Exove Investment Review – Legit or Scam?

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Is Exove Investment a Ponzi scheme?


A legit cryptocurrency ROI MLM?

If you are looking for a full Exove Investment review, then you are in the right place. In this review, you’ll find the answers to these two questions, and I’ll also explain how Exove Investment works its products and the compensation plan.

There are many ways to make money online. New money-making opportunities appear online every day but as we all know not all of them are legit. There are plenty of scams online and the best way to avoid them is by doing what you are doing right now. Your own research. That’s the only way to avoid being scammed.

Exove Investment review

So should you invest your money into this company?

Let’s take a closer look into Exove Investment and find out if this is a good opportunity or not.

Disclaimer. I am not an affiliate or a member of Exove Investment. My review is based on information available to everyone online. This review is my opinion and is based on my research. Results may vary and may not apply to all persons.

Name: Exove Investment

Website: exoveinvestment.com

Owner: Unknown (at least to me)

Price: Minumum deposit $100

Verdict: Not Recommended

What Is Exove Investment?

ExoveInvestment.com claims to be a cryptocurrency investment opportunity where you can invest in Bitcoin and earn 2% (at least) daily profit. The company earns its income from cryptocurrency mining and trading on cryptocurrency exchange rates. That’s how Exove Investment makes its money, and that’s what the company does for you to earn you the promised ROIs over a period of time.

how Exove Investment works

The minimum amount to invest is $100 and you (the investor) are promised to earn 2% daily profit. On top of that Exove Investment also offers a referral program (Partnership Program) that you can join in and earn an additional income. You earn commissions as a percentage of the investments your referrals make into the company. We’ll talk more about that later on.

All that sounds great, but I am afraid things are not that simple. There are many warning signs and red flags regarding this company. The first problem is that Exove Investment tells us nothing about who runs the company or who the CEO is. There is no information about who the founder is. Its “About Us” page offers no information about who is behind this company.

Instead, they tell us that Exove Investment is a “Registered company U.K.” and as proof, they provide a link that leads to another company named Exove Limited. That company has nothing to do with Exove Investment. On their website, they clearly say (see image below) that Exove Investment is using their name and contact details without their permission. You can read their full statement here.

Exove Investment false claims

By Exove Limited

That is a desperate attempt by Exove Investment to appear as a legitimate company. They simply stole this company’s UK Corporate filing documents and are claiming that they are their own. That is just one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t trust this company. The best thing to do is to stay away from it.

But that’s not the only problem with Exove Investment. On their website, they claim that they have been operating since 2011 and that in 2012 exoveinvestment.com was officially registered as an investment company.

Exove Investment fake history

That doesn’t make much sense either. According to whois.com, the domain name “exoveinvestmnet.com” was registered privately on November 6, 2020. So unless this company operated under a different name before I think that’s another lie.

Exove Investment fake registration date

So far, things are not looking good for the Exove Investment company. I didn’t even have to try that hard to find this information. It only took me a few minutes of research to discover that something is not right with this company. Would you trust a company that’s not openly upfront about who is running it and when it was created?

How Does Exove Investment Work?

Based on my research Exove Investment doesn’t appear to be offering any products or services other than the promised ROI. That’s the investment opportunity they offer to you. They invest your money into Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), and you earn a daily return (between 2% and 3%) over a specific period.

Here is how they explain it on their site:

Exove Investment cryptocurrency investment plans

Joining Exove Investment is free, but you need to invest at least $100 worth of Bitcoin to join the investment plan. You can invest as much as you like. There is no maximum limit. But again based on my research and the testimonies I read online I don’t believe Exove Investment makes its money that way. I believe this company’s revenue is generated exclusively from its referral program.

Nevertheless, here are the three investment plans they offer and the daily return you will earn:

  1. Invest at least $100 to $19,999 worth of Bitcoin and get 2% a day for 6 days
  2. Invest at least $20,000 to $49,999 worth of Bitcoin and get 2.5% a day for 6 days
  3. Invest at least $50,000 or more worth of Bitcoin and get 3% a day for 6 days

Now let’s take a look at Exove Investment’s one-level referral program and how it pays its affiliates:

  • Level 1 – You get 10% ( your referrals)
  • Level 2 – You get 2% (members your Level 1 referrals personally recruited)
  • Level 3 – You get 1% (members your Level 2 referrals personally recruited)

As you can see, Exove Investment uses a three-level compensation plan. Like I said earlier, I believe this is how this company pays its users. Although they claim the company earns its profits “by crypto-currency mining, smart contracts and speculation in crypto-currency exchange rates”, I believe that’s not true. There is no evidence of any external revenue generated that way. At least I found no proof of that.

I believe that Exove Investments’ income is generated exclusively by the affiliate (referral) program. That’s how it pays its members. The money the new members (investors) invest in Exove Investment is used to pay the ROI of the existing members. When the recruitment stops (and it will stop) the whole thing will collapse.

Why I Don’t Recommend Exove Investment

Is Exove Investment a scam? Honestly, I don’t think I should be the one to decide if a company is legit or not. I mean I am not a judge and this is just a review. This is just my opinion about Exove Investment. All I can say is that I would never join this company. And since I don’t believe Exove Investment is worth my money or my time, therefore, I can’t recommend it to you either.

You can decide if this is a scam or not. Now you have all the information you need to decide if this a great business opportunity for you or not. Here is a list with all the red flags regarding Exove Investment and why I would stay away from them:

  • Unknown owner. They tell us nothing about who is behind this company. No information about who is the CEO of this company or who is running it.
  • Fake registration date. If the history of this company is a lie then I think it’s fair to say that everything else on their “About Us” page is probably a lie too.
  • Misleading information. They use another’s company (Exove Limited) incorporation information as to their own.
  • No products or services. The only thing you can do as a member is join their referral program and promote Exove Investment. Or you can join one of their investment plans hoping to make money.
  • It looks like a Pyramid Scheme. It looks like the only source of income is the new investors and not the mining or trading of cryptocurrencies. I found no proof of that. Using the money from new investors (members) to pay daily returns to the existing members is what we would typically see in a Ponzi scheme.
  • Many complaints. There are plenty of negative comments and reviews about Exove Investment. You don’t have to believe me. Do a quick Google search and see for yourself. Many users are calling this company a scam. Here is what some had to say about Exove Investment on Trustpilot:

Exove Investment neagative comments

Exove Investment complaints

Final Thoughts

Based on all the information I have gathered and shared with you on this review, I can’t recommend Exove Investment to anyone. There are many red flags and warning signs regarding this company. For all those reasons I wouldn’t join this company.

I believe now you have all the information you need to decide if Exove Investment is a good business opportunity or not. But if I were you I would look for something else. And although Exove Investment affiliate membership is free I still wouldn’t promote it. I don’t see the point in doing this. To me, this is just a waste of time.

Nobody likes to waste their time or their money on money-making opportunities that don’t work. Why not invest in yourself and start your business online? If you are interested in affiliate marketing, take a look at the following training platform. You can sign up for free.

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