimization, and more.

SE Ranking’s reporting tools can help you boost your online exposure and  improve your Google rankings. It’s also an easy-to-use tool thanks to its drag and drop modules. It’s very well-known for its ranking tracking tool and its accurate data. SE Ranking is a great option for both SEO professionals and online marketers. SE Ranking all-in-one seo software tool
SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial. They offer three pricing plans – Essential, Pro and Business but the prices depend on how often you will use the ranking check tool. That means you could pay as little as $17.4/month for the Essential plan. In my opinion. this is one of SE Ranking’s biggest advantages. It’s up to you to decide how much you will pay. 

4) SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a complete SEO software tool that’s easy-to-use and can help you perform website audits, run backlink campaigns, find keywords, spy on your competitors, track your rankings, and more. It has everything a blogger or a digital marketer might need. SEO PowerSuite consists of the following four tools:

  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • WebSite Auditor
  • LinkAssistant

With these four tools, you can optimize your site and improve your search engine rankings. You can accomplish a wide range of tasks efficiently. From backlink research to content optimization and keyword analysis. You can use SEO PowerSuite for all your SEO activities. 

SEO PowerSuite
SEO PowerSuite offers a free version, but it comes with certain restrictions and limitations. There are also two paid versions you can choose from – Professional $99/year and Enterprise $199/year. All plans have a lifetime license, and you will be billed annually. SEO PowerSuite is a lot cheaper compared to other SEO reporting tools and offers many features. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

5) SpyFu

SpyFu is a well-known SEO & PPC research tool offering a variety of features and tools. SpyFu can be used for keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis,  and many more. It offers a wide selection of tools and fulfills the needs of every blogger and website owner.

SpyFu is one of the best tools for finding link opportunities and for PPC research. It does a great job with keyword analysis, and it’s an excellent option for those who want to focus on the core metrics but don’t want to spend a fortune on SEO. You can spy on your SEO competition and see every keyword they rank on.   

SpyFu SEO tool

SpyFu’s Basic plan starts at $39/month or $33/month if you choose the annual plan. They offer two more plans – Professional $79/month and Team $299/month. No matter what plan you choose you’ll get unlimited search results, data exports, and domain overview PDFs.

SpyFu offers a 30-day free trial and you can cancel your subscription at any time. 


If you are an affiliate marketer looking for an advanced keyword tool, I recommend Jaaxy. It’s a powerful niche and keyword research platform that can help you discover untapped keywords and niches. It’s not a comprehensive all-in-one SEO tool like the ones mentioned above but it’s great for brainstorming new keywords & niche ideas, finding low-competition keywords, showing you how much traffic your site can get using a specific keyword, and more. 

Jaaxy is easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, and perfect for bloggers, freelance writers, online marketers, and small businesses. It offers a group of features that can help you improve your search engine rankings. 

Jaaxy SEO research

Jaaxy offers 3 pricing plans. One free plan (Starter) and two paid plans. The Pro plan costs $49/month and the Enterprise $99/month. If you want to find out how Jaaxy works, you should start with the free plan. 

Final Thoughts

SEO reporting tools can help you figure out what’s wrong with your SEO strategy and improve your website rankings. These are some of the best SEO reporting tools on the market for 2021. But before you make a decision, sign up for the free trial first to see if this is the right SEO tool for you. 

There is no such thing as “the best SEO tool”. It all depends on what you are looking for and the needs of your business.

If you are struggling with your blog or want to learn more about how to generate leads and affiliate marketing take a look at the following online marketing training platform. You can sign up for free.

We all need a little help sometimes.

Have you used any of these SEO reporting tools? Share your opinion with us by leaving a comment below. If you like this article, please share it.

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  1. Lisa Harvey says:

    Search engine optimization is such a powerful way to get ranked by the search engines and it is so important for ranking. As you say we all need to carry out searches at some point. However, the tools we need to use are all quite expensive so they can be off-putting when our blogs are not earning their keep yet.
    I use the Jaxxy Enterprise edition because it comes included in my subscription and it is an amazing tool that gives so much helpful information and it’s easy to use.

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Lisa,
      I use Jaaxy too and i believe it’s a great tool. It’s also cheaper than other similar SEO tools which makes it perfect for new blogggers and affiliate marketers.

  2. Krysten Quiles says:

    This is so helpful, thanks for sharing!

  3. Veronica says:

    Great info, I wil try some of the cheaper ones and see how they work for me. Thanks for share this article.

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