My Mobile Money Pages Review: Is It Legit?

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My Mobile Money Pages claims that you can earn up to $547 per day if you buy their software. In their sales video on their website, they mention that the method they use is simple and automated.

But is that true?

Or is all this useless hype?

Is My Mobile Money Pages a scam?

Can you really make money with that product?

In my review, i will answer all of those questions and also if My Mobile Money Pages (MMMP) is worth your time and your money. The reason why i decided to write a review about them is that i was a bit surprised to find out that awful products like that one are still available on the market.

Is My Mobile Money Pages a scam?

Name: My Mobile Money Pages


Owner: Andrew Davidson

Price: $39.95

Upsells: Yes

Free Trial: No

Verdict: A total waste of time

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What Is My Mobile Money Pages?

Well, basically it’s an automated online marketing software that will create niche websites for you. An automated website builder if you prefer but one that is oriented towards creating mobile optimized web pages. That will supposedly help you make money online with very little effort and really fast too. You can buy it on Clickbank for $39.95 (one-time payment) and it was developed by someone called Andrew Davidson. It is not really possible to verify if that is a real person or not. The product was first launched in 2010 and unfortunately, it still exists today.

With mobile marketing on the rise and the number of mobile users exceeding the number of desktop users for the first time, there are definitely a lot of money to be made in that market. Over the last years, a number of products similar to My Mobile Money Pages appeared online promising people they can “help them” make money online fast even if they don’t have any prior experience. Only with a few clicks and 15 minutes of work per day.

On their website, there is not a lot of information available about their product. There is only a sales video that is full of hype and extravagant claims about how easy it is to make money with affiliate marketing and that, of course, no skills are required. The fact they claim you can easily make $547 per day even if you know nothing about online marketing should be a major red flag. That alone should make you think that there is something wrong with that product.

My Mobile Money Pages Templates

How Does It Work?

My Mobile Money Pages will auto generate web pages from pre-existing templates that are mobile friendly and can be used by you to promote a number of different products. They also claim their software can be run on your mobile phone so you can work from anywhere you want and that there is no need to own a laptop or a computer. But unfortunately, there are complaints that their software doesn’t work that good on mobile phones. And these are not the only complaints.

Although the software is really easy to use and you can create a new website in a few minutes those websites or i should better say landing pages are useless. The quality of the sites My Mobile Money Pages produces is very poor. They simply don’t stand a chance in today’s market and they are not anywhere near the necessary standards a website should have in 2017.

They also claim that there are is a limited number of customers they can accept. That’s another scam warning.

My Mobile Money Pages is not legit

Their site builder gives you the choice to build a site on a sub-domain or in a domain name you own. If you choose to build a site on your own domain you will have to fill out a few more information but the process is relatively simple. In my opinion it is always better to build a site in a domain name you own. If you use a sub-domain your site will not belong to you but to My Mobile Money Pages. And if they sell that domain or if they simply let it expire you will lose everything.

You will also have access to their keyword tool that for some reason they call keyword interceptor. So, the next step after you chose your domain is to use their keyword tool and enter your keyword. That will provide you with a list of 50 of the most profitable keywords in your niche. Those keywords will be placed in the content that will be generated automatically from their software.

That’s it pretty much. Your newly created website/landing page will be populated with affiliate links from Adwords and Amazon. If someone clicks on them and buy the product you will earn a commission.

There are also a few upsells available to you inside My Mobile Money Pages. Of course, their upsells are also completely worthless and you should not buy them for any reason. Here is the list of the upsells:

  • $97 for a software that will automatically create backlinks for your websites
  • $67 for a monthly membership and access to members area
  • $197 to have your sites build for you in profitable niches

Why It’s A Waste Of Time

My Mobile Money Pages is a waste of time simply because you will not earn any money using it. The product is poorly designed and it uses methods that don’t work today. I really doubt if they even worked back in 2010. Its features are very basic and simplistic and there are many complaints about it online.

Below is a list of just some major problems this product has and why it’s not even worth a $1 not $39.95.

1) Spun Content

Spun content is actually duplicate content. That’s what their software does. It automatically takes content from other websites that are relevant to the keyword you entered in their keyword tool and replicates it. It does the same thing with images and links. Their software is what we call a “scraper” and the content they create is awful. These kinds of software produce terrible content that’s completely useless. Spun content is terrible basically for two reasons.

#1 Reason: Google hates it. Not just Google but all of the search engines are constantly updating their algorithms so they can provide their users with the best search results. And if you want to rank high in the SERPs you must have high-quality content on your site. If you are using duplicate content your site will be penalized by the search engines and they will probably remove it from the search results altogether.

#2 Reason: Their software uses a technique called “spinner”. What that does is to change the keywords from the content it lifts from other websites with other synonyms in an effort to fool the search engines and avoid your sites being penalized for duplicate content. As a result of that, your content will often be unreadable. Your content’s quality will not just be poor. Simply it won’t make much sense. You will have to edit it yourself later. So, the process is not just unethical but also not fully automated like they promised you.

2) Support

It doesn’t exist. There are plenty of complaints online regarding the quality of their support. Basically, they never respond. They just send an automated message saying they will look into your problem. Support is absolutely essential if you want to succeed online. Just that should convince you to stay away from that product.

3) Training

The training in My Mobile Money Pages doesn’t even cover the basics. It consists of some training videos that are actually just an hour in length. There are also a few PDF files. One hour’s worth of training is good for nothing. They don’t mention anything about keywords, SEO or even how online marketing works. The only thing they mention is that if you want to increase your traffic you should just post links on the social media and in forums. Basically, they tell you to become a spammer.

Their training won’t show you how to build an online business or how to use affiliate marketing effectively. There is more information available for free online. Their training is basically an insult to you. They just created a few videos so they can say they that training is included.

4) Out of Date 

The last time their training was updated was back in 2011. That means that the product is completely abandoned by its creator. Don’t expect to make any money today using methods from 2011. Online marketing has changed completely ever since. I really doubt if their tactics worked back then either. But i can assure you that spun content and auto generated websites definitely don’t work today.

5) Backlinks

Backlinks are still an important part of SEO and they can help your site rank higher in the search engines. My Mobile Money Pages claims they can help you build authority backlinks with just a click. There is no way a software to be able to automatically build backlinks to a site that Google will consider as authority backlinks.

Link building is one of the most difficult and demanding tasks for an online marketer. If you want another site to link to your site you must publish high-quality content. Backlinks nowadays are all about quality, not quantity. Their automated backlink software will only get you low-quality backlinks. That will hurt your site. Google will see that your backlinks are fake and they will never rank your site.

6) No Traffic

The use of spun/duplicate content and the low-quality backlinks guarantees that your site will never rank high in the SERPs. Also, the lack of training about how to really attract visitors means you will end up confused and with no traffic coming to your site. No traffic, no sales. And no sales means no money. Posting links on Facebook like their training say won’t help you.

7) Inflated Claims

Their video on their website is full of hype and unrealistic claims. They simply exaggerate in everything they say. But they never say anything specific about their product. Instead they say things like how easy it is to make money online, only a few minutes are needed to make thousands of dollars, that Amazon and eBay are also using them and other similar things to that.

They sell hype

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn money online but it can’t be done with auto generated web pages.

8) Their Templates Are Ugly

The templates you will use to build your site are so simplistic and out dated they actually look really awful. Even if someone lands on your website (probably by accident) will not stay for long. And definitely, they will not buy anything. Would you buy from a poorly designed site? 

The only positive thing i can think of is that you can buy it in Clickbank. That means that you might be able to get a refund. But i doubt it’s gonna be an easy process.


My Mobile Money Pages is outdated and you should avoid it. There is no way you can build an online business and earn any money with that product. It’s abandoned by its owner, their site builder is so basic and simplistic it’s a complete waste of your time and your money. Automatically generated web pages and duplicate content is not the right way to start an online business. 

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4 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Dear Nikos,

    Thousands of thanks for the great review on My Mobile Money pages. Your review contains loads of valuable information which provided enough information to analyse the product. Thanks for this useful review. Wishing you great success! Keep up the great work. I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

  2. Lois Smith says:

    I was upset when it had 3 upgrades, that was the first red flag. They said at the beginning that I need to change my password and if you don’t you will be cancelled. Then I got in there there wasn’t a place to do that. So I tried to email them and it didn’t go through. And Last what you probably don’t know is it said someplace on the internet that their business is for sale!!! What a surprise. But how do I get the money back that I did send them 5 minutes ago.

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Lois,

      For a refund (if they do have a Refund Policy) you should try and contact them directly. I don’t know how you can get a refund or how to contact them either. I am afraid i can not help you with that. But there must be an email you can use somewhere on their website.

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