10 Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Success

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  1. fernglow says:

    Hi Nikos! Really interesting article on affiliate marketing! I really find what you say true and really must remember some because although I know, I am not applying it!

    Really glad to find this article as it has helped me reiterate the points for affiliate marketing as I tend to forget them after reading. Will be sure to bookmark this page and really looking forward to your next articles!

  2. MIck says:

    Great website on Affiliate Marketing! Your website should be a must read for newbies starting out in Affiliate Marketing. You provide a ton of information for someone contemplating if Affiliate Marketing is for them. I wish I read your site before I got started. Your 10 strategies are right on! I couldn’t have said them better myself. I think the most overlooked strategy that you pointed out is “PATIENCE”. It is normal to want to succeed quickly but building traffic to ones site takes time and a lot of hard work too. You provide a lot of great content and visuals. Good job and I hope you succeed very well with your website.

  3. Chris says:


    Great information on some affiliate marketing strategies here.

    There is a lot of things to consider, but i think the number one thing that most people forget is that a great amount of patience is needed to succeed.
    Like you have mentioned, most affiliate marketers don’t make a lot of money in the first few months.

    There are also some other handy tips I have taken from this blog and I will be bookmarking this page.


    • Nikos says:

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment. Patience is really the key. Even when you think you are doing everything perfect usually there are still many things that you can improve. A lot of people will quit in the first 2-3 months because they didn’t make any money. But this is simply how things work online. It takes some time to gain people’s trust and increase your traffic.

  4. Ilias says:

    Hi Nikos and thanks for sharing. It is a great post for beginners but everyone needs to remember the basics.

    As you said, affiliate marketing is a business and takes some time to be successful.

    I see those guys on forums who say that everything is dead like SEO, Facebook, Twitter etc. They just give up too soon.


    • Nikos says:

      Hello Ilias,

      Unfortunately this happens very often.  People give up after a couple months. Even if your first attempt end ups in failure you could just try with another niche. But if you really want to do it you will make it eventually. I know that sounds like a cliche but it is true. 

      Thank you for your comment. 

  5. Simon says:

    You mention building traffic, to me this is the name of the affiliate marketing game once you learn the how to write quality content on a regular basis.

    I am currently finding Google+ the most powerful social media platform to accomplish getting posts ranked, even in a website’s early days.

    When I first joined the Google+ platform I was inexperienced and never shared any other peoples links until I realised a few others were sharing the odd link of mine.

    I returned the favour by sharing theirs and then I noticed every-time my links were shared by others, Google usually shared those shared links on the first page of Google search when you type in your web post title into the search bar.
    This is powerful stuff for a website’s early day and shows the importance of a shareable society.

    Thought I’d share your excellent post on Google+,

  6. Nikos says:

    Hello Simon,

    I agree with you that Google+ is a pretty powerful social media platform. Thank you for sharing my post on your Google+ account. 

  7. Weston says:

    Great article! It’s neat to know that affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways to make money online and to see how it’s changed so much over the years. It’s crazy how much online sales have increased in such little time. Like you said, it’s more convenient to buy online and new/better return policies make online purchases increase that much more.

    When I first got into affiliate marketing I had the idea to build several different websites in different niches to try to earn money faster, but, thankfully, the training I went through discouraged me from doing that. After building just one website, I now understand how much work it would be to keep up on several websites at a time.

    Thank you for the helpful list of tips. From your list I found that I still need to disclose my affiliate relationships and add a call to action. Like you explained, this will build trust with my followers and help them know what I want them to do.

    Thank you!


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