10 Best Camping Affiliate Programs

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Are you looking for the best camping affiliate programs?

Is it possible to make money from camping?

Of course, it is. If camping is your passion, there is a good chance that you can make a living from it. Camping & hiking is an evergreen niche and a huge market. That means you can turn your love of the outdoors into a profitable site. The camping niche is very broad and includes several sub-niches.

Finding high-ticket items to promote and good affiliate programs to join won’t be a problem. There are hundreds of camping and hiking products you could promote as an affiliate marketer. From backpacking & camping gear to actual RVs and canoe camping.Camping & hiking affiliate programsPeople who love spending time outdoors don’t take risks with their safety. After all, you can’t go camping without buying at least some gear beforehand. Campers (both newbies & seasoned) are always looking to upgrade their camping equipment or buy gear that can make their trip more enjoyable. So, as long as you know what your audience wants and promote products that solve their problems, then you can’t go wrong.

There are millions of people who enjoy camping and hiking. Many of the most popular products in this niche cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. More and more companies today are relying on e-commerce to increase their sales and that means more opportunities for us (the affiliates). You can also easily combine the 10 camping affiliate programs (mentioned below) with travel and outdoor affiliate programs.

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10 Best Camping Affiliate Programs in 2022

The camping niche is one of the most highly profitable niches for affiliate marketing. A niche site about camping can involve anything from sleeping bags and tents to RVs and hunting gear. The affiliate programs in this list offer unique products and convert very well.

The key to making more sales and more money is selecting a sub-niche within the overall camping niche. That means less competition and visitors who know what they are looking for and are ready to buy.

Here are 10 of the best camping affiliate programs to check out:

1) CampChef

With over 30 years of experience in the outdoor cooking industry, CampChef is one of the most respected companies in the camp-cooking industry. They offer an extensive range of premium products that are suitable for all kinds of campers. Their range of products includes:

  • Outdoor cookers
  • Fire pits
  • Stove accessories
  • Camp cook systems
  • Pellet smokers
  • Patio grills

If you are new to camping, CampChef’s blog will answer all your questions. They cover everything from “how to’s” guides and tips to recipe ideas. Their products are suitable for both camping at a remote site or barbequing on your patio. CampChef has the perfect product for everyone.

CampChef affiliate program
Camp Chef’s affiliate program is managed by Rakuten. They will provide you with all the tools necessary to market their products (banners, RSS feeds, industry-leading data feed technology, etc). Camp Chef is one of the best brands on the market so making sales won’t be a problem.

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 Days

2) Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is an innovative outdoor gear and apparel company founded by Davis Smith, who grew up in Latin America. They sell everything from travel packs, backpacks, sleeping bags, and all kinds of accessories (water bottles, camp cups, and more). Cotopaxi is best-known for its brightly colored products designed for both men and women.

They offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and they ship to most countries around the world. Cotopaxi products come with a lifetime warranty. 

Cotopaxi affiliate program

Their affiliate program is managed by AvantLink. Joining is free and you’ll get access to a large selection of banners, text links, and their product feed. They also offer bonuses and increased commissions for special sales incentives.

Commission rate: 10% on product sales

Cookie duration: 30 Days

3) Camping World

If you like the outdoors, then sooner or later you will come across Camping World. Here you’ll find everything related to camping. From camping tents and backpacks to GPS units and portable generators. But what they specialize in is the sale of recreational vehicles (RVs) as well as RV supplies and accessories. Camping World has been in business for over 35 years and is one of the world’s largest RV suppliers.

They offer a large range of products for RVs (inside & outside RV), but they also sell boating, fishing, and hunting equipment. And of course, here you’ll find everything you need about camping. They offer free shipping on all orders over $99 and they ship around the world to over 150 countries.
Camping World affiliate program
Camping World’s affiliate program is free to join and is managed by Rakuten. They offer a 6% commission on all transactions which is great considering the high ticket items you could promote. They will provide you with all the tools (banners, product links, text links) necessary to start making sales.

Commission rate: 6% per sale

Cookie duration: 10 Days

4) Outdoor Vitals

Outdoor Vitals provides a premium ultralight range of products. Their gear is designed to be durable, versatile, and lightweight. Their selection of products includes sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, hammocks, quilts, pillows, apparel (jackets, hats, shirts, etc), hiking food, water filtration and more.

Outdoor Vitals wants its customers to “Live Ultralight” and cut down on waste. So if your audience is interested in portable camping equipment that is both cost-effective and super light Outdoor Vitals gear is what you’ve been looking for.
Outdoor Vitals affiliate program
The affiliate program is managed by AvantLink and is, of course, free to join. Outdoor Vitals offers free shipping on orders over $99 within the mainland USA and limited lifetime warranties on all products. AvantLink will also offer you all the tools necessary to succeed (textual links, banner ads, etc).

Commission rate: 10% on product sales

Cookie duration: 30 Days

5) Gear Coop

Gear Coop offers outdoor apparel and a large collection of gear for all types of outdoor activities. They offer all kinds of equipment for camping, hiking, rock climbing, trail running, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and cycling. They also carry some of the best brands in the industry including Marmot, Patagonia, Adidas Outdoor, Mammut, The North Face, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear, Petzl, Cotopaxi, Darn Tough, and more.

If you have a website (or you are thinking of creating one) in the outdoors niche, you should definitely become a Gear Coop affiliate. They have everything from sleeping bags and tents to climbing shoes and snowboards.

Gear Coop affiliate program
Gear Coop offers a lifetime guarantee, free 2-day shipping, and free return shipping. There is no other retailer in the industry that offers that much. And with an average order value of $120+ Gear Coop has one the best affiliate program’s in the industry. Their affiliate program is managed by AvantLink.

Commission rate: 11% or higher per sale for Top performing affiliates – 7% Commission on Sale/Clearance items – 8% on Gear – 9% on Clothing/Shoes

Cookie duration: 120 Days

Is camping not the right niche for you? Then don’t forget to check out the following two posts:

6) Coleman

Coleman is one of the most well-known brands in camping gear including sleeping bags, tents, camping stoves, lanterns, coolers, hiking gear, and all kinds of camping tools and accessories. The company was founded in 1900 and is one of the most trusted brands in the camping world.

They produce a wide variety of equipment, and their products are best known for their quality and affordability. Promoting Coleman’s gear won’t be a problem as campers and hikers around the world already love to use them.
Coleman camping gear
Coleman’s affiliate program is managed by AvantLink and offers a 5% commission per sale. The program is free and with an average order value of $100 is an affiliate program you should consider.

Commission rate: 5% per sale

Cookie duration: 14 Days

7) Ramsey Outdoor

Ramsey Outdoor offers products for camping, hiking, climbing, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and water sports. They have been catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts for over 55 years, and they have a large selection of outdoor gear and apparel.

Here you’ll find backpacks, sleeping pads, hammocks, tents, camp furniture, stoves & grills, camp gadgets, kayak & canoe gear, climbing supplies, outerwear – footwear (for both men & women), and more. So no matter what your sub-niche is Ramsey Outdoor has you covered.

Ramsey Outdoor affiliate program
Ramsey Outdoor affiliate program is run by AvantLink. The average value order is over $80, and affiliates earn an 8% commission per sale. They also have the world’s top brands such as Merrell, Timberland, Carhartt, The North Face, Columbia Sportswear, and many more.

Commission rate: 8% per sale

Cookie duration: 120 Days

8) Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is one of the most popular RV rental marketplaces. They connect RV, motorhome, and campervan owners with renters. People can rent directly RVs from their owners, ask them questions and arrange a pick-up time. It’s like the Airbnb for RVs. Many campers consider Outdoorsy to be the best peer-to-peer RV rental company in the world. It’s easy, safe, affordable and they also offer 24/7 customer support via email, phone and on-site chat.

RV owners can also earn money by listing their vehicles on Outdoorsy. So, if you believe your target audience would be interested in RVs as recreational travel you don’t even have to think about it. Hurry up and join Outdoorsy’s affiliate program.
Outdoorsy affiliate
Outdoorsy affiliate program is run by HasOffer but is also available on AvantLink and CJ Affiliate. As an affiliate, you can earn money by referring users on both ends of the marketplace. You earn commissions for every RV owner (upon successful listing) and renter you refer to the platform.

Commission rate: $60+ on referrals for RV renters and up to $100 for RV owners

Cookie duration: 30 Days

9) REI

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is one of the largest outdoor equipment companies in the world. Founded in 1938, REI offers a wide range of products from camping gear to travel equipment and apparel. There are so many products listed here you will never run out of new stuff to promote your audience.

REI’s top-brand outdoor gear can satisfy everyone’s outdoor needs. They sell everything from camping & hiking gear to watersports and skiing gear. REI also offers services such as classes, adventure trips, courses, guides and more.

REI affiliate program
REI affiliate program is managed by AvantLink and you can signup for free. REI has a membership base of more than a million people, so converting your visitors into buyers won’t be difficult.

Commission rate: 5% per sale

Cookie duration: 15 Days

10) Oregon Mountain Community

Oregon Mountain Community (OMCgear) was founded in 1971 in Portland, Oregon. It is a well-trusted company and offers camping gear and accessories. They also offer apparel, climbing gear, travel accessories, footwear, skiing equipment, and more.

OMCgear offers gear from brands like Arc’teryx, Alpina, Black Diamond, Canada Goose, Cloudline, Eureka, Outdoor Reach, and many more.

Oregon Mountain Community affiliate program
AvantLink manages the OMCgear affiliate program. The average order value is $200, and affiliates earn an 8% commission per sale. Their affiliate program is focused on building the community and is open to review sites and communities.

Commission rate: 8% per sale

Cookie duration: 60 Days


The outdoor niche is one of the most profitable niches on the Internet. These 10 camping affiliate programs can help you monetize your traffic and give you an idea of the products and services you could promote. Of course, there are many more great affiliate programs but the ones mentioned above convert extremely well.

Making more sales also depends on the camping niche you’ll choose. There are plenty of opportunities in the camping world and hundreds of products to promote.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to build a niche site I highly recommend checking out the following affiliate training course. You can sign up for free.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Let me know what your favorite camping affiliate programs are by leaving a comment below. If you like this article, please share it.

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