How To Write Content For A Website

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Web Writing Tips

Writing content for your website can be a challenge especially if you have never done it before. Writing great content takes time, a lot of work and above all is a choice. Yes, it’s a choice like everything else in life. In order to boost your search rankings, you need to have great original content on your website and you need to understand what the users today want and expect. Your content must be easy to scan, it must inspire trust and it must be written around your readers needs and not yours. It must be helpful, relevant and one of a kind. Nothing impacts the quality of a website more than its written text and also plays the most crucial role as whether the visitors will return in your website in the future or not.

Know Your Audience

It may sound simple but it can be difficult if you don’t ask yourself who is it you are trying to reach. Ask yourself what is your primary audience and how you can inform and influence them. You ‘ll have to answer most of these questions when you choose your niche market (read my post How to choose the right niche market) but you also need to consider your broader audience. Take some time and build the profile of your audience groups. Remember that the visitors must always come first so build a customer-centric website. In order to converse you should speak with interest and relevance and engage with your audience. Be able to provide answers to your readers because that’s what they are looking after all in the first place. End your post with a question or with some food for thought provoking sentence.

Content and Online Marketing

Create Original And Valuable Content

Creating original content is something that matters to Google and can help you increase your traffic. Copying other people’s content on the other hand will result in punishment from Google. Write content in a refreshing way instead of just using the same concepts again and again from other posts. Use original ideas and write naturally. Structuring your content can be the key to success and can be as important as your content. The structure of your content will guide your readers through your content and keep them focused.

Include the most important points of your content in the beginning and not at the end. This method is called the inverted pyramid and is very popular for writing web content. Be direct and write simple and clearly. Include overviews and use bullet points so you can keep your readers interested. Be accurate, research before you publish your content and provide your readers with the information to make the decision for themselves. Help your readers to learn and become better by providing them the tips to apply what you are offering them. Stay on topic and add links within your post to related topics on other pages of your site rather than trying to include all of your information on one page.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Readers find the web content they are looking for from search engine results, links from other websites and social media. Make sure that your posts are as search engine friendly as possible because that is the method the people use the most to find answers to their questions. Use searchable keywords that search engines will spider within your posts. If your posts aren’t optimized for search engines there are little chances people will find it. Make a list of the top researched keywords and include them in your posts especially in headlines and sub-headers.

Create Strong Headlines

The first thing your viewers will see is your headline. It must be packed with meaning and it has to be catchy enough to attract the interest of your audience. Remember 80% of people will read your headline but only 20% will actually read the rest of your content. The heading is the basis the viewers will use to decide if they are going to read your article or not. So take your time, don’t rush and write a few down before you decide. A strong headline holds the weight of your content, should sound positive and excite the readers interest to read your post. Also don’t forget to use subheadings and break up your writing into readable short paragraphs. It’s much more easier for your viewers to digest all the information that way instead of long clumps of text.

Edit & Refine your Content

Try not to edit your work the same day you wrote it. Put it away for a day or at least for a few hours otherwise you will automatically make up the gaps of your post. Use images and videos to expand on your text and not just  to decorate it. An image can help you make your content much clearer and improve the experience of your readers. Images can also help you to break up your text and make your post easier to read. People process visual information a lot faster than text. Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar and good sentence structure. You can use websites like for free.

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Now you are ready to publish your posts. Creating content for your website can be challenging, but if you follow these simple tips it will be easier for you to write quality articles. Or at least now you know how to start.

If you have any questions, or any tips you want to share with us leave me a comment below.

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6 Responses

  1. Henry says:

    Writing content for my websites isn’t exactly my strongest ability.
    It’s naturally getting better & better but it still takes some time & doing before I get a new post created..

    It’s a great point that strong headlines can be the so called “make or break” moment if your audience is going to keep reading or not.

    You’re absolutely right, we should not edit our work the same day we wrote it..
    As I mentioned, I’m a bit slow on content creation side..
    Do you have any tips what might speed up that process a little bit without losing too much quality?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Henry! Well when it comes to content creation you can get ideas by researching on the internet about things you are interested in or when you research keywords. Lot of ideas there. Another way is checking your previous pages and posts and you will find many ideas for new posts there.
      You can write down a few headlines of topics that interest you and you would like to research in the future.
      Organize your self can be useful. Create a schedule and set targets and goals. Keeping a notebook to write down ideas can also be very helpful. Try not to put things off.
      Reach out to your readers and ask them about content ideas.
      These are just some ideas that i hope can help you.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Nikos,
    I enjoyed reading your post. Lots of good info. I also read your comment to Henry. You told him, “Reach out to your readers and ask them about content ideas.” Just to clarify that a bit here’s what I do. I ask my readers if they have any questions. Doing this will allow you to write a post answering that question. It will be engaging to your other readers because they most likely have the same questions.

  3. Garis says:

    When I first started out writing content I honestly felt terrible doing it. I didn’t enjoy what I was writing. However, as time progressed, It has gotten easier and faster to write my material. What I want to say is that the process doesn’t come to some people naturally, but through focus and hard work ANYONE can create quality content that will get ranked highly on google.

  4. Steve says:

    Great post. You are right hard work will make the difference in the end.

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