Easy 1Up Review – Is It A Legit Opportunity?

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Is Easy 1Up a legitimate opportunity to make money online?

Should you join them?

Or is Easy 1Up just another low-quality work from home program?

If you are reading this review chances are you were approached on social media and asked to join Easy 1Up. The truth is this program was more popular a couple of years ago than it is today. Nevertheless, people are still interested to learn more about it and if this is a real way to make money online. That is why i decided to write a review about them and find out if you should try it or not.

By the time you finish reading this post, you will know what this product is all about. And of course, i will be answering all the above questions and also explain how Easy 1Up really works.

Is Easy 1Up a scam?

Name: Easy 1Up

Website: easy1up.com

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Price: Starts at $25 (one-time payment)

Upsells: Yes

Free Trial: No

Verdict: Not recommended

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What Exactly Is Easy 1Up?

According to them, Easy 1Up is “all about empowering entrepreneurs how to 1up their competition”. And in order to help you do that they have created five training courses (their products). These courses will teach you everything you need to know about online marketing and networking. If you buy those five courses and follow the training you will learn how to make money online. In other words, Easy 1Up presents itself as an online marketing training center. But again that’s according to them.

The reality is a bit different. The sole objective of their training is to recruit people into Easy 1Up. That is the only way for their members to make money. Easy 1Up is structured as an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business and not as an online marketing training program. That is not necessarily a bad thing but it would be nice to clear things out right from the start. We will talk more about their compensation plan later.

Below you can watch Easy 1Up promotional video

In affiliate marketing, you rarely have to buy the product in advance if you want to promote it. For example, let’s say you (as an affiliate marketer) want to promote products about snowboarding. You don’t have to buy the products yourself. You can simply sign-up with Amazon or any other affiliate program you want and promote their products. Every time you make a sale you earn a commission. That’s affiliate marketing.

But in the world of MLM business, you must buy the product first if you want to promote it. Easy 1Up is no exception. Their training is all about how to promote Easy 1Up and not about learning affiliate marketing or how to create your own online business. So, it is not an educational platform. It is all about promoting an affiliate link online and recruiting others. And your recruits will have to do the same thing to make money and so on and so on.

#Tip: How to start an affiliate marketing business

Legitimate programs make money by the sales of products and services. But when the only method they use to turn a profit is recruiting new people i personally would hesitate to call such a program legitimate. For me, this is a big warning. Also, the training such programs offer is more than often low-quality and outdated. It is there because it has to be there. Their main purpose is for you to buy their products, levels, packages or whatever they call them. Not for you to make money.

Another “problem” with Easy 1Up is the founder’s history. According to other bloggers and marketers, Peter Wolfing appears to be the creator of other similar to Easy 1Up products. Some of them are Turbo Cycler, Ultimate Cycler, Pay Me Forward, National Wealth Center, Infinity 100. I can’t verify (but also i have no reason to doubt) if he really created all these products or their quality since i have not tried or reviewed them myself. Most of them don’t seem to exist anymore.

Except for National Wealth Center. That one still exists online. And according to Better Business Bureau, there was also a problem with that product. Multiplex Systems is the name of the company Peter uses.

The owner of Easy 1Up previous MLM schemes

Taking that into consideration a few questions will naturally come to everyone’s mind.

What is the point of creating all these products?

If they were good products why did they disappear/fail?

Is Easy 1Up the exception?

They are all similar to each other and they all seem to target the same group of people. So, why do you need more than one? If one of all these programs was a success don’t you think it would still be around? There seems to be a pattern here. Every “new” product is promoted online as a great way to make money online. After a while, they go bust because they are not really that great and soon enough a new one will appear. And the cycle starts all over again.

Easy 1Up is definitely not the exception. It is just another program. They are all designed to do the same thing. To make money for the owner of that product. A few experienced online marketers that have no problem selling dreams and unrealistic expectations will also make money promoting Easy 1Up. But the majority of people who join such programs will make absolutely nothing. They will simply lose their money.

How Easy 1Up Works

The way Easy 1Up works is very common. There are hundreds of digital products available online that have nothing to do with Easy 1Up but operate in the same way. They all claim that making money online is simple and easy if you follow their system and buy their “levels”. All you have to do is send traffic to their sales page and they will take care the rest. Although that sounds like a simple thing to do it is not easy.

Think about Digital Altitude for a second. I don’t know if you are familiar with that product or not but a couple of years ago it was almost everywhere online. It was promoted as the new best way to earn a lot of money online and if anyone dared to say that Digital Altitude is a scam their members would instantly attack you. Well a few months ago the FTC shut them down for fraud.

But why am i talking about Digital Altitude?

Because although Digital Altitude has nothing to do with Easy 1Up there are a few lessons to be learned here. All these programs are promoted in a very similar way. They are “The new easy way to make money online” and they all require from you to buy their products first. The only way to make money is by recruiting others and their training is mediocre at best. 

The way these products are advertised is by nature misleading and deceptive. They primarily sell the dream of making a lot of money online. There are plenty of marketers out there that have no problem to sell anything as long as they can make a dollar. They prey on people who have no prior experience and know nothing about online marketing. People who promote well-known frauds like Digital Altitude also promote similar useless products. They will never stop doing that and they will not disappear from the Internet. But choosing to trust them is your choice. 

Compensation Plan

They use a pretty simple system called “Reverse 1 up”. You have to buy one of their 5 products first ($25, $100, $250, $500, $1,000). If you buy a higher product package, all the lower ones are included for free. You don’t have to buy every one of their products separately. That means if you buy their highest package ($1000) you will earn money no matter what package your recruit ends up purchasing. If you only buy their first package ($25) and your referral buys the $500 package you will not earn that money. So, If you want for example to earn a $250 commission you must buy the $250 product. The only way to earn money from all your sign-ups is to buy their highest package.

How Easy 1Up really works

You’ll be paid 100% for every sale you make except the second sale. You have to give your sponsor your second sale and person. So, you can keep your first direct sale, the second one goes to your sponsor (the person who referred you) and after that, you can keep the rest of the referrals on that level. The same way your referrals will have to give you their second sale and so on. 

The payments don’t go through their system but are made directly to you. There is also a 10% admin fee on all purchases which goes straight to the company. 

That’s their compensation plan. 


Like i already said there are 5 products you can buy inside Easy 1Up. There is also a 10% admin fee on all of them. You only have to pay once for each product (one-time payments). Although there are not a lot of pros about Easy 1Up the fact they do reveal the prices of their products is a positive thing. 

Elevation ($25 + $5)

This is their cheapest product. It offers basic information about network marketing and social media lead generation. From my experience, the first level always acts as a reminder why you need to buy the next ones. The information is usually generic and not specific enough. I doubt you will be able to generate any leads with that product alone.

Easy 1Up cheapest product

Elevation Elite ($100 + $10)

This product focuses more on how to use video marketing (YouTube, Udemy) and social media to generate leads. 

Vertex ($250 + $25)

This product is all about affiliate marketing. Although the only thing you will be promoting is Easy 1Up. 

Is Easy 1Up training any good?

Vertex Elite ($500 + $50)

Here you will learn how to generate free traffic and also drop shipping. 

Vertex Pro “Connect” ($1000 + $100)

This is their latest training course and here you will learn how to create Facebook ads. There is also training about other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr etc. 

So, as you can see according to them their training courses cover almost everything. Most of the training is in the form of videos. And if you want to learn everything about online marketing you will have to buy them all. Of course, there is no point in doing that since the only way to make money is by recruiting others. I don’t know how drop shipping will help you with that. Like i said above the training is there because it has to be. 

What’s the bottom line?

There is always a chance to make money promoting the products above. Someone might click your affiliate and end up buying one this products. But you are not really selling a useful product or a service. The training will not be used to build an online business. You are just reselling the level you just bought and your referrals will have to do the same. You created nothing.

Generating leads online is not easy. No matter how simple and easy some people make it sound you should know it is not. Driving traffic to your affiliate link is not easy. Converting your traffic into customers is also not easy. Believing you will generate leads for Easy 1Up by spending $50 on Facebook ads is unrealistic. Creating successful social media campaigns is a combination of understanding your target audience and personal experience. A lot of experience. If it was that easy everyone would be making money by promoting their affiliate links on Facebook. But the statistics show us that most social media ads fail to bring any customers. 

Online marketing doesn’t work like that today. Posting your links everywhere on the social media hoping someone will buy is a waste of time. Especially when you are selling something that offers no real services or products. 

Refund Policy

There are no refunds. That’s not uncommon when it comes to digital products and it is not necessarily a sign that the product is a scam. That’s because a lot of people will buy a digital product copy its content and then ask for a refund. That’s why it is pretty ordinary for digital products not to offer refunds. 

I am not implying anything here. I am just saying that if you buy any of the products Easy 1Up offers (which i don’t recommend) don’t expect a refund. Also, don’t forget there is no free trial. 

Easy 1Up offers no refund


The cons vastly outnumber the pros. The owner’s history, the lack of a real service/product, the plethora of negative reviews and the way it is promoted online (not only by Easy 1Up but also by their affiliates) as the new way to “make big money and fast” leaves me no doubts that this is a product you should avoid. 

So, is Easy 1Up a scam or not?

Well, honestly i don’t like using such words and i don’t believe it is up to me to determine if something is a scam or not. After all, i am not a judge or a lawyer. But Easy 1Up is a program i would never recommend. And of course, something i would never join myself. It doesn’t matter if it is legitimate or not products like that are a monumental waste of time. The overwhelming majority who join Easy 1Up will earn nothing. It will cost you much less to create your own online business. 

If you are interested to know how to create your own online business and learn more about affiliate marketing you can click the button below and read my review about one of the best communities for online entrepreneurs.

If you find this review helpful feel free to share it on your social network.

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12 Responses

  1. Kayd Mob says:

    I was searching for 1up reviews for a long time before joining WA a couple months ago, as I had some knowledge about affiliate marketing I noticed something strange out there “buying product”. Well, I am not against them but has you really detailed in this article affiliate marketing is very different from MLM. People must have a good mindset before joining either affiliate marketing or MLM. Thanks for sharing more pieces of information that I didn’t have before.

  2. Brandon says:

    DUDE I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
    I fell for DA years ago and lost over $10k. i follow Josh Elder and saw he was a part of this program. I am glad i found this page.
    This just confirms what i was thinking about Easy1up

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Brandon,
      I am sorry you lost over $10K with DA. Unfortunatelly a lot of people fell for DA. Although i don’t know who Josh Elder is i would never recommend Easy1Up to anyone. There are much better products online that will cost you much less. Products tha will help you build your own affiliate marketing business.
      Thank you for your comment

  3. Josie says:

    I love Easy1Up’s mantra “all about empowering entrepreneurs how to 1up their competition”, but from what I read, that is all I really like about them. If their sole purpose to make money is by recruiting people, then it doesn’t make them a multi level marketing company, it makes them a pyramid scheme! Not cool!

  4. Andrej says:

    Thanks for the detailed description. Very well described, because I almost join this MLM. I did not even know it was MLM. Oh, I’m glad that there is WA. I really do not know why I’m still looking for something else, when all I need is here with WA.
    Thank you very much once again for this. As I look, I made some money because of you :).

  5. Norman says:

    Although this program has been around for years like you said, this is the first time I have heard about it, it seems to be well put together but when you talk about recruiting people this remains me of MLM which I am not fond of because I have been in some of these programs and it seems to just like them a pyramid scheme. Thanks so much for shading light on this program.

  6. Dave Sweney says:

    It seems just from the name that Easy 1Up is a yet another scammy product that one should stay away from, but I decided to do a little research to see what it was all about nonetheless. In conducting a Google search, your review page came up and here I am!

    As soon as I got to the part of your review that talked about MLM, I was through with considering this product for any reason. I have had some experience with these, and I will not spend a dime or one minute with them again. I know the business model is not sustainable.

    I will say thanks but no thanks, there are too many legitimate ways to make money online where you are selling someone to join a crappy program that you have wasted your money on so they will get you your money back and then do the same to someone else.

    Thanks for saving me a lot of time and money today, your review was right on time!

  7. Peeters says:

    I’m glad I read this review. It’s good to know that there are still people like you who write a good review about 1up. Wealthy affiliate has proven that you can make money online if you go through all the steps. Thank you for this article it will help many people.


  8. Mehedi says:

    I’m really glad to read your honest review. I’ve read your article very well. I really appreciate your article. I always stay away from this site. It’s because of people like them that we need to do research and second-guess every good thing that appears for us. I hope many people end up here to read your review on “easy 1up” before getting into a scam like that.

    Thank you so much for your excellent review.

  9. Jasper Dawson says:

    Thanks for you excellent honest review.

  10. William says:

    E1U is definitely an educational platform because the courses are up to par with other courses I have come across and they are intensive and can be applied to just about any business. You are giving opinions on an e learning platform that you yourself have not really studied therefore your review is nullified. I have several videos where I show people the inside of the actual courses which contain evergreen lessons as well as updated ones.

    • Nikos says:

      Hello William,
      Easy1Up is not a course i would recommend. There are other programs out there that offer better training and cost much less. Easy1Up exists online for quite some time now and there are plenty of negative reviews about them. People will have to decide themsleves if this is a product they want to buy or not.

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