iSurveyWorld Review – Is It Legit?

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Can iSurveyWorld help you make money online?

Is it worth it?

Should you join?

iSurveyWorld is a website that can help you make money online by completing surveys. There are many similar websites (perhaps too many) online but of course, they are not all the same. Some are scams but there are also legitimate sites that do pay their members. The big problem though is that even with the legit ones sometimes the money you can earn is so little that it’s not worth the trouble.

But that is just my opinion. You see I believe there are better ways to generate some extra income for yourself online. Spending so many hours completing surveys just to make a few dollars doesn’t look like the best choice for me. At the same time though the recent events (Covid-19) have made almost everyone interested in how to make money online and searching the Internet for how to do it. After all, every dollar counts and if you enjoy taking surveys this is something you could try in your spare time.

But is iSurveyWorld the best choice? This review explains how iSurveyWorld works, what it has to offer, and of course, answers all the above questions.

Let’s begin.

Name: iSurveyWorld


Price: Free


Recommended? No (But Legit)

What is iSurveyWorld About?

iSurveyWorld was founded in 2013 and is run by Dale Network. Like we said at the beginning it’s a survey website that pays you for answering surveys online. Unlike other paid survey sites that offer more ways to make money and earn rewards iSurveyWorld doesn’t. Here you can only earn money by filling out surveys.

It also pays in cash via PayPal. This is a big plus because many survey sites don’t pay you in actual cash but instead, they give you online vouchers, gift cards, virtual currencies, etc. And that’s all it is for you to do here to make money. The more surveys you complete the more money you earn.

Signing up for iSurveyWorld is relatively easy although it requires a lot of information from you. That happens though so they can provide you with more suitable surveys. There is no registration fee, hidden costs, or anything like that. On the contrary, you will earn $5 for signing up. After signing up you’ll also have to confirm your email address to continue further.

#Tip: How can I make money online?

The website is easy to navigate and there is a FAQ page for more information. In theory, everyone can join iSurveyWorld since there are surveys available to people from across the globe. But that doesn’t mean everyone can qualify for all surveys available. The surveys you will get depends on the information you provided when completing your profile.

Factors such as age, sex, occupation, country affect the number of surveys you receive. So, depending on your demographics you may or may not get many survey invitations. As far as I know, most marketing companies are looking for people from countries like Canada, the USA, U.K., India, Australia.

How Does iSurveyWorld Work?

After signing-up and confirming your account you will receive your first survey. Most surveys require 15-20 minutes to complete. There are also easier ones that require less time to complete but also more complicated ones that take longer to fill out. iSurveyWorld will give you an estimated time for each survey before starting. On average, you earn $1-$2 per survey.

This is not money you can count on. I doubt you will be able to do more than 4 per hour assuming, of course, they will continue sending you new surveys to complete. One more thing you need to keep in mind here is that you have to earn a minimum of $25 (including the $5 signing-up bonus) before being able to cash-out.

survey sites

iSurveyWorld also promotes many other survey sites. You will be asked to join them but you can choose to ignore that if you don’t want to. If you decide to join any of them though you will have to go through the sign-up process and create a new account with each one of them. But again that is up to you and not a requirement. There are some complaints online though by some iSurveyWorld members about the quality of these sites.

One last thing you need to know is that they don’t have a referral program. So, in case you were thinking to refer iSurveWorld to your friends to make some extra money you can’t.

Pros & Cons of iSurveyWorld

In my opinion, iSurveyWorld is not a scam. You can earn money with it and based on my research it appears to be a legitimate survey site. But that doesn’t mean everything is great or that there are no problems with it.

Below is a list of all the major pros and cons to help you better understand if this is worth your time and why I don’t recommend it.


  • Free to join
  • Pays through PayPal
  • $5 registration bonus
  • Clean site – easy to navigate
  • Available worldwide


  • The income potential is very low: You will not earn a lot of money by doing surveys for $1 at a time.
  • No referral program
  • You need to earn at least $25 to cash-out
  • Lack of survey offers – It is not clear if iSurveyWorld prefers people from certain countries. There are complaints from people (not living in the US, U.K., Canada) about not getting many survey offers.
isurveyworld complaints


  • Many sponsored surveys – Members have complained about the number of promotional offers they receive and their quality.
  • It takes 3 to 4 weeks to redeem your rewards
  • It can up to 4 weeks for a survey you completed to be officially closed
  • Negative complaints about not getting paid
iSurveyWorld users comments




Negative comments and complaints shouldn’t surprise you. It is impossible to satisfy everyone and there are complaints and negative reviews for almost every other survey site out there. But in this case, most of the complaints are about the same thing. Not being able to cash-out.

Despite that iSurveyWorld is not the worst survey site you can find online. In my opinion, it’s a decent site but you will never earn anything more than a few dollars. The payment is too low and the time you’ll spend here could be invested in some other more productive way (like building an affiliate website) that could make you more money.

For all these reasons iSurveyWorld is a site, I can’t recommend. It is not a good income opportunity or a way to create a substantial extra income online. On the other hand, if you like taking surveys and have time to spend you could try it. After all, it’s a free service so the only thing you could lose is your time.

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Only an email is required to sign-up.

Thanks for reading my review and remember to share it with your social media friends. You are more than welcome to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experience (good or bad) with iSurveyWorld. 

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