My Residual Profit Review: Is It Legit?

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My Residual Profit claims to be a home business opportunity. All you have to do is process 10 emails a day and you can earn $7500 per month. Or at least that’s what they say. But is that true or is My Residual Profit a scam?

Is My Residual Profit a real online job?

Can you really make money with that product?

In this review, i answer all of these questions. So, let’s take a closer look at My Residual Profit and find out if it’s really worth your time and your money.

Is My Residual Profit a scam?

Name: My Residual Profit


Owner: Unknown

Price: $25 (one-time payment)

Free Trial: No

Verdict: Awful

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What Is My Residual Profit?

This is not the only product claiming you can make money online by processing emails. A number of similar products, exist online especially in the social media. My Residual Profit seems to be quite popular actually because i have seen their ads on Facebook a few times already. That’s why i decided to check it out and write a review about them.

My Residual Profit exists since 2015 or at least that’s the year their domain name was registered. Anonymously of course. It is not mentioned anywhere on their website who the owner is. That’s a big red flag. And it is not the only one. There are many parts on that website that can be characterized as scam warnings.

Here are a few things on their website that should make you very suspicious about the legitimacy of that product:

1) They guarantee your success.

No one can guarantee that you will succeed online. This is a trick many “home business opportunities” use to convince people to join them. Making money online depends on you, your skills, your will to learn and a number of other factors. You don’t have to believe me but you should take some and read their own disclaimer.

My Residuals Profit doesn't guarantee your success

And despite that, they have absolutely no problem saying that you will earn $750 a day “Guaranteed“. The whole guarantee thing is just a lie. Everyone who claims they can guarantee your online success should be avoided.

Also, there is no refund. Once you pay the $25 there is no way to ask for your money back later. Keep in mind that there is no free trial or anything like that. If you want to see what their product is about you have to buy it first. So, you will be buying something you have no idea how it works.

There is no refund

2) The TV News Video

Also, a very popular trick low-quality products and scams use. They try to present themselves as a legitimate work from home opportunity by showing you a real news clip from TV. In this case, the video is about a woman who works online from her home. Creating an online business or working from home is absolutely doable but it has nothing to do with My Residual Profit. They are not mentioned anywhere in that TV clip. After the news video ends they add their own video about what their product can do for you in an effort to convince you that this a legitimate opportunity.

3) They Sell Hype & Inflated Claims

Making money online is not easy and it can’t be done overnight. But that’s not true according to My Residual Profit. Very little work is needed and you can easily earn thousands of dollars every month. And of course, no skills are required. That’s also a very common thing we see in products that have no value. They promise that you can make a lot of money online working only an hour per day by posting a few ads on the social media. 

Of course, it’s not that simple. They sell you these unrealistic expectations of online revenue in order to confuse you. If all it takes to make hundreds of $ online per day is to process some emails why is not everyone doing it?

They sell hype

4) Limited Availability 

They claim there are limited spots available and that’s why you should act right now. This is a way to apply more pressure on you and it’s another lie. There is no such thing as a limited number of memberships. Whenever you decide to join My Residual Profit i can assure you there is always gonna be a spot available. 

My residual Profit and limited availability

Here is the deal

If you want to join them you will have to pay $25 first. According to them if you use their business method you can make easy money with not a lot of effort. All you have to do is process some emails and earn $25 for each one of them. I explain further below what that “processing” really is.

What you need to know though is that you are not buying an actual product or service. You are buying nothing. That’s why it only costs $25. The business model they use is a very well-known scam in the Internet called link posting. In this case, it’s ad posting. You will pay $25 in order to become a spammer.

How My Residual Profit Works?

In their website, they keep saying that you can easily make money by processing some emails. They also claim that the earning potential is unlimited. But their own claiming’s contradict each other in their website.

At first, they say:

There is no such thing as processing emails

But if you scroll a bit further down My Residual Profit says the following:

My Residual Profit is a chain recruiting scheme.

So, what exactly will you do at My Residual Profit?

First of all, there is no such thing as “processing emails”. This is not an online job. My Residual Profit is NOT a legitimate kind of business. It has nothing to do with online marketing. It is not an online business opportunity.

It’s just an ad posting/recruitment scheme. The only way you can make money with this program is if you get other people to buy it and pay the $25. If someone buys through your link you get paid. And that’s all you will be doing. When they say “processing emails” they mean you will be posting ads on the social media and sending out emails to others (your family and friends) promoting My Residual Profit.

You have to remember though that you will be promoting a product that has no value. That is not affiliate marketing. You will be selling to other people the fake idea that they can make money online by processing emails. You know that is not true. But you will have to convince people somehow to sign up. And your recruits will have to do the exact same thing later. Eventually, the market will become saturated the whole thing will go bust and they will start the same thing again later with a different name.

In order to “help” you, they will also provide you with 16 pre-written ads and a pre-made website similar or even identical to their one website. That might sound convenient but it’s not going to help you. Everyone who buys My Residual Profit will use the same ads and the same website with the same content. That is called spamming. If everyone is posting the same thing online that content will quickly be labeled as spam. And you will become a spammer too.

Bottom Line

You will pay $25 for the “opportunity” to recruit others to join My Residual Profit. That’s all. Your recruits will try to do the same thing in order to make money. There is no valuable training material or anything like that. This is not a legitimate sustainable business model.

Can You Make Money With My Residual Profit?

There is always a chance you could make some money with this kind of programs. It will probably be by accident though. Someone who is totally unsuspected or desperate might actually believe this is a real work from home job opportunity and pay the $25. But the amount of money you might earn will be nowhere close to what they claim you can make.

Simply because copying and posting links online doesn’t work. Everybody can do that. But it’s not that easy or simple. People don’t just buy something because they saw an ad on Facebook. Nobody wants to click on spammy ads like the ones My Residual Profit will offer you. You are probably reading this review because you saw one of their ads somewhere but you weren’t convinced either. So, you searched online for more information.

You actually need to know how to attract traffic and generate leads. You need to know how online marketing works. So, yes skills are required if you want to make money online. And like i said before you will be promoting a product that has no value. Most people will see that there are not buying a real product or a useful service and they will simply move on. You might be able to manipulate and sucker in some people by lying to them about the whole “processing emails” thing but that is not going to last for long.


My Residual Profit is nothing more than a recruitment scheme. They say you will be making money working from home by processing emails but that is not true. The only thing you will end up doing is spamming people trying to trick them into buying this scheme. 

It’s not only unethical but there is also no way to build a sustainable income. In order to do that you need to have real online marketing skills. It is impossible to create a steady online income with this type of products. You will waste your time and your money. My opinion is My Residual Profit  is something you should definitely avoid. 

There are legitimate ways to make money online and training programs that can really help you create an online business. Of course, it won’t be easy or quick but anything worth doing takes time. 

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