How to choose the Right Niche Market

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  1. Cat says:

    Hi, very good and useful information. Niche finding was for me the hardest part, both when it came to choosing and then to actually getting started with it. Now I just have to keep finding ways to keep the job up 😉

    I also like your site, it’s nice and clean with a motivational quote at the top, great touch!

  2. Love the Drucker quote Nikos.

    It’s amazing how many niches there are out there to choose from. I think that’s what can make it so difficult. You’re spot on recommending someone chooses something that they are passionate about.

  3. Luna says:

    You are right, finding my Niche really turned me off. I had no idea what to decide on. You have done an excellent job with this post.
    Good Read!

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