Paid In Circles Review: Is It Legit?

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Paid In Circles is a product that appeared online very recently. Despite that, i have seen quite a few people talking about it already on the social media. If you are reading this review there is a big chance you heard about them the same way i did. And you are probably thinking if you should try it or not. So, is Paid in Circles a scam? Or is it legit?

In this review we will talk about what Paid in Circles really is, how it works, what they offer and if it’s a real online business opportunity.

Is Paid In Circles a scam?

Name: Paid In Circles


Owner: Unknown

Price: $7

Free Trial: You can join for free

Verdict: A waste of time

What is Paid In Circles?

Let’s start first with who are the owners of that product. As far as i know, the owners are not mentioned anywhere. At least i couldn’t find any information about who is behind that product. That is always a big red flag for any product similar to Paid In Circles. Also, it appears that the domain name “” was registered privately on June 2017. So, we are talking about a product that hasn’t been in the market for a very long time and there are not a lot of information about it yet.

But there are hundreds if not thousands of similar products to Paid In Circles online. The way this type of products work or i should probably say don’t work is very well-known. They are called revenue shared or cyclers and it always ends the same way. After a few months, they will suddenly shut down and you won’t be able to withdraw what ever money you have made.

Paid In Circles is an MLM type of business that offers really nothing. Despite the fact they claim they are not an MLM system, unfortunately, that’s exactly what they are. And not the good kind MLM.

Is Paid In Circles an MLM?

Once you join them you will have access to ad credits and you will also get a “product package”. That package is a $5.00 voucher and a 10% discount for an online store that sells health products. They also claim you can advertise and sell your own products through their ‘community’ but the only way to make money with Paid Circle is to convince others to join. It won’t make any difference for you if you place your ads on their site. The only people who are going to see your ads are other members who joined for the same reason you did. To make money by referring others. So, that will be useless to you. 

What’s the bottom line?

There are no actual products for you to buy or a service. Like a training course for example. The only thing they really offer to you is a personal affiliate link so you can invite others to join. If they pay then you will get paid and after that they will have to do the same exact thing all over again. So, the only thing they are really offering is an affiliate membership program for their affiliates to promote and nothing more.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Paid In Circles?

You can actually join for free. You don’t have to pay anything. But that is good for nothing. Joining Paid In Circles for free is the same as not being a member. The only difference you will notice once you subscribe is all the emails you will start receiving in your account.

If you want to make money with Paid In Circles you must participate and join their affiliate program. That will cost you $7. If you don’t purchase the paid membership you can’t expect to make any money. There are no up-sells or any other packages you have to buy as far as i know. Now $7 is not a big amount of money. And it really isn’t that much. Now you are probably thinking “Well it’s only $7. So, what do i have to lose?”

Paid In Circles is Pyramid scheme

But you must ask yourself “what is that you are really buying?” The answer is nothing. You are just paying $7 to access an affiliate program. But with such a small amount of money how are you going to make the amount of money they claim you can earn. Well, unfortunately you can’t.

The only thing you will end up doing is perpetuating the myth on the social media about how easy it is for everyone to make money online if they sign up to Paid In Circles. Basically, you will become a spammer posting your affiliate links everywhere. Of course, that doesn’t work and you will end up wasting your time. There are thousands of people online doing the exact same thing. Promoting products similar to Paid In Circles telling them that this is the best way to make money online.

How Paid In Circles Works?

Since there are no actual products the only way to make money here is by recruiting others who will pay the $7 to join the membership program. The moment people will stop joining the whole thing will just stop working. It will be impossible for the previous members to withdraw their money. The whole thing is solely funded from the new affiliates and that makes Paid In Circles a Ponzi scheme.

Here is how their compensation plan really works

They use a 2×1 and a 4×2 matrix cycler. The 2×1 matrix means that there are two positions below an affiliate member that must be filled. The 4×1 means there are 4 positions that need to be filled.

The positions in both situations can be filled via direct or indirect recruitment. Once all the positions are filled a cycle is generated, commissions are paid out and then you move up to the next cycler.

Below is the way commissions are paid:

  • Circle 1 (2×1 matrix), Affiliates have to pay $7 in order to join – Once the cycle is complete no commissions are paid. You just move on into Circle 2
  • Circle 2 (4×1 matrix) – Again no commissions are paid. Once the circle is complete you move on to Circle 3
  • Circle 3 (4×1 matrix) – Here the affiliate will earn for the first time $40 in commissions if the circle is successfully filled. Then you will move on to Circle 4 which is the last one. So, in order to make $40 you have to recruit 10 new members that must purchase the Circle 1.
  • Circle 4 (4×1 matrix) – At this circle, the affiliate will earn $168 in commissions. The Circle 4 is considered complete once the affiliate generates two new Circle 1 and Circle 2 positions and one Circle 3 position.

You can also make money from your referrals. Every time one of your referrals cycles out of the matrix tiers you earn referral commissions.

  • You earn a $2 referral commission when one of your recruited affiliates cycles out of Circle 1
  • You earn a $2 referral commission when one of your recruited affiliates cycles out of Circle 2
  • You earn a $5 referral commission when one of your recruited affiliates cycles out of Circle 3
  • You earn a $40 referral commission when one of your recruited affiliates cycles out of Circle 4
Here’s The Deal

Except for the initial $7 payment, there are also weekly subscription payments. Paid In Cirles will deduct those fees from your earnings automatically. Every member has a subscription wallet and every week all members will automatically get a new subscription if the funds are there. 

What does that mean?

If there is no money in your subscription wallet and you don’t pay your weekly subscription fee you will not be able to withdraw any of your money. It is a necessary requirement to pay your weekly fee before you can ask to withdraw any of your earnings.


Is Paid In Circles a scam? Well, at least now you know what they offer. So, I will leave that up to you to decide. But i will say what they are not. They are not an online business opportunity. Or an ethical way for you to make money online. They claim you can earn $208 if you invest only $7. But that is simply too good to be true. There are many products similar to Paid In Circles and they are the same. 

Paid In Circles operates as a Ponzi scheme. There is only an affiliate program for you to promote and nothing else. The product is also structured in the form of a pyramid scheme since you will constantly have to recruit new members. The majority of people who will join Paid In Circles will end up losing their money. Once the affiliate recruitment stops or slows down the whole thing will collapse and the anonymous owners will walk away with the money. 

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