Affiliate Marketing Training Programs

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  1. This is what is needed in order to be successful and that is to get the right kind of training, the benefits are awesome in deciding to become an affiliate marketer, but training is so important if you hope to have success. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Norman and thank you for your comment. Training is the most essential element in order to succeed online. There is a lot of competition today and if you don’t have the right training you are not going to succeed.

  2. John says:

    Very Informative post Nikos, I agree with your assessment about the needs of someone new to Internet Marketing (affiliate), being relatively new to it and Wealthy Affiliate has been awesome at teaching me everything I needed to know to get started. Thanks for the information.


    • Nikos says:

      Hello John and thank you for your comment. I am really happy you are enjoying your training at Wealthy Affiliate, at $49 per month is the best affiliate marketing training out there right now.

  3. Milar says:

    This is very good information, I have been looking for it to supplement on my content online marketing but my question is? For example Jaaxy I find the Free package almost useless because it is limits me, so it looks like one has to pay for Pro or Enterprise to get full potential, you said up there “If they want you to spend more money to access tools and services that are essential for your website/business, then move on” what would you advise?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Milar,
      Wealthy Affiliate offers a keyword tool very similar to Jaaxy in their program for free if you are a premium member. There is no limit to the number of searches you can perform and is included in your premium membership. Jaaxy offers 30 searches for free but for more experienced marketers who want more detail information and keyword analysis the paid versions of Jaaxy are very good.

  4. Marcel says:

    Excellent post with good quality content, Nikos. You obviously have spent a lot of time planning and selecting appropriate content. The two images are well related to your content.
    Overall, great work.

  5. Levi says:


    Thanks for the great article, I think Affilorama is to expensive too. I’ve started with Wealthy Affiliate 3 months ago and its awesome. The great help you get when you got questions is so important to succeed with your business. Keep up the good work, you are writing very helpful articles.


    • Nikos says:

      Hello Levi,

      I am glad you find my articles helpful, i really appreciate it. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start your Internet Marketing career and build your own online business.

  6. carlosdelzo says:

    This is a very informative post on how to choose the right affiliate marketing platform. I hope more people see this content and follow these directions. I’ve had failures when choosing programs that have cost me a lot of money and time for nothing solid. Fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been an incredible journey with it.
    Thanks for sharing this, Nikos!

    • Nikos says:

      I am glad you are doing great now, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start an Online Business. I am sure that people who read this post will have a better understanding about the affiliate marketing programs and they will choose the right one.

  7. Geek Hibrid says:

    I love the part where you say “there should be no upsells or levels” I’m a huge believer in this same mindset as well. If you’re told that you have to pay another $100 just to get more information, it’s automatically sketchy.

    • Nikos says:

      Yes, i believe if you join a paid Internet marketing training program you should have access to all the information they have to offer. For me it makes no sense to have to pay extra money to learn for example how to do a PPC campaign. These kind of training programs actually don’t really care if you succeed or not they only care if you are going to buy their next “package” or join their next level. Everyone should stay away from these kind of programs.

  8. igorze says:

    Thanks for very reach and informative article. I decided to try with affiliate marketing one year ago. Fortunately a few months ago I discover a Wealthy Affiliate training program. I agree with you that WA is the best option for beginners in affiliate marketing. Here you can find awesome courses, classrooms, video classes and other useful tools for newbie and advanced specialist as well.


  9. John Rico says:

    Hey there! I’m searching for a part time job online. I heard positive things about affiliate marketing that it gives passive income once you’re successful with it. I also heard good things about affilorama and wealthy affiliate. Which one do you prefer more affilorama or wealthy affiliate? Which website offers better service and training program? I really appreciate your response.

    • Nikos says:

      Hello John,

      Affiliate marketing is certainly a legit way to make money online but it’s not an easy or quick way. You can certainly create a passive income with affiliate marketing but it requires hard work and a time investment.

      Both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate are good training programs, with great reputation and have been in the industry for more than a decade. I have only been a member of Wealthy Affiliate because i believe it offers better training and support. They also update their platform constantly and i don’t just mean their training but also the technical aspects of their services like hosting, site support, SSL certificates for all your websites at no extra cost, site speed tool, etc. There is also a difference in their monthly price since Affilorama i believe costs $67 and Wealthy Affiliate $49 although Affilorama offers some packages with fixed annual prices.

      But overall i prefer Wealthy Affiliate otherwise i wouldn’t still be a member. I do believe it’s the most complete affiliate training program.

  10. Israel says:

    Hi Nikos!

    I agree with you! I’ve been in Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months, and I can now say for sure that it’s the best affiliate marketing training on the Internet.

    I’ve tried others, but those were all about upsells and having to drag other into high ticket products and things like that promising to get rich quick.

    If you really want a log haul thriving business, WA is the way to go.

    Thanks for the tips! Very helpful! 😉

    • Nikos says:

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best and most complete Online marketing programs right now. For $49 per month you have access to all the tools you will need to start your business.

      Thank you for your comment.

  11. shrey says:

    I always thought there was a possibility of making money online but never expected the online training to be that useful. Any training that you have personally tried and tested?

    People who claim to make money without going through any training are they lying or they are just exceptionally really good?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Shrey,

      Personally i am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and i believe their training is really good. There is a tremendous amount of information and they cover pretty much everything.There are also other legit programs like Affilorama and Chris Farrell membership.

      You don’t necessarily have to join an online marketing training program to succeed online. All you really need is a domain, a host and a theme (free or a premium one). The people who make money without joining a training program do know what they are doing. They are not lying. They are experienced marketers. But they did learn how to do it somehow. They were also beginners once and learned how to build successful websites. They did start somewhere.

      You can start a website on your own and educate yourself by reading the best blogs you can find in the online marketing industry like Neil’s Patel.

      But the chances are you will not go very far. What the training programs do are offering you is guidance and a strategy you can follow. They are showing you how to start and how to proceed with your business. Plus they can offer you advice and they can help you with problems that will definitely appear as you build your business.

      If you are a beginner and start on your own you will have to search in Google every little thing and not only that but you will also have to sort out the real information from the fake ones that only want to sell you their products. That will be very time consuming and really unproductive.

  12. Judith says:

    I have been fumbling around on the internet for about a year now, and everything out there seems like a scam or it costs too much money, to get involved, based on the smidgeon of information that is given. I learned the hard way about how all the different ways “Money Back Guarantee” can be interpreted! The free start up with this plan sounds ok to me. How much can a person get done in one month? If it is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, by the way there is no such thing, how long does it usually take to start making any money.? Just wondering. Is there a contract that would need to be signed? Also, I am in my 50’s, and don’t know a lot of tech stuff, will this be a problem?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Judith,

      Although there are many low-quality products in the industry there are also some good training programs. The amount of money a person can make depends on the individual. 

      You should give yourself 6-7 months before you expect to see any results. You have to remember some of the most successful blogs today started years ago. Affiliate marketing takes time but it can be very lucrative long-term. And with platforms like WordPress building a website is very easy. You don’t need to know about coding or have advanced technical knowledge. But there is certainly a learning curve. What is the most important thing to know is the structure of Online marketing and how you can attract visitors. 

  13. Howard says:

    Nikos, I read everything I can on affiliate marketing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. It’s very informative. I agree that there are programs out there offering ‘techniques that don’t work anymore’. I was a victim of one of those scams. Wealthy Affiliate does not appear to be one of these! How long does it take to start making money using this method?

    • Nikos says:

      Hello Howard,

      That is a very common question but unfortunately there is no answer to that. There are so many factors like your niche, your competition, the products you promote,the methods you are using to attract traffic, the quality of your content, etc. 

      It also has to do with how much time you are willing to invest and if you want to learn. You must first understand how online marketing really works and how to engage with your target audience. But if you don’t give up, sooner or later you will start making money. Affiliate marketing is about building trust and creating content that solves the problems your readers are facing.  

      Thank you for your comment.

  14. Chris says:

    I must say, that after weeks and weeks of researching training in this subject – I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s extremely hard to find an education that won’t burn your wallet. But like you said there are certain criteria a program must fulfill. Nobody likes upsells and support is absolutely necessary. 

  15. LearnToEarn Admin says:

    Very concise, valuable and quality information on what to look out for when deciding which affiliate marketing program is the best for you.

    I agree with you that if the opportunity is asking for money upfront just to try it, it is more than likely a scam.  As you have so aptly stated,  there should be a free trial period to try before you buy.

    Your tips on what should be available without up-sells is important in that one can stick to a budget and not be overwhelmed with hidden surprises.  I like the way you’ve mentioned these facts and it’s something most budding affiliate marketers forget in their enthusiasm to find the best training out there.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain what affiliate marketing training is and all the pitfalls to avoid.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavours so that you may prosper.


  16. Johel says:

    Great article! I agree that the majority of programs out here have a lot of outdated methods that just don’t work these days. I like how you deliver clear and concise instructions for finding a good affiliate training program. I will be sure to point anyone who is looking to join an affiliate training program to this page. Lots of helpful info here!

  17. kemdi21 says:

    This is very great and informative indeed . Affiliate marketing programs are things that most new affiliates tend to avoid for some strange reason.Its always good to invest in great programs like Wealthy affiliate that teach you the basics that can enable you earn great commission overtime. Also one criteria thats stands out for me for spotting a great affiliate program is the level of SUPPORT offered because its always great to work with people who have the same interest just like you thus, you can support each other on your affiliate journey.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Really Appreciate it!!

  18. MONDOS says:

    The topic is very relevant and straight forward article that can immensely benefit the readers, Both the newbies and experts. I like about how you explain the steps in a simple English. The flow of your article is very good, it connects well from beginning to the end. That’s the way to go! You definitely keep your readers from start to the end. Great article!

  19. glenda says:

    Hi Nikos,

    Thanks for this well written article on Affiliate Marketing Training Programs. You did explained well in details on how to spot the best Affiliate Marketing Training Programs. As a new to internet marketing, I do find this very important that this help me in my journey to be a successful internet marketer. 

  20. Victor says:

    You really spelled it out for everyone who is looking into Affiliate marketing. You are very informative and I like that you described what people should be looking for when looking for this type of training. It’s a red flag for me if a training doesn’t offer a free membership or at least a free trial period. I’m part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

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