DesignEvo Review: Create Your Own Logo For Free

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Have you thought about creating a logo yourself?

Well even if you haven’t thought about it you should know it is possible to create your own logo. And you can do it for free. No matter if you are a blogger, an online marketer or a web developer (professional or an amateur one) chances are you will need your own logo at some point. But hiring a logo designer might not be an option for you. Especially if this is your first online endeavor or you just can’t afford it at the moment. Or simply because you are not looking for anything complicated right now.

This is where Design Evo steps in. An online tool that can help you design your own logo. In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about Design Evo. What it is exactly, how to use it, why you should use it, how much will cost you and above all if it gets the job done.

DesignEvo Review

Name: Design Evo


Price: It’s free to use!

Verdict: I recommend it to everyone

Note: I am not affiliated with Design Evo in any way. That means i won’t earn anything if you purchase the product. I am just expressing my opinion based on my own experience with Design Evo.

What Is DesignEVO?

Design Evo is an online logo designing tool everyone can use. You can create professional looking logos even if you know nothing about graphics design. It is very friendly to use. You can design a great logo with just a few clicks. And like i said before it’s free. There is, of course, a paid version available for those who want more features but trust me the free version will cover you just fine. Anyway, we will talk more about that in the next paragraph.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at Design Evo interface and key characteristics. The first thing you will notice once visiting their website is that you don’t have to create an account. Unless of course, you want to. So, you don’t have to go through the sign-up process. No email address is required or creating a password. You can use it right away. All you have to do is click the “Make A Logo Button“. Once you do that 2 choices will be presented to you.

  • Choice #1. Choose one from the 4000+ pre-made professional logo designs (templates) that are already waiting for you to discover. Going through them and finding the logo that best suits your needs is also no problem. Just click the category you are most interested in and take a look. In total there are 34 categories for you to choose from. With such a great variety of categories (from Art and Business to Food and Nature) you will definitely find what you are looking for. Once you have done the next step will be entering your company’s name and slogan.

How to use Design Evo

  • Choice #2. In case, you don’t want to choose a pre-made logo you can try the second option and click the “Start from Scratch” button. Use keywords to search for icons that represent your brand name the best. Choose the one you like the most and customize it any way you want.

Create your own logo in minutes for free

No matter what you choose to do you should know that all the logos can be fully customized. There are 100+ fonts for you to use and millions of icons to add in your logo. You can change colors, add shapes, add text, change the layout, the background and more. Your logo’s size can be between 32px and 2000px. Design Evo can be used by non-designers as well as professionals.

The way Design Evo editor works is pretty similar to Canva (a graphic-design tool website). But in my opinion Design Evo is so much better than Canva if you are only interested in creating a logo. They offer so many features and they cover almost everything. You can create a logo for anything you want. Not just for your website or your blog. But also for your social media profile your business or even for an app.

Design Evo features

Finally, another feature you will love is the preview mode. You can see how your logo looks on a T-shirt or a business card and not just on a website.

Why You Need A Logo

Do you have a business?

Online or offline doesn’t matter. You still need a logo. A well-designed logo can positively impact your business and attract attention. After all, that’s what everyone is trying to achieve. Attract attention and more customers. And that is not an easy thing to do online.

A logo is usually a combination of text and visual imagery. Your logo should include the name of your business and its slogan. It should also reflect your business core values and its main idea. A logo is a powerful symbol that represents your business and here are also a few extra reasons why you need one:

  • Helps people remember you. Think about how many times you forgot the name of a business or you just remembered a part of it. But you never forget a logo. You will immediately recognize one upon seeing it. People like to be visually stimulated. Take advantage of that.
  • Professionalism. Your business will look a lot more professional in the eyes of the peoples if you have a logo. Not having one increases the risk of people thinking you are not a real business.
  • Builds trust. A well-designed logo is something everyone is looking for when visiting a website even if they don’t realize it. It is the first impression about your business. A nice logo means a great first impression. Isn’t that important?
  • Stand out from the rest. Your business is unique. You are better than everyone else. Your logo can help tell your potential customers why they should choose you and not your competition.
  • Identity. A logo is a great opportunity to directly communicate with your audience and tell them who you are. What is that you are selling and why buying from you is the smart thing to do.

For all the above reasons and plenty more, you must have a logo. A logo can help you achieve all of that.

How Much Does DesignEvo Costs?

The answer is nothing. Like i said at the beginning of this post Design Evo will cost you nothing. At this point, I would like to mention a few things about that. The free version of Design Evo is not a trial version. You can use it for as much as you like. You can create as many logos as you want. The only requirement is to give credit by sharing Design Evo on your social media or copying a piece of code and pasting it on your website. But that’s a very easy thing to do and it will only take you a few seconds. After all, if you are happy with the end result why not share it on the social media. 

There are also 2 more packages (look at the screenshot below) you could purchase. The basic $19.99 and the Plus $39.99 package. That’s not a monthly membership but a one-time payment. In my opinion, both packages are worth the money. Their prices are very reasonable. 

Create you own logo for free


Creating a logo is essential if you want to build a strong foundation for your brand. Actually, there is not really any reason why you shouldn’t have a logo. Hiring a professional designer is certainly an option but it will cost you some money. Design Evo, on the other hand, makes the process of designing a logo very easy. It’s free and you can have your own logo in minutes.

You are of course, more than welcome to leave a comment below and share your opinion with us. And if you like this post please consider sharing it with your social media followers. 

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  1. John Geo says:

    Great App, lots of logos and features

    • Nikos says:

      Hello John,
      I agree. DesignEvo is a very nice tool if you want to create a logo for your website.

      Thank you for your comment,

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