Four Dollar Click Review: Is It Legit?

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Is Four Dollar Click a scam or an opportunity you shouldn’t miss?

Is it really that easy to make money online?

If you are reading this review you are probably looking for an answer to the questions above. And also for a legitimate way to earn some money online. Well, you are at the right place. In this review, you will find the answers you are looking for. And you are absolutely right for wanting to know more about Four Dollar Click. There are certainly a couple of things you should know first before making a decision.

Four Dollar Click claims it will pay $4 for every ad you click. That sounds like an easy way to earn money and it really is. But is that simple? And why would anyone pay you $4 to just click a link? Unfortunately, things are not that simple and there are many reasons why you will not make any money with that product. So, let’s take a closer look.

Four Dollar Click Review

Name: Four Dollar Click

Website: FourDollarClick.Com

Owner: Unknown (at least to me)

Price: Free to join

Upsells: Plenty

Verdict: A waste of time 


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What Is Four Dollar Click?

The domain name was registered back in 2012 and it exists ever since. There is no information about who the real owner is. Or at least i was not able to find any information online about that. That is always a big warning you should better avoid that product. The truth is the whole thing looks ridiculous right from the start. There are just so many red flags regarding Four Dollar Click. It screams scam and it is definitely something i don’t recommend. Plus the minimum amount of money needed for you to cash out is $4000 which is also ridiculous.

Anyway, the idea behind Four Dollar Click is that you will earn $4 for every single ad you click. Basically, that’s it. They also claim you will receive 100% referral earnings and awesome premium benefits if you upgrade your free account to a Premium one. And that they have paid their members more than $17 million so far (as of the time of this writing). All that looks great but unfortunately, it is not true. There are many complaints online from people who joined that program and never got paid.

Is Four Dollar Click a scam?

It makes absolutely no sense for any corporation or business to pay anyone $4 to click their ad. They know that the members of Four Dollar Click are only interested to click the advertisements and not about what the advertisement is for. So, why would they spend $4 on useless clicks? Nobody does that.

There are websites that do pay people for clicking links and watching ads. But they usually pay them one cent ($0,01) per click not $4 or even $2. So, how can Four Dollar Click afford to pay you that amount of money? They can’t. They just prey on people promising them quick riches by doing very little work. They are selling the dream of how easy it is to earn money online by basically doing nothing.

There are people who still believe they can earn hundreds of $ working a few minutes every day and of course there are people who are waiting to take advantage of them. That’s why i am writing this review. There are many ways to make money online or start your own business but you must be willing to do the work. There is no such thing as easy money.

How Does Four Dollar Click Work?

You can join Four Dollar Click for free. You don’t have to pay anything to create an account. All that is required from you is to create a username, an email address, and your name. Personally, i wouldn’t trust them with my personal email address. They could sell it to third-party sites or bombard you with annoying spam emails.

After that, you will be able to click on the ads available to you and earn $4 for viewing each one of them for a few seconds. In a matter of minutes, money will start showing up in your balance account. During the first few days, everything will look fine and there will be plenty of ads for you to click. But that is not going to last for long. The number of ads will suddenly decrease. There is also a specific number of ads you can click in a day as a free member.

So, what’s the next step?

But of course, to upgrade your account and purchase a membership. They make it very clear from the start that you can only withdraw your earnings if you upgrade your account. You have to pay first to get access to your money. That’s another huge red flag and a proof that this site is not legit. And like i said, in the beginning, you can only cash out if you earn $4000. The reason for that is simple. At that point you won’t mind spending a couple of hundred $ to upgrade your account. You just made $4000. 

You have to pay first to withdraw your earnings

There are numerous updates and memberships as you can see in the screenshot below. I will not go through all of them (i don’t see the point) but the cheapest one starts at $59.99 per month and they go all the way up to $999 for lifetime access. And that is the whole point of Four Dollar Click. To make you buy a membership. Remember free members are not allowed to withdraw their earnings. So, Four Dollar Click is not actually free. You can sign-up for free but that won’t do you any good. They purposefully mislead their members.That’s another strong indication that this product is not legit. 

Four Dollar Click real cost

Can You Make Money With Four Dollar Click?

But what happens if you do buy one of the memberships and upgrade your free account to a Premium one. 

Will you earn money then? 

The answer is again no. They just won’t pay you. Four Dollar Click is designed to make as much money as they can from you. That’s their only objective. It’s not designed for you to make any money. There is no guarantee you will ever get paid. Below are just some of the complaints i found online from people who never received any money from them. Despite the fact they paid for a membership. 

Although negative reviews and complaints are not rare when it comes to digital products and “work from home opportunities” in this case i can’t say things look okay. There are just too many of them. And they all have to do with the same thing. Not being able to cash out your earnings. 

there are plenty of complaints online

And another one. 

Four Dollar Click doesn't pay

If you take a closer look at their Terms Of Use you will quickly understand why that happens. Their terms are so vague and loose they give them the right to refuse to pay you. They can terminate your account any time they want without notifying you. That’s what usually happens when people try to cash out. 

They can change their terms at any moment so they can say you violated them. And that’s why they don’t have to pay you. Again their Terms Of Use are designed to help the owners make as much money as they can from you. Their members are not protected at all. It doesn’t matter how much money you will earn clicking ads or what membership you will end up buying. They don’t have to pay you. 

Four Dollar Click loose terms

And that’s not all. In their terms, there is also an inactivity clause where it clearly states that if you fail to log in and click links for more than 6 days your earnings will disappear from your account. That, of course, makes no sense but again this is just an extra reason for them so they can refuse to pay you. 

Four Dollar Click doesn't pay

Plus the proof of payments they provide on their website is a joke. You can take a look at the screenshot below. It proves absolutely nothing. Their proof is just a list of usernames and amount paid. There is no way to verify that those ID’s correspond to real people. Or that they have actually being paid by Four Dollar Click. 

Four Dollar Click Proof of payment is garbage


There is nothing positive to say about Four Dollar Click. On the contrary, there are so many cons and red flags that make it perfectly clear you should stay away from it. You should also avoid sites that look very similar to Four Dollar Click like Two Dollar Click and Seven Dollar Click. They all look the same and there are plenty of complaints about them too. 

As for the question if this a scam or a legitimate program i believe the answer is pretty obvious. This is not a way to earn money online. This is just a way to waste your time and for others to make money off your effort.

It is becoming extremely difficult to find a legit online business opportunity. There are so many scams online that make you want to give it up.

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2 Responses

  1. Carla says:

    I joined click earners and I haven’t been able to get logged in and I tried to get a hold of them and the email address isn’t any good. I’ve tried clearing my browser and stuff and still can’t get through. I paid 27.00 for this its crazy it should be against the law

  2. Tyson says:

    Fourdollarclick is definitely a scam so no one should try it. I had registered, clocked up to the $4000.00 and then paid for 3 months as that was how long they claimed it would take to process the payout – No payout resulted so I contacted them in this regard and had no response. After writing to them for the next few months afterwards, I can no longer get to their site and still have had no reply. I am sure the authorities can find out who the are and bring them to task

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