5 Top Reasons Why Most People Fail To Make Money Online

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Is it possible for the average person to make money online?

Or is everything online a scam?

Well first of all who doesn’t want to make some extra money online? We all do. Or at least most of us do. Sitting at home working on your laptop and watching the money coming to your bank account sounds like the perfect job.

But can it be done? And if it can be done why most people fail to make any money online? These are the kind of questions people ask all the time. Chances are you may have asked the same things yourself at some point. I know i did. Especially after trying hard and not seeing any results.

So is it all for nothing? The answer is of course not. Making money online is possible. You shouldn’t have any doubts about that. It can seem like an impossible task at first but it’s not. It’s not easy either but if you manage to figure some important things out it can be done.

There’s never been a better time than now to build a business and make money online. If you have an Internet connection, determination to succeed and a few dollars in your bank account the odds are in your favor. You don’t need a big budget to succeed. Starting a business online will cost you almost nothing.

Despite all that the sad truth is that most people fail to build a profitable business online. There are many different reasons why this happens. Perhaps too many for me to list them all here. That’s why i chose the 5 most common ones to talk about in this post. They are the major obstacles that are holding people back from succeeding. Avoid them and you’ll soon start making money online.

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Fear Of Failure

Perhaps one of the most common reasons why people fail to make money online. Fear of failure stops many people from even trying to start a business online. Being afraid of failing, losing time and money is also one of the main reasons why so many people believe it’s impossible to make money online.

Searching on Google about how to make money online (i am sure you have already done that ) you will come across those dreaded posts saying don’t do it. You can’t make it. You won’t succeed. Small websites can’t compete with the big guys. Affiliate marketing is a waste of time, dropshipping is dead and so on. Reading about other people’s failures telling you why you can’t make it online shouldn’t discourage you. Like i said at the beginning people fail for various reasons. And usually, they don’t want to admit (mostly to themselves) the real reason why that happened. When you finish reading this, you’ll know why they failed and how you will not.

None of us likes to fail. We all want to succeed. But you have to understand that failure is part of success. Everyone who ever earned money online has also failed at least once. Making mistakes is perfectly normal. What successful people do is not giving up. Instead, they keep going till they make it. The majority of people take the easy way out by quitting after failing for the first time.

Making money online requires you having the right mind-set. Being afraid of failing and constantly doubting yourself will stop you from succeeding. Change your mindset and your life will change too. You must truly believe that you can make money online. Think positively and positive things will happen to you in return.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

How much money will i make in a month from now?

It’s usually the first question newbie entrepreneurs ask after joining a make money online opportunity. Instead of focusing on how they will achieve success and the amount of work and effort that is required they only want to know how much money they’ll make. They assume making money online is quick and easy.

Unfortunately for all of us, there is no such thing as easy money online. All the “get-rich-quick” schemes you see being advertised all over the web are scams. Strangely, they all seem to cost $97 too. They are a waste of time and no they won’t teach you how to make $24,485 in one week. They just want you to believe this is possible and buy whatever is they are selling without asking any questions.

The problem is because of all these ads a lot of people seem to believe the myth of making lots of money online with no effort. They expect quick results in a matter of weeks and keep looking for that “done-for-you” system that will make them rich. It doesn’t work like this. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Building a profitable business online takes time. I don’t want to scare you but there are some skills you need to learn first before making any money online. There is a good chance you won’t make any money during the first months of setting up your online business. That’s when most people quit. They expect quick results and when they don’t come they get frustrated and give up.

Focus on learning and trying new things in your business. No one succeeded from day 1. You have to be in for the long game. You don’t have to know everything before starting an online business but you also shouldn’t expect to get everything right at first attempt.

Whatever way (an e-commerce store, an affiliate niche website, etc) you choose to make money online stick with it. Set a realistic goal for yourself and learn as much as you can about that business model.

#Tip: Making Money Online – Myths & Truth

No Action

Do you want to make money online?

Start taking action. There is no better way of learning how to make money online by doing it. Reading other people’s success stories, watching videos about how they did it, buying the best training course available won’t help you unless you start applying what you learned.

Don’t forget the saying “practice makes perfect”. You have to work on your business every single day. Be consistent and don’t let anything stop you.
Far too many people fail because they take no action. The money will not magically appear in your bank account. Your business won’t make any sales on its own. It all depends on you. That’s the scary part about trying to make money online. There are no excuses. It all comes down to how much you want this to happen to you. If you want to build a successful business online you will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. Execution is the key to success.

Also, don’t make the mistake thinking just because you bought a training course you will make money. There are plenty of great online training programs that can teach you how to start a business. But no one can guarantee you will succeed. You have to do the hard work. But be sure your efforts will pay off (eventually).

The Shiny Object Syndrome

You have finally discovered that money-making opportunity you were always looking for and now you are ready to start your business. You start working on it but after a while, you realize things are not moving forward as fast as you would like to. You get frustrated and start doubting if you are in the right business. How long will it take for my business to become profitable?

Then you come across a new opportunity that sounds promising. Meanwhile, you haven’t earned a single dollar yet. So you decide you waited long enough and now is the time to move on with the new exciting business model. A couple of months later the same thing happens again. And once again you start over without having made any money.

Jumping from one business idea to another without ever spending enough time and effort to make it grow is the perfect way to fail. New shiny objects promising you success appear online every single day. You must learn to avoid them. There will always be distractions. Ignore them or risk being stuck at the beginning forever.

Picking a way to make money online is easy. From drop-shipping to affiliate marketing to E-commerce to freelancing and many more. There are so many things you can do to earn money online. But sticking with it can be a challenge. Don’t expect to make money right away. Instead, focus on your business and take action every day.

Lack Of Patience

We live in a time of instant gratification. When we want something we want it now. Many people are looking for ways to make money online only after they have exhausted all the other possibilities. That’s the worst time to start a business online. You are dead broke and desperate for cash. You need money right now but all the money-making programs promising fast and easy cash online are scams.

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. The Internet is full of low-quality programs designed for the owners to make as much money as they can from their members. That usually means up-sells, levels and useless systems that of course don’t work.

Remember the old saying “patience is a virtue”. This also applies to setting up a business online. Legitimate systems and training programs require you investing some time before seeing any results. It might take a while before generating any income. And even then your income might not be a significant amount of money. You shouldn’t expect to make thousands of dollars in little time.

Impatience can destroy your chances of succeeding online. Too many people give up after only 2-3 months of starting their businesses. If you feel you are stuck it’s much better to take a break and rethink your overall strategy. But don’t quit. You might be a lot closer than you think.


There is no such thing as a lack of opportunity online for people who are determined to succeed. Avoid the most common mistakes and you are off to a great start.

Don’t chase every opportunity you see online because that way you will get nowhere. Pick one and stay focused. Hard work always pays off. Making money online is not impossible.

Start your business today and in a year from now, you will be wondering why it took you so long to get started.

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25 Responses

  1. Benny says:

    Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. Making money online is the desire of almost every Internet user. I was always suspicious of every platform because of the fraudulent acts that seem to be every where but I have come across real legit platforms that helped me with my online busniess

  2. Katja says:

    I loved reading your post about reasons why people fail to make money online. You gave me extra boost of motivation to continue working hard to achieve my goals! What I need to work on is my patience. Sometimes I get frustrated or feel like a failure, because things are not going faster. Especially if I encounter some of the ”instant online success stories”, that I know are not real, but affect my self-esteem anyway. When I stop, take a breath and reflect, I feel better – as you stated: don’t quit! 

    Thank you for a great read! 🙂 

  3. BlueMoon UniqueFashion says:

    Great article and they can be found in many of the things you mentioned. Although I have been doing affiliate marketing and working from home for four years, I am on the verge of quitting a few times. At first, I was afraid I would not know how to do it, later a few great items came to my attention and there were days when patience betrayed me. I’m glad I stayed on track because now I do what I love, at a time that suits me and earns full income.

  4. Feji ben says:

    Yes I agree with you…..this are the real reason why people don’t make money online…..I started online business a long time ago and these things affected me too especially having unrealistic expectations but I was able to overcome it some years later…thanks once again for this article I have learnt alot.

  5. MrBiizy says:

    Hello Nikos. Thank you for sharing these top 5 reasons why people fail to make money online. This is a life saver because not making money online is not a good feeling at all.

    Hundreds if not thousands of people pump in everyday for the make money online business opportunities, making websites are built each day and among all these countless numbers of individuals, only a few end up making money online. I have seen people that are interested in making money online and I continue to see them everyday online and offline. Many are scared of the unknown, therefore, they don’t want to venture. Many are impatient and they end up giving up even when they venture. So many reasons and as you have shared.

    I have made up my mind to do this and I won’t give up on it.


  6. Parveen says:

    Hey, Your 5 Top Reasons Why Most People Fail To Make Money Online are very useful to get success online. If we all avoid these all reasons then we will 100% become successful in online business. You are doing grate work by finding and sharing the reasons. We will do my best to achieve success online with the help of your article.

  7. Jessie says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome post!  I enjoyed reading this because it is great advice for people who are planning on making money only!  The fact that you added in patience is probably one of my biggest tips too.  It takes time to build a business, and it does not come easy.  Hard work and patience are so important!

  8. marcuscbb says:

    Hi i would like to thank you for your article on 5 Top Reasons Why Most People Fail To Make Money Online. It has always been my dream to get out of the rat race and start an online business from home. I was doing some research when I came across your informative post. Some of the information is very helpful.

  9. Pentrental says:

    With so much information out there on how to succeed with an online business it’s nice to see the opposite in why people fail. This perspective is very helpful to have when determining what not to do. These reasons are outstanding and I agree with all of them, but especially no action and lack of patience. Anyone who tells you you can make money overnight is likely lying. Really it takes action and patience more often than not in order to succeed. This is excellent information for anyone looking to start an online business and I will definitely share it with some friends, well done!

  10. Mugalu Mansoor says:

    Thanks very much for this great and helpful article about the reasons why people fail to make money online. For really it has been an interesting article from it’s start to its end because you have really helped many people including me with this educative information because all along I have been wondering what keeps me behind in world of making money online but now am eye opened by your article and am soon changing for success. Thanks very much for this article in advance

  11. Jon says:

    I agree with everything you have to say because it takes a lot of work to be able to make money online and you will waste a little bit of money finding what works and also you will feel like you are not making any progress until you make some. I still suffer from this but I am learning to do my own work and not rely on the latest teaching program.

  12. Shanta Rahman says:

    Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us. The reason most people are afraid to earn from online is because people do not know how to earn from online. To earn money online, first of all you need to know how to make money online and secondly you need to invest money in the right place. There are many ways to earn online, among them, affiliate marketing. Because I myself earn through affiliate marketing. To earn from affiliate marketing, you first need to know how to do affiliate marketing and you need to know more about SEO. If you know these things well you can easily earn from online.

  13. Agustina says:

    Thanks for sharing this post! Patience is key in everything!

  14. Roamy says:

    thanks for sharing, I know I really struggled when I got started online, it seemed like no one was finding my content or maybe it was the wrong content.
    With trial and error and alot of hard work, making money online now is to me like any other everyday thing.

  15. Said Mae says:

    thank you in advance for your advice because it has given me courage and motivation, am looking forward to join and start the online business specifically in the field of writing

  16. Chris Servia says:

    Direct results of not changing your mindset. It is incredible how the human brain, since being programmed defensively since birth, stands in opposition to positive outcome opportunities. It wears itself down with these 5 responses until eventually it convinces you to give up and quit. You have to modify your thinking in order to power through to that first sale or first customer of you service. Without improving your belief in yourself, these 5 responses will get you.

  17. Ray says:

    Wow thanks for this. The lack of patience really describes me but I try everyday!

  18. Luc says:

    Many people think that “online business” or the “Internet” has some sort of magic power or some secrets that make you money quick. Well, it is not!

    It usually takes at least 6 to 12 months before you can expect an income.

    But if you are the victim of the “shiny object syndrome”; read get rich quick overnight, then keep searching for that among the many scammers everywhere who only empty your pockets instead of giving you financial freedom.

  19. Muthu Ramu says:

    I believe spot on in your theory about self-esteem. Some People are afraid of success more then they are failures.

  20. hari says:

    what a wonderful and truthful post!
    so many beginners fall into this trap unfortunately.
    recommend every newbie to read this post.
    thanks for sharing!

  21. Hong says:

    Great article, thank you

  22. Nelson says:

    This is a very great information you have shared on this article. Making money online sounds so easy by the way some people say it and by the way some platforms advertise their income making scheme, but in the real sense there are a lot of things to be done or to do when it comes to making money online. 

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