5 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses in 2022

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Are you ready to start an affiliate marketing business?

Of course, you are. And you have landed at the right post! Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to make money online. It is something everyone can do as long as they are willing to learn how affiliate marketing works and put some effort into it.

But you need to remember that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a way to make money online with little to no work. Not that such a thing exists. At least in my opinion.

Some bloggers and marketers want you to believe that. But that could not be further from the truth. The “get-rich-quick” scheme is more of a myth than truth. Affiliate marketing is nothing like that. So, do yourself a favor and stay away from these bloggers. All they want is for you to buy some kind of pyramid scheme. There is no magic formula that will make you $100 per day. Stay away from these programs. 
affiliate marketing courses

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As a newbie in the field, you can be overwhelmed with options. Don’t worry most people (if not everyone) feel this way at first. You see although the concept of affiliate marketing is relatively simple making sales and earning money is not that easy. Affiliate marketing takes time and requires constant learning. Many people fail to do affiliate marketing with success. Unfortunately, this is the sad truth.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of success is to enroll in an affiliate marketing course. In this post, we’ll take a look at the 5 best affiliate marketing courses in 2022.

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1) Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been around forever. It was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim to help people create an online business. Wealthy Affiliate is a lot more than a training course. It’s a complete online marketing platform where you can build an affiliate site from scratch. It provides web hosting, domain registration, a keyword research tool, affiliate marketing tools, site support, a real community of internet marketers, and of course, great training.

You get all that and more for just $49 per month! I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, and in my opinion, it is very difficult to find another training program that offers so much at such a low price. I know what you are going to say. That the only reason I am saying this is because I am affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate and I want to earn a commission. Well, the truth is you can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate for free and see for yourself what it has to offer.

You can read my full WA review here.
Wealthy Affiliate course
Wealthy Affiliate caters to all levels of experience. The classes cover everything you need to create an affiliate business. From how to build a WordPress site to how to master paid traffic. There is also a lot of training material about how SEO works and how to create high-quality content that brings traffic to your sites. New training is added every day, and all members have access to dozens of webinars and expert classes that cover every aspect of online marketing.

For more advanced marketers the Premium Plus membership is available at $99 per month. More expert training is available and as a Premium Plus member, you can host up to 50 websites in WA. So, if you are not a beginner and want access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you should purchase the Premium Plus package.

2) The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive all-in-one SEO and affiliate marketing training course created by Matt Digity. The course includes 6 plug-and-play templates & tools, 160 video lessons, and over 24 hours of training. The training covers everything related to niche selection, keyword research, email marketing, ranking, and monetizing niche sites. The course is addressed to affiliate marketers, bloggers, SEO specialists, or anyone who wants to learn how to build a website from scratch.

Matt Digity himself is an SEO expert and a well-known digital marketer. He has built several affiliates sites which he later sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Matt is also the owner of a popular YouTube channel with almost 40K subscribers. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to ranking in high-competition affiliate niches. As a member, you will also have access to a Facebook group for members only where you can interact with other members and Matt himself. 
The Affiliate Lab
The course is well-structured and easy to follow. But it is not cheap. The Affiliate Lab will cost you $997 (one-time payment) or 2 payments of $597. The Affiliate Lab doesn’t offer refunds. Therefore, it’s best to make sure this is the right course for you before you click that “Get Access Now” button. Also, as far as I know, The Affiliate Lab doesn’t offer any technical support.

3) The Authority Site System – Authority Hacker

Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the creators of The Authority Site System. The course consists of more than 200 video lessons where they teach you how to build a profitable authority site. The course is intended for “marketing newbies” with no experience and for people who tried affiliate marketing before but didn’t make it. More experienced internet marketers may find the course not that interesting. The Authority Hacker Pro course might be a better option for them. But it is more expensive.

The Authority Site System consists of 15 modules, where everything related to affiliate marketing is covered. From finding your niche, writing content, site structure planning, to branding and link building. The course provides you with step-by-step training on how to build an authority site from scratch.

The Authority Site System
The course has been updated for 2022, covering all the hot topics. The Authority Site System offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and will cost you $997 (one-time payment). Over 9,000 people have joined The Authority Site System so far and many have succeeded by implementing what the course teaches. Although the course is not cheap is still one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there.

Like they say on their website “If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach”. I would recommend the course to those who can afford it (obviously) and are sure that affiliate marketing is what you want to do. If you are struggling financially at the moment, you should try another course first.

There are many great alternatives that cost much less. There is no need to spend all your money on a course and add more pressure on yourself.

4) Beginner Affiliate Marketing To Start In 1 Day – For 2022

The course includes 10 hours of training, 41 downloadable resources, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The course costs $39.99 and is available in Udemy. The creator of the course is Alex Genadinik, and according to his bio, he has been doing affiliate marketing for 10+ years.

The course has a 4.5-star rating (out of 5), and more than 22K people have already taken the course. If you are new to the field and don’t have a big budget, this course might be a good choice for you. Here you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing, how to choose a profitable niche, set up your website and how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. And how to turn that traffic into sales.
Udemy affiliate marketing courses
The course is geared towards beginners who wish to know the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how to make money online promoting products/services from ClickBank, Amazon Associates, Shareasale, CommissionJunction, JVzoo, MaxBounty, and other affiliate networks. The training material is easy to follow and offers a lot of information on how to make money with affiliate marketing

5) Affiliate Marketing Courses from Skillshare

There are dozens of affiliate marketing courses available on Skillshare (free & paid). Most of the courses are beginner-friendly and cover all topics of affiliate marketing. But that doesn’t mean there are no courses available for advanced marketers. There are multiple courses available for all levels of experience.

I could mention a few of them here, but I believe it would be better to take a look at Skillshare yourself. You will find courses about Email marketing, Facebook ads, Pinterest marketing, SEO training, YouTube marketing, Clickbank, affiliate funnels, and more. In my opinion, not all courses are worth your time, but there are plenty of quality courses that can help you start an affiliate business.

Skillshare affiliate marketing courses

Skillshare is one of the largest online learning platforms with thousands of courses about almost everything. All you need to get started is to create a free account or sign up using your Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts. Most of the courses are in the form of videos. That way, you can follow the course at your own pace and watch the lessons as many times as you want.


Affiliate marketing is not hard when you know what you are doing. But for sure it can be overwhelming when you get started. The courses on this list can help you create an affiliate website even if you have no prior experience. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Investing in a high-quality training course will help you speed things up and turn a profit faster.

But the courses mentioned above are suitable for everyone. Not only for beginners. You can still benefit from them even if you are an experienced marketer. If you’ve tried affiliate marketing before but couldn’t make it work or feeling stuck with your site/blog and not making enough sales don’t give up.

Pick one of the 5 courses mentioned here and start earning.

I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It has everything you need to build a profitable affiliate business. Plus, you can try it for free. Not many courses offer that.

Create your free account today.

Have you tried any of the courses mentioned here? Share your opinion with us by leaving a comment below. If you like the post please share it online!

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  1. You gave me some great suggestions. I just started my blog and I’m doing a little amazon affiliate marketing. Still not perfect at it. Maybe a course will help me out. Thank you for the great article.

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