5 In Demand Skills You Can Learn to Earn Money Online

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What online skills can I learn to work remotely?

Want to work from home but you are not sure what skills are in demand?

Well, there are several remote work opportunities out there now and many skills you can learn online for free or at a very low price. The important thing is to know where to look and which are the best skills to learn to earn money online. In this post, we are going to focus on 5-easily learned skills to earn money online.

work from home skillsOf course, there are many skills that you can learn online, but today we will talk about the top 5 skills anyone can learn online. Skills you can learn quickly (in less than a year) and are always in demand. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to spend tons of money to acquire and master these skills. There are courses everywhere online that can teach you these skills and many of them are for free.

All you have to do is invest some of your time in developing them, and you will too be ready to make money online working from the comfort of your home. So let’s take a closer look at 5 of the most in-demand skills you need to develop to make money online:

1) Transcription

Check out any remote job website or work from home job board and you will find plenty of transcription jobs. A transcriptionist is someone who listens to a video or audio recording and then types out everything that is said with accuracy. In other words, transcribing audio/video recordings into text format.

So if you want to work as a transcriptionist you must be good at typing (fast & accurate), have strong listening & language skills, and also be familiar with MS Word. Transcription is an online job that doesn’t require any specialized training or experience but it does take time and practice to become good at it. You can do it as a part-time side gig or look for a full-time transcriptionist job.

On average transcriptionists, earn around $15 per hour but more advanced transcriptionists earn $30 or even more per hour. There are plenty of full-time jobs for transcriptionists online, and the best part about this, is that anyone can do it.

Transcription jobs from homeThe most popular transcription jobs include medical transcription, general transcription and legal transcription. There are several transcription courses online (both free & paid) that will teach you how to transcribe. Here are some of the best:

There are plenty of transcription jobs websites you can look for work, such as TranscribeMe (for beginners with no experience), SpeakWrite, Daily Transcription, GoTranscript, Scribie, Rev, GMR Transcription, Casting Words, and many more.

2) Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is on the rise like never before. Today every business needs digital marketers to attract new customers. The digital marketing world is full of job and career opportunities such as SEO & SEM specialist, content marketer, content creator, email marketer, social media marketer, data analysts, digital marketing manager, UX (User Experience) designer, affiliate marketer, eCommerce specialist and many more.

You see, you don’t need to be a tech expert or a software developer to find a remote job in the digital marketing space. With such a broad range of jobs digital marketing is definitely an opportunity for anyone who wants to work from home. The best way to start your digital marketing career is to build your own website. That’s the best way to learn the basics of digital marketing. digital marketing jobsThere are, of course, plenty of courses online that you can take to improve your digital marketing skills – and many of them are free. Google Ads Certification, for example, is a great course and is completely free to take. But if you want to learn more about online marketing then I suggest the following training course (the first 10 lessons are free). You can sign up for free -no credit card required.

3) Writing & Editing

If you like writing or blogging, then you can work online as a freelancer. There are several blogging jobs sites that feature high-quality writing jobs. Maybe you’ve had a blog in the past that didn’t do so well or maybe you are feeling stuck with your blog. That doesn’t mean you can’t write for others.

There is always a demand for good content writers. Website owners and digital marketers can’t do everything on their own and very often outsource their content creation. If you are good at writing and know a thing or two about SEO, you should give it a try. There will always be a need for fresh content and that means you could always find work online as a writer.

working online as a freelance writer

But of course, that doesn’t mean you could only work as a website content writer. You could also work as a proofreader or even as an editor. And that’s not all. How about copywriting, social media content creation, technical writing, business writing, multilingual copywriting, email marketing writing, or even B2C & B2B writing.

The list can go on and on. Many of these writing jobs require minimal job effort from you. You may already have the skills needed. All you have to do is look online for what suits you the best.

4) Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of analyzing and examining raw data to find trends and draw conclusions about that information. Data analysts help businesses and individuals to uncover trends and make sense of the data. In other words, the role of the data analyst is to organize and analyze data to turn it into information that businesses can use to improve their efficiency.

Data analytics is in great demand, and there are plenty of opportunities for flexible work online for data analysts. Despite the growing demand for data analysts worldwide, the supply of qualified professionals is limited.

Data analysts are required to have a good understanding of excel and know how to use tools like Tableau. Many data analysts’ job postings don’t include coding as a requirement but being proficient in programming languages can help. It really depends on the employer. remote data analyst jobs
Although a degree in Data Science or Business Analytics can be very helpful is not mandatory. There are plenty of data analytics courses online (free & paid). Google Data Analytics Certificate is a good place to start your Data Analytics career. You could also try Edx Data Analysis Courses, Intro to Data Analysis (Udacity), or Udemy’s Data Analysis Courses.

5) Online Tutor/Teacher

There is a huge demand for online teachers and educators. Online learning has increased significantly in recent years, and eLearning courses are more popular than ever before. If you are an expert in a particular subject or have some teaching experience, you can work remotely and earn money online.

Anyone can teach online whether they have a degree or not. Maybe you are self-taught or maybe you learned your skills on the job. It doesn’t matter. If you know what you are talking about and have the ability to teach others you can create an online course or get a work-from-home job as an instructor, tutor, trainer, etc.

online teaching remote jobs
Online teaching offers job opportunities for a wide range of tutors and not just college professors and school teachers. You can teach a foreign language online, but you can also teach digital marketing, arts, entrepreneurship, blogging, web design & development, programming, fitness, management, career development, traveling, video production, and more. You can also create online courses on Udemy or create your own blog/website and sell your courses there.

Final Thoughts

There are many legit ways today to earn money online. More and more people are seeking flexible hours and work from home jobs. The 5 in-demand skills mentioned here are just a sample of the kind of skills you can learn to find a remote job. There are many more.

They are easy to learn, don’t require, any previous experience and are quickly learned. All you have to do is focus on a specific skill and get to work.

If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing and how it works take a look at the following training course. You can sign up for free. Only an email is needed. 

Thank you for reading my post. You are welcome to leave a comment and share your opinion with us.

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    Great article. Thanks for sharing, especially about Transcription opportunities.

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    Thanks Niko’s. You are empowering many with your write-ups.Keep it up

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    I wish this article was around 15 years ago when I began my work-from-home search. Such valuable information. I have a special needs child, so I had to learn how to find online employment, which I did thank goodness! This will certainly help others that are in a similar position to my own. Thanks for putting this information together!

  4. Cathy says:

    I am a student of Transcribe Anywhere and I must say, the practice files are quite intense. Since I’m not a native speaker, it takes a while to familiarize myself with the accents, grammar and such. There’s an exam you need to pass in order to get a certificate from them. Unfortunately, I am stuck in the exam section because the audio is really challenging. I haven’t tried other transcription courses yet but I find Transcribe Anywhere sets a very high bar for qualifying their students.  

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    Thanks for sharing! I agree that data analysis is very important nowadays in lots of jobs and hence a useful skill to have.

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