CB Cash Code Review – Legit Or Not?

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Is CB Cash Code a legitimate online money making system?

Or is it a scam?

Should you buy it or not?

If you are reading this review is because you are asking yourself the same questions. No matter where you first heard about CB Cash Code you are now looking for some answers and to find out if this product can help you make money online or not. The Internet is full of low-quality programs all promising they can show you how to make money online.

The last thing you want is to fell victim to such a scam and end up buying a useless product. In my CB Cash Code review, i will answer all the above questions, if this product works or not and of course what is CB Cash Code about.

CB Cash Code review

Name: CB Cash Code

Website: thecbcashcode.com

Owner: George Patterson

Price: $37

Upsells: Yes

Free Trial: No

Verdict: Not recommended

What Is CB Cash Code?

CB Cash Code (which stands for ClickBank Cash Code) is a relatively new product and its available in ClickBank. And yes it is just another useless ClickBank product that shamelessly promises it can help you make $8K per day with just a few clicks. Of course, no experience is needed and you don’t have to work that hard either. Just 10 minutes per day will be enough to earn you hundreds of dollars. Because they are going to show you how to easily make money online in no time.

CB Cash Code will supposedly show you how to make money online using ClickBank. For those who don’t know or have never heard about Clickbank before it is just a marketplace (affiliate network) for digital products. But it is not a “secret” website like CB Cash Code claims. In fact is one of the most popular networks for digital products and ecourses. There is no doubt you can make money by promoting products as an affiliate.

CB Cash Code sales video

There are basically two ways you can make money on ClickBank. Either by creating products and selling them via ClickBank (product vendor) like the owner of CB Cash Code does or by promoting products as an affiliate and earning commissions every time you make a sale. There are hundreds if not thousands of products you can choose from. But unfortunately, it is not as easy as CB Cash Code wants you to believe. And the truth is that ClickBank is pretty famous for all the useless info products available on their platform. Not that ClickBank itself is not a legitimate network.

So, that’s what CB Cash Code is according to its creator. A product that is going to teach you how to make money as a ClickBank affiliate. Its creator emphasizes how “quickly and easily” you can make $80,000 or more per month if you buy his product. If you think this sounds too good to be true you are right. It is way too overhyped and full of unrealistic claims.

In an effort to convince you how easy it is to make money with his system in their sales video the owner logs into his ClickBank account showing you that he has made tens of thousands of dollars in the past month alone. He also claims that his students have earned more than $20,000 in a matter of weeks using the CB Cash Code and you can easily do that too if you buy his system. But before you get all excited and decide to buy this product (which is what he wants you to do) you should watch the video below. Faking your ClickBank earnings is a lot easier than you think.

I am not saying that the owner of CB Cash Code is faking his earnings because there is no way for me to know that. But you should be skeptical about it and not trust so easily. The method described below is very popular among scammers.

How Does The CB Cash Code Work?

The truth is they don’t reveal much about their product. That is not done by accident though. They don’t want you to know. If you watch their sales video on their homepage you will notice they say almost nothing about how CB Cash Code works or what you will be doing exactly. No information about what you are buying exactly or what the training is like. That is always a huge red flag and a sign you should stay away from any such product. I have reviewed similar products in the past and they all use this tactic (e.g. Smart Money Methods)

They tell you how easy it is, how much money you will earn in your first week and that “no skills required”. They want you to get excited and buy it before asking yourself what is that you are really buying. In other words, they tell you what you want to hear. If their product could help you make $80,000 per month with just 10 minutes of work per day aren’t you wondering why they sell it for only $37?

CB Cash Code false advertisement

But before i tell you what’s inside CB Cash Code i should tell you that the way you will earn money online is not the same way the creator (George Patterson) earns his. You see you will make money by promoting other people’s products (as a ClickBank affiliate) but he generates his income by creating products like this one and not through affiliate marketing.

So what is this “amazing” system about that can turn you into a ClickBank Pro in a day?

4 PDF documents. That’s it. No step-by-step training, no video tutorials, and no practical or actionable training material. There is no in-depth training about anything really. You can’t seriously expect that 4 PDFs will turn you into a pro and help you earn $80,000 per month. Personally, i don’t think it’s possible. Because affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Below are the name of the PDFs and what they are about:

  • CB Cash Code Main Guide – This is their main product. It includes basic info about ClickBank. For example how to sign up, how to choose products to promote, refund rates, ClickBank stats, an introduction into to affiliate marketing, etc. It also talks about how to attract traffic using methods like SEO and paid advertising.
  • ClickBank Cash Pro – This PDF talks about the main traffic sources. Email marketing, Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View advertising, etc.
  • ClickBank Book Plus – This one is about Social media. It mainly focuses on Facebook. Things like how to create a Facebook page and how to drive traffic to your landing pages.
  • ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method – The last PDF is about personal branding and how social media can help you build your own personal brand.

The training can generally be described as disappointing. Although the training itself is decent it only mentions the basics without ever offering any in-depth knowledge of affiliate marketing. It offers a summary of methods and strategies of how to use and promote Clickbank products. In the end, you will be left with more questions than answers since you will have no idea how to implement most of the things mentioned in the PDF documents.

The way CB Cash Code is describing its product in their homepage has nothing to do with what you actually get once you pay the $37. The lack of solid step-by-step training means you will have to look at other sources for information and you will have to figure out yourself how to do this.

Why You Should Avoid CB Cash Code

I believe it’s pretty clear by now that this product was not created to help you make any money but for the owner to make money from you. If you are a beginner with no prior experience (which is exactly the kind of people this product is targeting) you should know that affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that requires hard work and dedication. Products like CB Cash Code are just trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge by selling you the dream that making money online is easy.

CB Cash Code Misleading advertising

I honestly can’t find any pros in buying this product. My opinion is that such programs are the worst way to learn affiliate marketing and they should be avoided. Here are a few more reasons why you should avoid CB Cash Code:

  • No information about the product. They say nothing about how the system works. You can’t find any information about what is that you are buying on their website. Just a sales video where the owner shares his tragic life story and how he went from rags to riches. And now he wants to help people discover the “secret” website called ClickBank.
  • Fake testimonials. The people that appear in their sales video are actors from Fiverr. They were hired to read a script and say how great CB Cash Code is. They have no idea what CB Cash Code is and they never made any money by using it. So, where are all these students who bought CB Cash Code and made $20,000 or more in their first week?

CB Cash Code fake testimonialsCB Cash Code fake members

Does this look like a legitimate product to you? Isn’t that more than enough evidence that this product is useless and a waste of time?

  • The owner. How can we know that “George Patterson” is a real person? The answer is we can’t. He never shows a picture of himself and there is no information about him. Or at least i couldn’t find any. The name could be a fake one created for the purposes of promoting the product. It is a well-known tactic scammers use.
  • Their disclaimer mentions another product. For reasons unknown to me their disclaimer doesn’t mention CB Cash Code but a product called EcomProfitSniper.com. The same person could be behind both products and he just forgot to update it. But perhaps that’s how he really makes his money. He sells the same useless product over and over again under different names.

Wrong disclaimer page

  • Hidden costs. Immediately after buying CB Cash Code and paying the $37 (which becomes $27 if you try to exit the site) you will be presented with two upsells. The first one will cost you $197 and the second one $147. It is not necessary for you to buy them to access the main product but they are there. And it is something that was not revealed to you in advance.
  • Misleading and overhyped earning claims. Almost everything they say on their sales video is a lie. There are no riches waiting for you online and you can’t start earning thousands of dollars from the first week. And you definitely won’t make any money as an affiliate marketer working only 10 minutes per day. That’s a myth.
  • Low-quality. The training material offers a brief overview of what affiliate marketing is and how to become a ClickBank affiliate. But that is not the worst thing. The training is also insufficient and incomplete. It focuses more on how to use paid advertising to promote ClickBank products. It looks like the training’s only purpose is so the owner can claim he is offering you something. Actually, the quality of this product is so poor you can’t even trust them your personal data (like your email address). They may share them with third parties. That means you may start receiving emails asking you to buy other similar products.

CB Cash Code will share your email

  • You will not make $80k per month. That is a huge exaggeration. The training material offered here will not help you make that kind of money. The only reason for saying that is to make you believe making a lot of money online fast is possible. Affiliate marketing today is a huge industry and i am afraid a few PDF documents are not enough anymore. Maybe that was enough back in 2006 but nowadays i think it is impossible to learn how to become an affiliate marketer that way.


Is CB Cash Code a scam or not? I believe there is another more important question you should ask first. Is CB Cash Code a quality product? The answer is no. A new get-rich-quick money making system is not what you need.

Some might call it a scam and others might call it a legitimate product. But that is something the FTC or a judge would have to decide and not me. But legit or not this is a low-quality product being promoted in a very misleading way. It is full of hype, fake testimonials, and unrealistic claims.

I would never recommend CB Cash Code to anyone. It is products like these that make people believe that affiliate marketing is a scam. They prey on people who know nothing about online marketing and are looking for ways to make money now. There are hundreds of other low-quality products available online and CB Cash Code looks like one of them.

Stop wasting your time looking for systems that will make you money on autopilot. They don’t exist. What you can do instead is learn how affiliate marketing works and build your own business. Click the button below and join the best community for online entrepreneurs. Creating an account is free. And that’s not all. The first 10 lessons are also free. 

Feel free to leave your comments below and share your thoughts with us. And don’t forget sharing is caring!

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6 Responses

  1. Josie says:

    There are so many cons to the CB Cash Code product, that I can’t imagine anyone willingly jumping in and getting involved in it. I am so grateful that people like you spend the time and energy to do the research for people like me so we aren’t ripped off with misleading programs like this. Thank you.

  2. Alex says:

    I am so grateful that people like you spend their time to do the researches for people like me so we aren’t fall in those scam traps.
    Thank you.

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Alex,

      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. There are many ways to make money online. For me starting your own online business is the best one. It can be anything you want. An affiliate site, a blog, an ecommerce shop, etc. The important thing is to start one and not give up. Don’t waste your time with programs like CB Cash Code that promise fast cash online with little to no work.
      Building a successful business online is possble. But it won’t happen overnight. It takes time and of course hard work.

  3. Rose says:

    Thanks for your help and being an eye-opener. I will be able to make my decision now. I wouldn’t have CB near me. I don’t have a website am a newbie

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Rose,
      There are muche better training platforms than CB Cash Code if you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business.

  4. K.Chandrasekaran says:

    Thanks,saved me.

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