Profits Passport Review – Is It Legit?

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What is Profits Passport about?

Can it help you make money online?

Should you buy it?

This review will answer all the above questions and will also explain how Profits Passport works. By the time you finish reading it, you’ll know if this is a good online income opportunity or not. And if it is possible to earn up to $2,000 with this “complete 100% done for you system”?

That’s of course what everybody wants but the truth is we all have heard such claims before-and they have never come true. So, it is in your best interest to not get excited right away. You should instead take the time to do your research on Profits Passport (like you are doing now) and learn more about it before signing up.

Profits Passport is a relatively new product and according to some reviews, this is a money-making opportunity you shouldn’t miss. So, let’s take a closer look and find out if this is true or not.

Profits Passport review

Name: Profits Passport


Owner: David Dekel

Recommended? No

What Is Profits Passport?

Profits Passport is a sales funnel. To be exact a high ticket marketing funnel system that promotes six different programs (digital products). These programs are called income streams and you can sign-up with them through Profits Passport. So, what you have to do here to make money is drive traffic to this funnel (Profits Passport), and every time people purchase one of these programs you will earn a commission. Of course, you have to buy each one of these income streams in advance before you can promote them.

Just to be clear though Profits Passport doesn’t offer any training or courses itself. The “opportunity” here are the 6 programs Profits Passport promotes. Other than that as a member, you also have access to an hour-long webinar by David Dekel who talks about these 6 products and how to generate leads.

Of course, none of these programs are either free or cheap. In fact, they’ll cost you hundreds of dollars. Profits Passport on its own can not be characterized either as a scam or a great income opportunity. There is nothing wrong with building a sales funnel. That is something almost every blogger and affiliate marketers does. But the quality, the legitimacy, and the price of the products inside the funnel are what determines if this is worth your time or not.

If you take a look at the Profits Passport website all you’ll see is hype and exaggerated income claims. It tries to dazzle you with phrases like “up to $16,500 in extra commissions on autopilot” without ever telling you how much you’ll have to pay first or the true cost of the programs in this sales funnel.

But even the owner himself doesn’t believe you can earn that amount of money. Take a look at the Earnings Disclaimer page (image below). Those claims about earning thousands of dollars “in the easiest way possible” is just marketing. In my opinion, you should not take any of his claims seriously.

David Dekel is the man behind Profits Passports. He is a well-known Internet marketer and this is not his first money-making program. He is also the creator of Funnel X ROI, Funnel X marketing systems, Stealth List Building Formula, and others. They are all pretty similar (sales funnels) focusing on email marketing as a way to promote them to others. After a while, they die down -like every other done-for-you system- and he starts a new one.

How Does Profits Passport Work?

If you visit the Profits Passport website you’ll realize there is not much to see. Besides the misleading income claims and the hype, there is only a short video to watch where David Dekel is asking you to enter your email address to access his webinar and the 6 income streams he promotes.

One thing all these programs have in common is membership levels. Each of them has different levels that you must first buy to be able to promote them. So, if you want to earn those huge $1,000 commissions per sale get ready to spend $2,000 (at least) in advance to buy that level.

#Tip: The 7 Things You Need To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

Now let’s take a closer look at those 6 programs Profits Passport promotes:


This is the first income stream you’ll be asked to buy. Easy1Up was created by Peter Wolfing in 2016 and you can earn commissions by promoting the levels you have purchased. I have already reviewed Easy1Up where I explain why I don’t recommend it. You can read my review here.

It is a high ticket affiliate marketing program that pays using a 1up compensation plan. That means you must pass your 2nd sale to your sponsor. You earn 100% commission of your first sale no matter your level. There are 6 membership levels with each one offering some training.

Easy1Up Products:

  1. Elevation – $25
  2. Elevation Elite – $100
  3. Vertex – $250
  4. Vertex Elite – $500
  5. Vertex Pro Connect – $1,000
  6. Vertex Live – $2,000

2. Funnel X Advance

David Dekel is also the creator of this one. Funnel X Advance is a “pay per lead” system and has 3 paid levels. It pays 50% commissions for each sale you make. If you buy the second level (Super Affiliate) you also earn a 50% commission from the previous level. If you buy the 3rd and most expensive level (Leader) you also earn a commission from the two previous levels.

funnel x advance


You also get a $1 for every free subscriber (Starter membership) you register. Funnel X Advance is a product that is supposed to help you build your subscribers list. Every paid level offers some landing pages, pre-written emails, training videos, coaching, etc.

  1. Builder – $200
  2. Super Affiliate – $597
  3. Leader – $1,997

3. ROI Panel

This is an affiliate link tracking software, and once again David Dekel is the owner. There are 3 paid levels and like Funnel X Advance it pays 50% commissions. Of course, you must first buy the levels to promote them and earn commissions. In my opinion, you can find better ones online that cost much less. Even the first level (Beginner) seems unreasonably expensive to me.

  1. Beginner 3000 clicks per month – $197
  2. Advanced 15000 clicks per month – $597
  3. Master 65000 clicks per month – $1,497

4. Udimi

Many done-for-you systems rely heavily on Solo Ads. Profits Passport is no exception telling its members to use Udimi as a traffic source to promote their links. Udimi itself is a legitimate advertising marketplace where you can find solo ad sellers. Here you can buy traffic (clicks) by renting other people’s email lists and promoting your offers to them.

Solo ads are a method many marketers use to drive traffic to their landing pages, their links, or their websites. But that doesn’t mean solo ads are simple or an easy way to make sales. Don’t expect to spend $50 and earn back $1,000. It doesn’t work like that. Also, with the cost of up to $0.95 per click solo ads are not cheap either.

Very often many online “gurus” try to convince newbies that solo ads are all they need to make money online. As if this is a kind of “secret strategy” nobody knows and is now being offered to you at a very low price. That is a lie. They are saying all that to make you buy their low-quality digital products.

Udimi is free to get started but there is also the Prime membership that costs $19.95 per month and comes with some additional features. They also have an affiliate program you can join. It pays 15% from all orders from all your referrals and 25% from all Prime members you refer to. If you become a Prime member your commission for Prime referrals doubles to 50%.

5. OPM Wealth

This is the most expensive program in this sales funnel. It is a high ticket sales program that’ll teach how to earn cryptocurrency. OPM Wealthy stands for “Other Peoples Money Wealth” and as far as I know they pay in cryptocurrency only.

There are 5 products you can buy and none of them is cheap. The “opportunity” here is to resell them to other people and earn commissions.

OPM Wealth products:

  1. Hermes – $2,000
  2. Apollo – $5,000
  3. Athena – $8,500
  4. Poseidon – $14,500
  5. Zeus – $27,500

Total Cost = $57,500

What these products offer is training about cryptocurrencies and online marketing (like Instagram, YouTube, etc). OPM Wealth is a recruiting scheme similar to MOBE and Digital Altitude. The products are overpriced to justify the high commissions their affiliates can earn. The majority of people who join such recruitment “opportunities” end up losing their money.

For more information, I suggest you read the following review. This review has not been written by me but in my opinion, it explains what OPM Wealth is and how it works very well.

6. Ringless ALN

Last but not least we have Ringless ALN. A ringless voicemail service and SMS text messaging platform you can use to generate leads and collect cell phone numbers.

And as with every other program in this sales funnel, there are membership levels you can buy. After that, you can resell them and earn 50% commissions per sale.

Ringless ALN products:

  1. Level 1 (Entry) – $150.00
  2. Level 2 (Pro) – $300.00
  3. Level 3 (VIP) – $500.00
  4. Level 4 (All Star) – $1,000
  5. Level 5 (All Star MVP) – $2,500

Pros & Cons Of Profits Passport

I believe it is clear by now why I won’t be recommending Profits Passport. The income streams promoted in this funnel are in my opinion overpriced low-quality programs. Spending in advance hundreds of dollars to buy membership levels and then trying to recruit new members to earn your money back is not an easy way to make money online.

Most people who join such programs earn nothing or end up losing their money. Only a tiny percentage at the top (including the owners) earn a substantial amount of money.

For example, if you buy the first level of all the programs listed in Profits Passports you’ll have to pay $2,572. And all that without adding the cost of buying solo ads from Udimi. So, on top of that add a few more hundreds of dollars.


  • Profits Passport is a simple marketing funnel that promotes 6 digital products. There is nothing wrong with that. Sales funnels are a legit way to make money online
  • The sales funnel is free and done-for-you
  • Easy to sign-up (only an email is required)


  • Misleading income claims
  • A simple one-page website full of hype
  • The income streams are high ticket affiliate programs – “pay to play” recruiting systems
  • To buy the first level of every program promoted in this funnel you’ll need at least $2,572.
  • Buying the first level of any these programs will not be enough. You’ll be asked to upgrade otherwise you will not be able to earn those huge commissions per sale
  • Lack of information about the true cost of the programs promoted inside this funnel
  • Low-quality, overpriced digital products with little to no value

Final Thoughts

Profits Passport is a program I would never join. There is nothing wrong with promoting a done-for-you sales funnel as long as the products inside that funnel are legit, high-quality programs that can help you make money. In my opinion, this is not the case here. The “income streams” Profits Passport is advertising are programs I don’t recommend. They remind me of “money-making sites” like MOBE and Digital Altitude. Both were shut down for fraud.

Of course, it is up to the FTC to decide if something is a fraud or not. Since I am not a judge either I don’t believe I should be the one to decide if a program is legit or a scam. But what I can say is that I would never buy any of the programs advertised by Profits Passport. For that reason, I don’t recommend this funnel.

Such programs are not the way to make money online. They are not going to help you build an online business. In fact with such programs you are the product. In affiliate marketing you rarely have to buy the products first to promote them.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing click the button and read my review about my #1 recommended platform. You can join for free ($0 cost). 

Thanks for reading my review and remember to share it with your social media friends. Let us know what you think and leave a comment below.

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8 Responses

  1. coralie says:

    What a wonderful review of Profits passport.  You were completely honest right from the get go, and that is what makes this such a great review. 

    The products are extremely expensive. YIKES!  David reminds me of a used car salesman.  Some people will obviously believe the hype, and that is how he continues to make money.  It really just look like smoke and mirrors along with a high price tag.  You are still doing absolutely all the work with no guarantee of sales.

    Thanks for the review. 

  2. Luke says:

    I had never heard of this before, Your article explains everything very well and I have actually written an article about that. If something seems to good to be true it probably is, And no one should have to spend thousands to start making money online, More so time and dedication. 

    I see you have been training through Wealthy Affiliate, Excellent as I would recommend anyone to start there, They are perfect for anyone wanting to start an online business, 

    So many scams and false hope business opportunities around nowadays, Thanks for the article. And I would stare clear from Profits Passport for sure.

  3. petergeorge5666 says:

    I thought as much,I had a experience during my participation in marketing affiliation, I was lured by the promising returns weekly. Without hesitation I registerd never knew I was the customer in disguise. Thanks for sharing your opinion on the site it will help the public in choosing where and when we should consider investing in any site

  4. Samikingss says:

    Easy passport, I think someone had actually tried to introduce me to it a while ago but I declined because I had a hunch it won’t end well. I do not know why people will establish a product for making money knowing fully well that it doesn’t work. I have been scammed by other websites in the past division am very careful and very skeptical when I hear of these things. This very important and insightful article will go a long way in helping people to avoid this pitfall. 

  5. evans says:

    hello dear, thanks for kind and such and intensive research on profits passport and sharing your unbiased findings with us,,,your opinion will go a long way to deciding if it is good enough to sign up with this system or not….
    thanks for sharing your candid opinion I look forward to sharing this on my blog…

  6. Philebur says:

    Hello there! Thanks a lot for sharing this review with us.However, I’m not interested in this platform as I’ve witnessed too many scams. I’m really happy that you pointed this out as not legit even before I decided not to get on this. The internet is something else these days, it has become an avenue for scamming people and its really sad. I’ll share this article with other people so they do not fall for this, thanks a lot…

  7. Sheddy Ovb says:

    Heloooo, a big thanks to you for sharing this unbiased review on profit passport. I have actually heard a few things about the profit passport system which I was never cleared about. Anyways judging from this review it’s clear that the profits passport system is a system with unrealistic and hyped up claims, it’s definitely not a take for me. 

  8. mondayjosep says:

    Wow you have an expository article here that answer the question, profit passport review is it legit I come across these article while doing research online I must say its very helpful to us all I have already saved these article for future reference and I think your detailed expression has really the do and don’t of website like profit passport that highly place themselves beyond what they can offer

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