Prosperity Income Network Review – Is It Legit?

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Is Prosperity Income Network an online money-making business opportunity you should buy?

How much will it cost you?

Is it worth your money and time?

Prosperity Income Network (or simply P.I.N.) is a relatively new product claiming its members can earn thousands of dollars in commissions. They describe their program as ‘the first ever fully automated system’ that can make you money from day one. Its members can earn 70% to 80% commissions on every sale they make.

At first, glance that sounds great but i am always very skeptical when it comes to “done-for-you” systems. And you should be too. The reason is that they never seem to work.

In this review i’ll answer all the above questions, how P.I.N. works, its products, the pros & cons and if this is a legit home-based business opportunity.

So, let’s take a closer look and find out more about P.I.N.

Name: Prosperity Income Network


Owner: Unknown (at least to me)

Price: $597

Upsells: Yes (Up to $25,997)

Verdict: Not recommended

What Is Prosperity Income Network (P.I.N.)?

P.I.N. is a high-ticket affiliate marketing program. The only way to make money with this system is by purchasing a membership level and then trying to recruit others who will also do the same and so on. Every time you make a sale you earn a commission. Some people may say P.I.N. is an MLM (multi-level-marketing) system although they deny that in their sales video. But i believe it’s fair to say that at least a part of P.I.N looks like an MLM business.

Now according to the information available on their website, P.I.N. is a “hands-free wealth on demand system” that can help you earn $350 up to $20,000 commissions per sale. P.I.N claims they will pretty much handle everything for you. Their success coaches will close the sales for you. They will answer the prospect questions, help them sign-up, etc. You also don’t have to worry about getting prospects either. They do that for you with their build-in advertising rotator.

What they don’t mention on their website though is who they are. There is no information about who owns or runs P.I.N. That is always a red flag and a very good reason why you should stay away from such products. Also, i couldn’t find a Refund Policy. So not only you have no idea who is behind it but also you might not be able to get your money back in case you change your mind.

The only information i could find about P.I.N. is that their website domain name was registered privately on September 11th, 2019. Their website is simply a landing page describing the membership levels and why you should sign-up but doesn’t offer much information about anything else.

For example, P.I.N. says you will also get access to some digital products with every level you buy. They call these products “E-Learning Bundles” but don’t reveal what this training material consists of. The truth is nobody is joining P.I.N for these products. The only way to make money is by promoting membership levels.

P.I.N is a recruiting scheme. You pay to become their affiliate and all you can do to make money is to recruit new members. That’s all there is. It looks similar to other known frauds like MOBE and Digital Altitude. Both were shut down by FTC. They also used coaches, had membership levels and useless digital products nobody cared about.

I recently reviewed a product called Digital Income System that looks very similar to P.I.N. I don’t know if they are connected in any way but are almost identical. Since none of them reveal the names of their owners no one can know if they are connected or not.

How Does Prosperity Income Network Work?

The only way to join P.I.N. is by calling a telephone number (available on their website) and talking with one of their success coaches. You can buy any level you want but as always with such programs the higher the membership level you buy the higher the potential commission.

Below is a list of the 6 membership levels you can purchase and how much they will cost you:

  • Starter ($597): $500 + admin fee $97
  • Deluxe ($2,197): $2,000 + admin fee $197
  • Premium ($3,297): $3,000 + admin fee $297
  • Master ($6,497): $6,000 + admin fee $497
  • Diamond Elite ($12,697): $12,000 + admin fee $697
  • Executive Elite ($25,997): $25,000 + admin fee $997

And here is a breakdown of the money you can earn on each level:

  • Starter: You earn $350 commission (70%)
  • Deluxe: You earn $1,400 commissions (70%)
  • Premium: You earn $2,450 commissions (70%)
  • Master: You earn $4,200 commissions (70%)
  • Diamond Elite: You earn $8,400 commissions (70%)
  • Executive Elite: You earn $20,000 commissions (80%)

The amount of money you can earn doesn’t only depend on the number of people you will recruit. But also at the level, they join in and the level you have bought yourself. For example, if you are a Premium member (costs $3,297) and your referral purchases the Diamond Elite level you will not earn an $8,400 commission. You’ll earn $2,450. In other words, you can earn up to the level in which you joined. That’s how high-level affiliate marketing programs typically work and P.I.N is not an exception.

That is also the reason why the “coaches” in such programs will always try to convince you to buy the highest level. So you won’t miss out on those big commissions. The “coaches” are not your mentor. They are there to earn a commission too and make money for themselves. A common tactic they use is to encourage new members to take out loans and get into debt because that’s the way to succeed online and make loads of money with their system.

Also with every level, you buy you get access to some training material and tools to help you promote the system. Like we said earlier these products are called “E-Learning Bundles” but P.I.N doesn’t offer any information about them. The only thing they reveal about them is that they are ‘the absolute best personal and wealth development products this industry has to offer’ but don’t share any details.

According to various sources online the “E-Learning Bundles” offer some kind of training about topics such as:

  • Solo ads
  • Email copywriting
  • Paid traffic
  • Sales funnel
  • Split testing
  • YouTube marketing

Of course, that training material is not worth thousands of dollars. After all, that’s not what you will be promoting anyways. Every high-ticket affiliate program like P.I.N pretends to offer some kind of digital products to convince people they are offering something else too other than membership levels. In most cases is some basic training course copied from various sources online. Nothing you can’t find online for much less or even for free.

They also offer you tools like the lead tracker plus software (notifies you every time a coach is on the phone with one of your leads), capture pages, real-time tracking system.

Why I Don’t Recommend Prosperity Income Network

P.I.N is a “pay to play” recruiting system. The majority of people who join such programs end up losing their money. On the other hand, the owners earn 20% to 30% paid by each new recruit plus the admin fees.

A few affiliates at the top of the pyramid who joined at the very beginning will also make a lot of money. They are the usual marketers who regularly promote such systems creating videos on YouTube, ads on Facebook, etc telling you how they made thousands of dollars in a couple of weeks after joining that program. In most cases, they are asked by the owners to join at the highest level for free and in return, they will promote it to their followers.

P.I.N is not a “complete passive” system. In their website, they say their main product is the “In-house Guaranteed Advertising Rotator” which every member can use. P.I.N supposedly does all the advertising for you and every member gets a spot in their traffic rotator. That rotator allocates prospects to each member in a weekly basis. The higher your membership level is the more turns you will receive every week.

Of course, that traffic won’t be enough. I don’t know how postcards (take a look at the image below) are going to help you make sales. The quality of that traffic and how many sales are generated that way is at least debatable. Be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on paid traffic hoping to make sales and earn some of your money back. That is not going to be easy though because generating traffic requires skills and experience that are not taught inside P.I.N. It turns out this is not a done-for-you system after all.

Unreasonably expensive. What is that you are buying exactly? The “opportunity” to earn big commissions and become a P.I.N affiliate. In reality, you are wasting your money on the “make easy money online with little to no work” dream. You are not spending your money purchasing a product of value. The only reason the levels cost that much is to justify the large commissions affiliates can earn. Member’s only option is to market P.I.N affiliate memberships. I am afraid with such programs you are the product.

High-ticket affiliate programs are not sustainable. Most of these programs are nothing more than recruiting schemes. Someone may also call them pyramid schemes. But that’s not the point here. The point is they only work as long as recruits join. No retail products or services are available here only affiliate membership levels. The moment people stop signing up everything collapses.

Similar products have been shut down by FTC. The most famous ones are MOBE and Digital Altitude. At some point, both of them used to be very popular online with their affiliates claiming this is an “opportunity you shouldn’t miss”. Both were shut down for fraud and thousands of people lost their money. P.I.N operates in a similar way and that is another sign why you should avoid it.

Final Thoughts

Prosperity Income Network is a program i would never recommend to anyone. It is a high ticket affiliate marketing program that will cost you thousands of dollars offering you nothing in return. Only the dream of earning big commissions promoting membership levels. Its business model is very risky and similar to scams we have seen before.

If P.I.N is a legitimate online opportunity is something only time and FTC can tell. Unfortunately, i found no pros regarding that program. Only cons, red flags and plenty of warning signs why you stay away from it.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to build your own business online click the button below and take a look at a platform designed for affiliate marketers of all levels. You can create an account for free.

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  1. Benny says:

    When ever I hear the name Prosperity income network, the first thing that comes to my mind is scam, two of my friend had huge losses from this platform and the most Nothing part is that their support system is not functioning. Thank you for this review. It is really of great help to me and others

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