8 Best Pet Affiliate Programs

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Do you own a pet blog?

Looking for the best pet affiliate programs to promote?

Well, you are in the right place. Here you’ll find 8 of the best pet affiliate programs that pay big commissions. Millions of people have pets and they want them to be happy and healthy. Pet owners are willing to spend a significant amount of money every year to take care of their pets.

According to a recent survey Americans spend an average of $126 every month on their pets. That’s not a small amount of money, and that is why the pet niche is one of the most profitable in affiliate marketing. And a great opportunity for pet bloggers and affiliate marketers to make money by turning their passion for animals into a profitable business.

best pet affiliate programs All you need is the right affiliate programs to sign up. That’s what I am here for. To help you discover the best opportunities in the niche and show you how to earn those big commissions. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are lots of products to promote. You may think the niche is oversaturated, but the truth is there are tons of opportunities in the pet niche and many ways to make money.

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The 8 Best Pet Affiliate Programs of 2023

The pet industry is steadily growing year by year, and there’s still room for more growth. The Covid-19 pandemic boosted e-commerce sales, and starting a pet affiliate site can be very profitable. The best way to increase your sales is to niche down and find great micro-niches to add to your blog.

The following affiliate programs offer high-quality products and can cover every pet sub-niche. That’s the main reason I chose them. So regardless of what your pet blog is about, these are the affiliate programs you should consider joining.

Let’s take a closer at the 8 best pet affiliate programs you can join in 2023.

1) FitBark

FitBark tracks your dog’s fitness levels, activity, location, behavior, and sleeping patterns. It’s considered to be one of the best dog activity trackers right now. Their trackers are also waterproof. It’s the perfect gadget for dog owners who want to know if their dogs are getting enough exercise and monitor their behavior.

FitBark is the canine equivalent of FitBit, and you can link them together. You can also link your FitBark trackers with Apple HealthKit, Apple Watch, or Google Fit device. The FitBark 2 model is available worldwide, is lightweight, easy-to-use and the battery lasts up to six months on a single full charge. The Fitbark 2 doesn’t have a GPS sensor, but the FitBark GPS (their newest model) does. It works in the U.S. only.

FitBark affiliate programFitBark affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. They accept affiliates from anywhere in the world and is, of course, free to join. The average order sale is $100 and the cookie duration is 60 days. Higher volume affiliates are eligible for higher commissions rates, and you can even earn commissions on purchases you make through your own links. Most affiliate programs don’t allow that, but FitBark does.

FitBark offers free worldwide shipping on orders above $15. One last thing to know is that they don’t accept coupon sites as affiliates.

Another popular GPS pet tracker manufacturer is Whistle. They also have a great affiliate program you could join. If for whatever reason FitBark is not for you don’t forget to check out Whistle too.

Commission rate: 12% per sale

Cookie duration: 60 Days

2) Petco

Petco offers a wide variety of pet supplies, food, accessories, habitats, and services including grooming, pet adoptions, veterinary care, pet insurance, and many more. Their product catalog is huge featuring thousands of products and dozens of brands. Petco is a well-known company and has more than 1500 stores in the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

At Petco, you’ll find pretty much everything you need for your dog, cat, bird, reptile, hamster, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, or fish. From pet food and treats to cages, aquariums, and toys. Petco is a solid choice if you want to promote thousands of great pet products and supplies.

Petco affiliatesPetco uses Impact Radius to manage its affiliate program. Joining is free and converting clicks to sales will not be much of a problem as PetCo is a huge brand that pet owners trust. Plus, they have products for all kinds of pets.

Commission rate: 5%-8% per sale

Cookie duration: 7 Days

3) Pet Wellbeing

Pet Wellbeing was founded in 2001 and has created products for over 120 common ailments for both cats and dogs. All of their products are made from natural ingredients (plants &herbs;) and are manufactured in the USA and Canada in GMP-certified facilities. The ingredients Pet Wellbeing uses are organically cultivated and sustainably harvested.

All pet owners want their pet to be healthy and happy, and Pet Wellbeing all-natural products are designed to do that. They are a leading company in the pet health and wellness industry. They also sell supplements, vitamins, and various pet health products.Pet Wellbeing affiliate programPet Wellbeing uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate program. They offer a 10% commission on all sales and free shipping on orders over $50. The average order value ranges from $60 to $75 and the average sales conversion is 7.2%. Pet health is one of the fastest-growing micro-niches in the pet industry, and Pet Wellbeing’s products are highly rated and easy to promote.

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 60 Days

4) Ollie

Ollie is a well-known pet wellness brand that specializes in healthy and fresh food for dogs. Ollie dog food is freshly cooked and made from human-grade meats. They don’t use fillers, artificial flavorings, or byproducts but only real high-quality meat, leafy greens, fruit, and root vegetables to prepare your dog’s food.

Ollie makes all-natural dog food tailored to your dog’s age, weight, breed, allergies, activity level, and nutritional needs. The food is regularly delivered to your front door for free in small butches. All you have to do is store it in the freezer. You can easily change or pause your deliveries at any time.
Become an Ollie affiliateOllie’s affiliate program is managed by Impact. Affiliates earn $60 for every new customer they refer to Ollie’s website. They also get access to product updates, events, and content. Ollie is one of the best healthy dog food affiliate programs you could join in 2021, and you can earn a good income promoting it.

Commission rate: $60 per order

Cookie duration: 30 Days

5) Paw

Paw.com is known as one of the best dog bed manufacturers. They are made from orthopedic memory foam, are odor & water resistant, are easy to clean and come with a 10 year “No Flat Foam” guarantee. Paw’s dog beds are designed to be comfortable and stylish too. They look like throw rugs (on purpose) to make your pet feel more comfortable and safe.

They also sell blankets, bed covers, and travel products such as portable beds, front & back seat covers, and more. Their products are unique, functional, affordable, and pet owners love them. Shipping is free on orders over $50.
Paw affiliatePaw affiliates earn a 20% base commission on all sales, and Paw offers a wide selection of pet products designed to improve the quality of life for pets. You can’t use your affiliate link on any coupon sites or social media and search engine ads.

Commission rate: 20% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 Days

6) Pet Care Supplies

Pet Care Supplies offers high-quality pet health products like flea & tick treatments, wound care, eye and ear treatments, joint care, skin & coat supplements, and more. Their website offers a wide selection of pet supplies for both cats and dogs. They also offer branded products from established brands such as Frontline and Capstar at the lowest possible prices.

They also offer behavioral and homeopathic pet supplies. If your niche is pet health and wellness, this is an affiliate program you should consider. They provide a “Money Back Guarantee” and offer free worldwide shipping on all orders.

Pet Care Supplies affiliate programPet Care Supplies affiliate program is available on Commission Junction. It’s, of course, free to join and affiliates can earn up to a 13% commission rate. The average order value is $90 and the cookie duration is 60 days.

Commission rate: Up to 13% on all orders

Cookie duration: 60 Days

7) Pets Warehouse

Pets Warehouse is one of the biggest pet retailers offering over 45,000 pet supplies at great prices. It was founded in Bayshore LI, NY in 1974 selling breeding birds and today offers products and services for all types of pets including birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, and fish. They are constantly expanding their inventory adding new products all the time. Everything a pet owner needs can be found here.

Pets Warehouse offers free shipping on qualifying products over $49. Their huge product selection guarantees that you will find pet products relevant to your audience’s needs to promote.
Pets Warehouse affiliatePets Warehouse started in 2003 and is managed by ShareASale. The average sale order is $60 and offers a commission of 6% for each sale and a cookie period of 10 days.

Commission rate: 6% per sale – Super Affiliates 8%

Cookie duration: 10 Days

8) FurHaven

FurHaven is known for its orthopedic, memory foam beds for cats and dogs of all sizes. The company was founded in Washington in 2004 with the mission to create comfortable pet beds that pet owners can afford. And they succeed. Their pet beds are considered amongst the best.

They also offer pet accessories such as collars & leashes, floor protectors, travel seats, pet mats & blankets, cat perches, scratching posts, and more. Their list of pet care products is extensive and offers everything a cat or dog needs.
FurHaven affiliate programAffiliates earn a 10% commission on every sale. FurHaven uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate program. The cookie life is 30 days, and the average order value is $75. FurHaven has a 9.2% conversion rate which is very good.

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 Days

Final Thoughts

There you go. Now you know which pet affiliates programs you should join if you want to earn commissions. If you already have a pet blog these 8 pet affiliate programs can help you increase your sales. If you are thinking about starting a pet affiliate site now you know how to monetize it.

There are, of course, many more opportunities in the pet industry but the affiliate programs on this list convert very well. Although the pet industry is competitive there are hundreds of high-quality products to promote and many profitable micro niches to choose from.

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