The 4 Best Ahrefs Alternatives (Free and Paid)

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Are you looking for a cost-effective SEO tool?

Or for a quality Ahrefs alternative?

Well, you have landed on the right page. There is no doubt Ahrefs is one of the best all-in-one SEO tools in the market but that doesn’t mean it’s the only choice. Or that it’s the right tool for you. After all, there is no such thing as the perfect tool.

Maybe you are on a tight budget or you may just not feel comfortable spending all that kind of money on an SEO tool. If you are a small-time blogger or you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer you may not need a sophisticated SEO tool like Ahrefs, after all. You may be better off with a cheaper Ahrefs alternative.

Best Ahrefs alternatives
Ahrefs is not cheap. It starts at $99/month (Lite plan). For some people, that’s an extra cost they just can’t afford. Although Ahrefs offers many excellent features such as backlink checker, site audit, keyword explorer, site explorer, and many more some of these features can also be found on other tools at a much lower price.

One of the reasons why Ahrefs costs that much is because it combines several tools into one. So if you are only interested in, for example in keyword research it would make sense for you to purchase a dedicated tool for that and not Ahrefs.

Now let’s take a closer look at the best Ahrefs alternatives for SEO and keyword analysis.

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Top 4 Best Ahrefs Alternatives For Marketers and Bloggers

There is a ton of great SEO tools out there (both free & paid), but it all depends on what you are looking for. Before checking out the list below you must first ask yourself why are you looking for an Ahrefs alternative? Is it because Ahrefs is too expensive? Or is it because you don’t need all its features?

If the price is what keeps you from purchasing Ahrefs, then the tools listed below are what you need. But if you no problem with Ahrefs pricing plans but you just don’t like its user interface or for whatever reason you don’t want to use Ahrefs, you should then try SEMrush or Moz Pro. But none of them are on my list.

Let me explain.

SEMrush is often regarded as the main Ahrefs alternative and its closest competitor. But they also charge $99/month. The same goes for Moz Pro. That is why they are not included in my list. They all charge the same. But If you can afford $100 a month, then I suggest you buy one of the three (Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz Pro).

But if you can’t you should check out the 4 tools listed below. These are the best Ahrefs alternatives and will cost you much less.

1) Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the top SEO tools when it comes to backlink analysis, keyword research, SEO audit reports, and more. It can help you generate content and keyword ideas, analyze traffic, top pages, check your site for SEO issues, keep track of your links, and more.

Ubersuggest SEO tools
Ubersuggest is a high-quality tool that offers a free plan for everyone to use. But the free plan comes with limitations. So it can’t be used fully for free. You can use some of their features for free but some of their best features are only available to paying customers.

Ubersuggest is a freemium platform, and if you are just starting with SEO this is a tool worth considering. Although it won’t do everything that Ahrefs does it is still a great alternative. But if you want to access more features, you’ll have to pick one of their paid plans.

Ubersuggest offers three pricing plans:

    • Individual – $29/month – For small businesses and individuals managing up to 3 websites
    • Business – $49/month – For businesses managing 4-7 websites
    • Enterprise/Agency – $99/month – For large businesses and agencies managing more than 8 websites

Ubersuggest pricing plans

All plans come with a 7-day free trial and you can cancel or downgrade your plan at any time. You can also choose the lifetime plan. For the cost of a 10-month subscription, you can purchase a plan forever. For lifetime subscriptions Ubersuggest offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Compared to Ahrefs, SEMrush or Moz Pro Ubersuggest pricing plans are much cheaper.

2) Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research platform that can help you find low competition keywords, track site ranking, and discover new niche ideas. Jaaxy is a powerful keyword tool on steroids. If this is what you have been looking for then you need to look no further. It’s an easy-to-use tool with a simple interface. It can help you find tons of long-tail keywords and improve your keyword positioning.

If you want to increase your SEO traffic, Jaaxy can help you achieve that. But Jaaxy is not just a keyword research tool. It also offers additional features like Alphabet Soup, Brainstorm, SERP analysis, and more. Although Jaaxy is not quite as feature-rich as Ahrefs it’s still a good alternative for content marketers, bloggers and people starting out with affiliate marketing.


You can try Jaaxy out for free, but you will be limited to 30 keyword searches. But these 30 searches are enough to get started and find out if Jaaxy is the right tool for you.

Jaaxy offers 3 membership options (including the free trial):

  • Starter – free trial – no time limit
  • Pro – $49/month
  • Enterprise – $99/month
Jaaxy price

Jaaxy is a powerful tool and ideal for niche site builders, beginner bloggers, and established affiliate marketers. If you are on a tight budget Jaaxy is a good choice. The best thing is you can try Jaaxy for free. I suggest you give the free version a try and see if you like it.

3) Serpstat

Serpstat is a powerful all-in-one SEO platform that provides more than 30 tools. With features like backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, rank tracking, text analytics, PPC ads analysis, and many more is one of the best alternatives to Ahrefs. It has many of the same features as Ahrefs has and is offered at a lower price point.

It can help you increase your site’s traffic and it’s ideal for digital marketers, small businesses, and SEO-individuals who are on a tight budget. Serpstat is pretty easy to use and setting up a project for your site will take you a few minutes. It includes all the major features you need to improve your SEO efforts.

Serpstat SEO tools

Serpstat pricing starts at $69 per month and offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Lite – $69/month
  • Standard – $149/month
  • Advanced – $299/month
  • Enterprise – $499/month

You can choose to be billed annually and save 25% per year. Serpstat is also free to use for a limited number of searches per day.

Serpstat price plans
Serpstat is competitively priced compared to Ahrefs and is definitely worth the price. It’s a solid option for marketers who need an affordable all-in-one SEO toolkit.

4) Mangools

Mangools is another easy-to-use SEO tool that consists of 5 powerful tools. This all-in-one SEO platform is perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, content marketers, and small businesses that can’t afford Ahrefs. Mangools SEO tools cover almost everything from keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, SERP analysis, and site analysis.

Mangools consists of 5 distinct SEO tools:

  • KWFinder – Keyword Research
  • SERPChecker – SERP Analysis
  • SERPWatcher – Rank Tracking
  • LinkMiner – Backlink Analysis
  • SiteProfiler – SEO metrics

The tools themselves are not bad although they may not be as good as Aherfs. The main problem is that the tools are not integrated. Or at least that’s what most users usually complain about. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Mangools is a low-quality product.

Mangools SEO platform

Mangools great advantage is its price. Their cheapest plan (Basic) is at $49 per month and unlike other SEO tools you get all the features even on the basic plan. Mangools is an affordable suite of tools and an excellent choice if you can’t afford Ahrefs.

Mangools offers 3 paid plans.

  • Basic – $49/month
  • Premium – $69/month
  • Agency – $129/month

Mangools plans & pricing
All plans start with a 10-day free trial. You can save 40% if you choose the annual plans. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. Mangools also offers a 48-hour money guarantee. If for whatever reason, you are not happy with Mangools, you are entitled to a full refund within 48 hours of your payment.

Final Thoughts

That’s my list of the 4 best Ahrefs alternatives.

Ahrefs is an excellent SEO platform but that doesn’t mean there is no other option for you out there. Each of the Ahrefs alternatives I’ve mentioned has its own pros and cons. But no SEO tool can satisfy everyone’s needs.

That’s why it’s important to choose an SEO tool that best suits your needs and your price range.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post. What’s your favorite SEO tool? Let me know by leaving a comment below. If you like this article, please share it.

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