6 Best Landing Page Builders in 2022

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Are you looking for the best landing page builder for 2022?

Are you ready to build successful campaigns?

Of course, you are. And you are in the right place too. In this guide, I take a look at the 6 best and most popular landing page builders. But there is a reason why I chose to include only 6 landing page builders in my guide.

Maybe because I am lazy?

No, it’s not that. I could easily create a list of 12 or 15 landing page tools but I don’t think that would be the best choice. You see I believe long list posts are not very practical or useful. Instead of making things simpler, they create more confusion. Maybe not always but in most cases, they are making things worse. At least in my opinion.

Too many choices, too much information, and by the time you finish reading them you have already forgotten what you were looking for in the first place. I prefer to keep things simple. I’ve written this post to help people who don’t have the necessary experience or don’t know where to start.

If you are a successful blogger or an experienced affiliate marketer this post might not tell you something you don’t already know but if you are feeling confused and struggling to increase your conversion rate, this post is for you.

But first, let’s take a look at what a landing page really is.

What Is A Landing Page?

If you are a blogger or have spent some time in online marketing you have heard about the term “landing page“. I mean it is everywhere online it is impossible to miss it. A landing page is simply a page you land on after clicking a link from an email, social media post, blog post, or ad.

But the big difference between a landing page and any other normal webpage is that landing pages are designed to do a very specific thing. To receive and convert traffic into buyers or subscribers. A landing page typically consists of a strong call to action (CTA) asking visitors to do a very specific action (e.g. buy a product) and is stripped of distractions such as menus, sidebar content, unrelated links, and unnecessary info.

A landing page has only one objective. To convert. That’s it. They are not designed to build general awareness but to encourage your visitors to take some kind of action. Usually, each landing page has a single conversion objective with one CTA focused on driving visitors to a certain action. Here is a list of the most common landing page goals:

  • Register for a webinar
  • Subscribe to a newsletter or email list
  • Buy a product or service
  • Request a free trial
  • Download extra free content or watch a video
  • Redirect visitors to another page – like a product review

As you can see landing pages are designed to be part of your “sales funnel” with the sole purpose of converting visitors into leads. You don’t need to have a website to have a landing page. All you need is to drive traffic to your landing pages. You can do that by running successful ad campaigns like social media ads, paid search (PPC) ads, email marketing campaigns, affiliate offers, etc.

Landing pages are not designed to rank high on search engines so you need to get targeted traffic from other sources -usually paid traffic sources. After all, without traffic, your landing pages can’t do much on their own. If your landing pages are hosted on your site they should be set as no index for Google. Landing pages don’t affect your SEO but they can slow down your crawl rate.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Because landing pages are effective. They work. A well-optimized landing page can increase your ROI (Return On Investment) and bring in more customers. Landing pages can help you get more leads and increase your conversion rate. And more leads means more money.

Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to lead your visitors down the sales funnel and convert them into paying customers.

But that doesn’t mean that landing pages are the answer to all of your conversion problems. Landing pages are not some magic solution that will suddenly make you rich. Some online marketers and bloggers want to make you believe that without having landing pages making money as an affiliate marketer is impossible. That’s not true.

Usually, the people who say this also happens to promote landing page builders. You can succeed in affiliate marketing without building any landing pages, but high-quality landing pages can help you make more sales. The key is to build a good landing pages and not just any landing page. They forget to tell that.

In my opinion, landing pages are a bit overrated, but if done right they can increase your conversion rate. Just don’t believe the hype and start thinking that spending some money on a landing page builder is all that it takes. In fact most landing pages fail to live up to the expectations because they are not properly optimized to achieve conversions. That may sound hard to believe but designing a good landing page is not that easy.

how to build a good landing page

By Disruptiveadvertising.com

Things like too much text on the page, more than one call to action, distractions (like navigation bars), irrelevant or vague call to action are some of the most common mistakes people make when building landing pages.

That is why you should be careful when choosing a landing page builder. There are lots of tools out there but choosing the right one isn’t always easy. In this post, I have gathered 6 of the best and most popular landing page builders for 2022 you should definitely check out.


GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform and not just a landing page builder. It started as an email marketing tool but today is a lot more than that. With GetResponse, you can create landing pages, build sales funnels, collect email addresses, send newsletters, host webinars, build lead magnet funnels, create Facebook ads, marketing automation, and much more.

Their drag-and-drop is easy to use and you can create a mobile-friendly page within minutes. It offers 180 landing page templates for you to choose from and a wide variety of tools. You can integrate GetResponse with WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, Zapier, Etsy, PayPal, Stripe, and more. In total GetResponse provides 150 integrations.

If you are new to Internet marketing you will certainly enjoy GetResponse tools and services. Even with their Basic plan ($15 per month), you will get a lot more than a landing page builder. Sales funnel, autoresponders, email marketing are just some of the features included in the plan.


  • All-in-one marketing platform
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in image editor with photos from Shutterstock
  • A/B testing
  • List automation
  • Great quality customer service
  • Lead capture forms
  • Autoresponders
  • Ecommerce
  • Integration with WordPress and with all the major email service providers
  • Countdown timer to let your leads know they have to take action


  • You have to upgrade your pricing plan to a more expensive one once you reach 1,000 contacts

Pricing Plans

GetResponse offers four paid plans. You can try any plan free for 30 days. Unlimited landing pages, visitors, lead funnels, and split tests are also included in all the plans. Email support and 24/7 live chat are also included in all plans.

  • Basic – $15 per month
  • Plus – $49 per month
  • Professional – $99 per month
  • Max – Custom pricing

GetResponse pricing plans

You can save 18% by choosing the 12-month billing option or save 30% by choosing the 24-month billing option.


Unbounce landing page builder

Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders in the world right now. It’s a conversion platform that can help you create landing pages and it’s used by over 15,000 brands across the world. For many businesses and marketers Unbounce is the #1 choice when it comes to creating optimized landing pages.

It offers more than 100 landing page templates and a variety of features. Their drag-and-drop builder is very easy to use. It might take you some time to get used to it but once you get the handle of it you can quickly create and publish landing pages, popups, and sticky bars.

Unbounce features include Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR), A/B testing, Smart Traffic, and integrations with almost any marketing automation or CRM tool. You can also integrate Unbounce with apps like Salesforce, WordPress, HubSpot, Kissmetrics, and more.


  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop builder
  • 100+ mobile-friendly templates
  • A/B testing
  • SSL encryption
  • Easy integration with WordPress
  • Analytics tool
  • Fully customizable templates
  • Over 850,000 copyright-free images from Unsplash for you to use
  • Lead generation tools
  • AI-powered optimization tool (Smart Traffic)
  • Unlimited sticky bars and popups
  • Zapier integration


  • Expensive compared to other landing page builders – Starts at $80 per month

Pricing Plans

Unbounce offers four pricing plans starting at $80 per month (billed monthly). All plans include unlimited pages, popups, sticky bars, and you can try them out for free (14-day free trial).

  • Launch – $80 per month
  • Optimize – $120 per month
  • Accelerate – $200 per month
  • Scale – $300 per month

Unbounce paid plans

You can save 10% on all plans by choosing the annual paying option.



For many marketers, Instapage is the best landing page builder for lead generation. I don’t know if it’s the best or not but it definitely is a great tool and one of the easiest landing page builders to use. It’s a powerful tool packed with features like A/B testing tools, inbuilt analytics, built-in AMP support, heatmaps, and over 500 professionally designed layouts to choose from.

Their drag-and-drop editor is considered the best and easiest to use without restricting its users. Instapage is suitable for all levels of Internet marketers. You don’t need coding skills to create well-designed landing pages. It doesn’t matter if you are an inexperienced blogger or a seasoned affiliate marketer Instapage can cover everyone’s needs.

Also, their Thor Render Engine technology makes sure your pages will always load fast. If you want something more than a basic landing page builder you should take a closer look at Instapage. The only problem with Instapage is its price. I’s not a cheap tool but if you want to create lots of good landing pages without wasting your time trying to figure out how to optimize your pages Instapage is a great choice.


  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Easy to use editor
  • Drag-and-Drop builder
  • 500+ customizable layouts
  • Many integration options
  • Build-in AMP support
  • A/B testing
  • AdMap – Connects ads to relevant post-click landing pages
  • Heat map tool
  • Interactive widgets
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Conversion analytics
  • No conversion limits
  • Zapier integration
  • SSL encryption
  • Fast landing page loading speeds


  • Not cheap
  • Only two pricing plans available
  • AMP-powered landing pages are available for only Conversion Cloud users

Pricing Plans

Instapage offers two paid plans. The first paid plan (Business) costs $199 per month (or $149 per month if paid annually). The second plan (Conversion Cloud) doesn’t have a set price. The price is set according to your needs.

You can save 25% on the Business plan if you choose the annual paying option. The Business plan also includes 30k unique visitors per month, unlimited conversions, 30 landing pages, 5 workspaces, and 5 team members. You can try the Business plan for free for 14 days.


Leadpages landing pages

Leadpages is one of the oldest landing page builders in the market. With Leadpages not only you can build landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars but you can also build a website with it. Creating and publishing beautiful landing pages is easy thanks to its drag-and-drop builder.

With more than 200 conversion-optimized templates to choose from and with no limitation on the number of leads or pages you can publish and create as many pages as you want. Leadpages also offers a lot of features like email integration, CRM and tech support for all its paid plans.

Leadpages’ biggest advantage is its price. At just $37 per month this is one of the least expensive builders for 2021. If you are looking for a cheap, quick, easy-to-use and simple landing page builder Leadpages is a great choice.


  • Drag and drop builder
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • A/B split testing
  • 200+ Professionally designed templates
  • Easy-to-use
  • Unlimited landing pages & leads
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Quality support
  • Inbuilt integrations & Zapier integration
  • Free custom domain
  • SSL encryption
  • Cost-effective


  • No A/B split testing with the Standard plan
  • Not fully customizable templates – there are limitations

Pricing Plans

Leadpages is one of the cheapest landing page builders (if not the cheapest one) in the market right now. It offers three pricing plans that you can choose from. All plans come with a free 14-day trial.

  • Standard – $37/month (billed monthly)
  • Pro – $79/month (billed monthly)
  • Advanced – $321/month (billed monthly)

Leadpages price

You can save money by choosing to pay yearly. In that case, the Standard plan will cost you $27 per month (save $120/year), the Pro plan $59/month (save $240/year), and the Advanced plan $239 per month (save $984/year).


With more than 1.5 million users Lander is one of the most popular landing page builders in the marketing world. With Lander, you can build and launch your own build landing pages within minutes. It offers more than 100 landing page templates and an easy-to-use drag & drop editor.

Lander also offers all the features you’ll need to build a good landing page such as A/B testing, integrations, analytics, and dynamic text replacement (DTR). That means you can match your PPC ad’s keywords dynamically with your PPC ad’s landing page and save money on your PPC campaigns.


  • 100+ landing page templates
  • Mobile-friendly landing pages
  • Easy-to-use editor (drag and drop)
  • Email marketing integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Facebook page integration
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • SSL encryption
  • Custome domains
  • Conversion Analytics tracking
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Auto-fill forms
  • A/B testing tool
  • Cost-effective


  • No technical support for the Basic plan users
  • Not too many templates compared to the other landing page builders in this list
  • Some templates look outdated

Pricing Plans

Lander is reasonably priced and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you are on a small budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a landing page builder Lander might be the right tool for you. Considering all the features included in the Basic plan Lander is a good choice.

There are two paid plans to choose from. Both plans come with a 14-day free trial offer.

  • Basic (for small business – up to 5,000 monthly visitors) – $49 per month
  • Professional (for In-House marketers – up to 25,000 monthly visitors) – $99 per month

Lander price plans

You can save money by paying annually. That will save you $390 for the Basic plan ($16/mo) and $189 in the Professional plan ($83/mo).


Landingi marketing platform

Landingi is a well-known marketing platform that can help you build marketing funnels, pop-ups, and beautiful landing pages. They offer a variety of features and more than 300 templates to choose from. The drag & drop editor is easy to use and creating a good landing page won’t take more than a few minutes even if you have never done it before.

You can also ask Landingi’s team of experts to create the landing for you. Of course, that costs extra, but it’s a service most landing page builders do not offer. Landingi also provides plenty of tools to optimize your landing pages like A/B testing, dynamic content, and analytics.

Overall Landingi is a great choice to consider but their cheapest plan (Core) is rather limited. Features like A/B testing, autoresponder, and Zapier integration are not available in the Core plan.


  • Drag-and-drop-editor
  • User-friendly builder
  • 300+ landing page templates
  • Unlimited landing pages and conversions
  • Email marketing integration
  • Analytics integrations
  • Zapier integration
  • Integrations with WordPress
  • Lead capture tools
  • SSL encryption
  • Custom domains
  • Customer support (email, chat, and phone support)
  • A/B split testing


  • A/B testing not available for the Core plan (cheapest plan)
  • No email marketing integrations for the cheapest plan

Pricing Plans

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. There are a total of three pricing plans (billed monthly):

  • Core – $47
  • Create – $89
  • Automate – $127

Landingi billing options

You can save up to 38% by choosing the 12-month billing option. All plans offer unlimited landing pages, conversions, cloud hosting, SSL, tracking pixels, customer support, and more.


Every landing page builder has its pros & cons. You just need to pick the one you like the most. All the tools listed here offer free trials. There is no need to buy one without testing it first. I suggest subscribing to the free trial first and choose the one that best serves your needs.

Landing pages can help you increase your ROI and conversion rates. Running ad campaigns is not enough. You don’t want your “campaign traffic” to click on your ad, take a look, and then leave your site. You can’t afford that.

But you also can’t afford to invest in the wrong tool. There is nothing worse than a poorly designed landing page. If your visitors don’t engage with your landing page then there is no point in having one. Landing page builders are as good as the person using them. Invest some time in learning how to operate these tools and choose the one that fits your business needs.

Want to learn more about how to earn money with affiliate marketing?

Take a look at my #1 recommended course. You can join us for free. No hidden costs. No credit card required.

Which is your favorite landing page builder?

Leave your comment below and share your thoughts with us. If you like this post please share it with your social media followers.

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  1. Misael H says:

    I think this will definitely help my online business. You have outlined some very interesting points on landing pages that I have never even considered in the past. I really do appreciate this information because I have been struggling to make my landing pages appealing for my visitors, and thus, I have not had very many sales. Thank you so much for this information

  2. Sariyah says:

    Eventhough I have just started out in the online business world, I wasn’t completely aware of what a landing page is, but after reading this post I definitely think I would be needing one or at least can benefit from it.

    They seemed hard to set up but looking at this post and the examples of builders you have recommended, hopefully it’s simple and quick. I think I’m going to start one soon but at the moment still going to do a little more research on them.

    Thanks for this post!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Very thorough article. I love that you listed the pros n cons. Makes it so much easier to see what will for best

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    Thank you for this detailed explanation about landing pages and their importance.I already read a lot several articles detailing the importance of landing pages. But I am a new blogger and I feel like it’s too early to start. Do you have an advice on when is the right time to start making landing pages for new bloggers like me?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Juai,

      You can start making landing pages right away. Once you have identified your buyer personas you can start building your landing pages. Pick a builder you like and one you can afford and start building your landing pages.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this great information!  I have read about landing pages but I had no idea what it was. These are some great options (and thank you for not giving us a gazillion choices!!) and I like the fact that these all have drag and drop features, which makes it easier for a novice.  I think I would choose the Leadpages platform, simply because it’s been around for a long time, has a great price and the ability to build a website.  It seems to be the “whole package”!

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