9 Awesome And Free WordPress Plugins For 2017

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  1. Sharon Whyte says:

    I use a number of those plugins but I do try to keep my plugins to just what I need as I have heard too many installed can slow your site down as well. I am liking the one that checks broken links because I definitely do not like an error message when I go through a link. May have to instal that as I increase my posting. Thanks for all the plugins you have mentioned!

  2. Thanks for the share, Really good list.

  3. coughlanmaureen says:

    Thanks so much for this great review on free wordpress plugins.
    I have already installed some of these plugins on my website I find that the w3 total cache is excellent!
    After reading your article I am going to include the broken link checker plugin to my website it seems like a great feature.

  4. Danial Wilson says:

    Great collection.
    I would like to draw your attention on one more WordPress plugin which is User Activity Log. It helps you to track log of all user activity and increase your site security. Try it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-activity-log/

  5. Beth Resse says:

    Hey Nikos, Thank you for this list of best WordPress plugins. I just completed installing a new WordPress blog for a project and this list helped me to install the necessary plugins. Without your article, I would have missed Wordfence & EWW image optimizer. Thanks

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